95% of people can't name all of these iconic cars from the '70s! Can you?

By Bambi Turner on January 24, 2018

About This Quiz

If the Automotive Hall of Fame inducted cars, these iconic vehicles from the '70s would be definitely there. True beauty is timeless, and these cars of the '70s are indeed the most beautiful cars we've ever seen. Even though modern cars have more safety features and no issues that cause fires (yes, Ford Pinto, we are talking about you right now), we would easily trade our ultra-safe vehicles for cars with vinyl roofs and crazy designs (come on, you could get a car with a cool bird painted on a hood back then!).

The crazy '70s changed the course of the history and are remembered not only for disco, Watergate, and Vietnam war. The decade of changes influenced all areas of people's lives, and the automotive world was not an exception. In the '70s, the automotive industry had to adapt to the reality of gas crisis and design smaller, more reliable cars that were also capable of seriously high performance. That's when all those beauties like glorious Blackhawk (a real hit among the celebrity crowd!), stylish Pontiac Firebird, or futuristic Lamborghini Countach appeared on the market.

Are you ready to roll? Only a real car enthusiast can recognize all of the classic cars from the '70s. Let's see if can name them all!

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