95% of people can't identify these superheroes from a partial logo! Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson
Image: The Movie DB

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Superman's logo is one of the most identifiable logos of all time. First released to the public in 1938, the logo is not only iconic but paved the way for future superheroes and the mainstay of identifiable logos. But, how well can you identify these logos from only a partial image?

From the Batsignal to the Batarang, Batman's logo is one of the most recognized in the world. I've often wanted to come up with a pizza signal I could use to order when my phone's battery is dead.

Spawn is one of the standard bearers of the "tortured anti-hero" comics school. He went to hell when he died, only to be given back his soul and sent back to earth as a mutated creature.

Hellboy has long been one of my favorite anti-hero types. He's a cigar-chomping, hornless demon with a heckuva right hook, but a soft heart for kittens and kids.

As a kid, what I loved about Spider-Man was the way he spoke. He was full of wisecracks, one-liners and put-downs, completely unlike his stuffy DC counterparts.

Talk about a tortured past! Black Widow was raised from girlhood to be a heartless assassin, programmed to do the bidding of whoever paid to hold her leash. Thankfully, she shook all that off and is now one of the good guys.

Will we ever get a really good Fantastic 4 movie? They (especially the Thing and the Human Torch) seem custom-made for an effects-heavy superhero summer tentpole, but it hasn't been pulled off successfully yet.

It's hard to imagine that anyone other than Hugh Jackman will ever play Wolverine. If you haven't seen "Logan," the last Wolverine movie, remedy that oversight posthaste.

Peter Quill was just an ordinary earth kid until he got picked up by Ravagers and ended up becoming Star-Lord. This no doubt has fueled the dreams of countless adolescents.

One of a pair of Russian siblings, Scarlet Witch is scary powerful. Her energy fields can levitate buildings and slam bad guys so hard they wake up looking for the Hulk.

Superman has been a difficult superhero to put in movies in the modern age. In the '50s, we liked our invincible, rigidly moralistic heroes. These days, we want them a bit more human and fallible.

That cool black suit that Spider-Man found seemed like a dream come true. Turns out it was an alien organism that wanted to use him for evil purposes, so that didn't work out so well.

Blade's got some vampire in him, but he spends his time hunting the bloodsuckers down. Wesley Snipes played him in the movie series, and did a pretty amazing job.

At his inception, the Flash wasn't exactly the most interesting of supeheroes. He could run fast and ... well, that was about it. Lately, his super-speed has been used to do things like alter Earth's rotation and such, so he's got that.

As played by Julie Newmar on the original Batman series, Catwoman was all slinky sexuality and purrrrfect menace. Later incarnations have made her less sexy and more criminally capable.

Ant-Man, as played by Paul Rudd, is a good guy who just happens to be a master thief. He's a got a suit that lets him get really tiny, or in "Civil War," really BIG.

Steve Rogers is about as close as Marvel comes to Superman. He's rigidly moral, always pure of heart and purpose ... and thus sort of boring.

If you think bows and arrows are for wimps, you haven't met Hawkeye. His quiver holds arrows that do everything from explode to ... well ... explode lots of things at once.

Shazam is possibly the most over-mythologized superhero around. He's supposedly descended from a race of Egyptian wizards going back millennia, and his name stands for the powers he's been granted (power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, etc.)

Iron Man is the epitome of cool. He's a billionaire who decides to use his fortune for good, but he still has no tolerance for fools, socially acceptable behavior or meals that don't include beef.

I'm still waiting for the first good movie with a Robin in it. The "Batman and Robin" movie most assuredly doesn't count. There was a teaser at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises," but nothing's developed yet.

Nick Fury is the completely non-super-powered human who's just about solely responsible for the existence of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the Marvel movies, Samuel L. Jackson does an outstanding job bringing the tough man to life.

Hulk is the favorite superhero of little brothers everywhere. Every little guy being picked on by older siblings imagines being able to change into a giant green butt-kicker to stomp on his tormentors.

Captain Marvel has just never really gotten traction in the superhero ranks. It might be because his mythology is fairly twisty, or because Marvel and DC have essentially handed him back and forth.

Iron Fist came out of a '70s obsession with martial artist superheroes. He's long been among the second tier of Marvel heroes, but recently got his own Netflix series.

There's no question that Thor and Iron Man are the pillars upon which the Marvel Cinematic Universe are built. Captain America doesn't quite measure up (and no, that's not a height joke).

Aquaman has long had a small but dedicated group of followers. There are high hopes for his appearance in the "Justice League" movie, especially with "Game of Thrones" beefcake Jason Momoa playing the character.

Ghost Rider is one of those comic characters made for the rebellious teenage boy in all of us. Nicolas Cage did a creditable job playing him, but I'd have preferred someone a bit more edgy, like Christian Bale ... of course, he ended up in the Batsuit.

For adults, Deadpool might be the best superhero movie ever made. It's hilarious, ribald, action-packed and feels like it's a half-hour shorter than its actual run time.

Never heard of the Martian Manhunter? You're not alone. He's been an occasional character in a number of DC series over the last few decades.

Hawkman is another DC hero whose origins go back to ancient Egypt. Reincarnated in the modern day, he uses something called "nth metal" to build himself an antigravity belt.

Rogue is the kid sister of the X-Men family. Her unique power is that she drains powers from other mutants, and then can make use of them herself for a time.

Silver Surfer first made his appearance in Fantastic Four, and nobly disobeyed Galactus (the Eater of Worlds) to save Earth. He was thus exiled here, which so far hasn't worked out too badly.

Played by Jennifer Garner in two movies, Elektra never quite got traction in the MCU. Now that Wonder Woman has leveled the superhero playing field a bit, it'll be interesting to see if she gets another shot.

Very few superheroes have a richer mythology than Diana Prince. The 2017 movie was an absolute blockbuster, and hopefully will lead to much more of the Amazon princess.

It's a shame no one's yet figured out how to make a decent Punisher movie yet. Frank Castle would seem to be a slam dunk in a cinematic world that pays out big bucks for "Taken" movies and other revenge-based stuff. Make it a double bill with the next John Wick flick!

As befits his fairly generic name, Mr. incredible has generic powers of super-strength and partial invulnerability. Voiced by Craig T. Nelson in the movie, he's a heroic buffoon, as funny as he is brave.

Daredevil is in the Spider-Man mode in that he got his powers by exposure to radioactive substances. Daredevil ended up blinded, though, but got super-senses as a result.

Black Panther is rapidly shaping up to be the most interesting character in the MCU. Played by Chadwick Boseman, he looks to have the courage of Captain America, the wealth of Iron Man and the sense of humor of Spider-Man.

This Russian mutant was Stan Lee's effort to distill Cold War tensions into comic form. He stands 6'7", and when he's in metallic form he's the most physically strong member of the team.

As the only Cajun mutant, Remy "Gambit" Lebeau is a refreshingly irreverent mutant. Just don't try to play cards with him!

You could almost swap out Hawkeye and Green Arrow in terms of function. However, Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen is a billionaire on the level of Tony Stark, so he has much cooler toys.

Being Captain America's sidekick can be a bit of a thankless job. At least Falcon gets a cool wingsuit to keep him airborne and out of the worst of the fights.

Professor X sure does run a nifty school, provided you're a mutant. Who wouldn't love classes in "Controlling the flame shooting from your fingers" instead of Algebra?

Magneto, like Professor X, is from a previous generation of superheroes, when brains were every bit as important as brawn. These days, that doesn't get nearly as much play.

Jean Grey was one of Professor X's first students, and his best pupil. Her telekinesis overcame her for a while, though, turning her into a darker version of herself.

Nightcrawler is a funny little creature, appearing with the X-Men and various other mutants. He teleports about, doing damage here and there, then goes to pray about having done so.

Nightwing was an attempt to give Robin a bit more of an edge. It worked in the comics, but Nightwing has yet to make the transition to the big screen like his mentor.

Vision is unimaginably powerful, but he appears largely uninterested in exploring the true extent of his strength. As of yet, in the MCU, he's proven to be invulnerable, although Scarlet Witch slowed him down a bit.

Halle Berry playing a superhero? Well, if that superhero is the meteorologically attuned Storm, sure! I'd love to see her and Thor in a lightning target-shooting contest.

There was immense critical hatred for the "Green Lantern" movie which starred Ryan Reynolds, but I don't quite get it. Sure, it's not a GREAT movie, but it's not nearly as horrible as "Green Hornet." Maybe the reviewers got confused.

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