95% of People Can't Identify All of These Gemstones and Minerals. Can You?

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There is more than just beauty in gemstones and minerals, it is said there is healing power and wisdom. There is also knowledge gathered from the composition and history of the land in which these beauties lie. As for the mood-altering power of a gemstone, the carnelian is a good example. This vibrant, red-orange stone in the quartz family is said to encourage creativity and increase motivation. And if you need a good emotional detox, the smoky quartz can do the trick. Just place it at your sides or at your feet. However, the appreciation of gemstones and minerals goes far beyond this. Find out more by taking the quiz. 

As for knowledge, mineralogists have learned that gold is typically found associated with quartz veins which are located in rock and granite. And if one is searching for sunstones, gemologists know that they are mainly found in southern Norway and Sweden. And there is also popular knowledge to be gained by learning about gemstones. For instance, they are associated with births and other events. For example, garnets are listed as January's birthstone, and this gem also symbolizes the second-year marriage anniversary. It’s time to learn more. Take the quiz and appreciate all the beauty that’s around you.

This pretty, sea green gem is known to ease stress. It specifically is used for treating physical and emotional stress, and even for healing trauma.

Agate is a rock that can be found in almost all colors! Green, pink, black, blue ... the options are endless!

This vibrant, red-orange stone is in the quartz family. It is said to encourage creativity and increase motivation.

Crystal is a precious, clear substance used in glassware and jewelry, and also used as a girl's name. It was most popular in the 1980s, when millions of baby girls were named Crystal.

Did you know that the emerald is a beryl? So how is it such a vibrant green? Chromium, and on occasion, vanadium, are found in emeralds and color them green.

Ruby has been used for many company names, and girls' names. Besides giving us all a great name idea, the ruby is good for inducing passion, protection and prosperity.

This gem comes in all different colors, including white, red, orange and pink. Be careful with this gemstone, as it is brittle and soft.

The morganite is in the beryl family, like the emerald and aquamarine. It is a light, rose pink color and looks great with rose gold!

Do you know the abbreviation for copper, as on the periodic table of elements? It is 'Cu'. It is often used in jewelry, and also for conducting electricity.

'Au' is the symbol for gold on the table of elements. Gold is popular for jewelry because of its shiny and dense qualities.

Although many think diamonds are indestructible, they aren't! So be careful with that diamond ring; it can easily chip or scratch.

Did you know that of any metal, silver is the best for conducting heat and electricity? It is also very reflective; a silver ring may be a pretty accessory or way to show the world your love, and is also a great way to check for food in your teeth!

Did you know that people in the Bronze Ages used the garnet as a gemstone? Today, it's used as January's birthstone, and also acknowledges the second-year marriage anniversary.

Do you need an emotional detox? Use the smoky quartz to help! It's said to help release negative feelings if you place it at your feet, or at your sides.

Ironically, the sunstone seems to be found in places that get less sun than others! Go sunstone searching in southern Norway, Sweden and in some places in the U.S.

This soft, violet-colored stone is a variation of the quartz. Use it when going out for a night on-the-town; it is thought to prevent drunkenness!

Did you know that amber comes from trees? It is tree resin that's been fossilized. What is resin? It a sticky substance put out by some plants, and is flammable.

Jasper can be red, brown, green or yellow, and on a few occasions blue. Did you know that extra iron in a piece of jasper is what makes it red?

Where do pearls come from? Oyster shells! Oysters create pearls as a reaction to sand or other substances sneaking inside the cracks of their closed shells.

Have you ever seen Asian art made with a green stone? The stone was most likely jade. Jade comes in different shades of green, and is traditionally used in Asian art.

This precious stone can be pink, green, red or yellow. It rates a 6.5-7 on Mohs hardness scale, meaning is it fairly resistant to scratching.

This gemstone comes in all different colors, and is named after the Latin word 'spina', which means 'arrow'. The red spinel is considered the most valuable.

The intense, fancy blue color of this gem makes it a popular choice for an alternative to the diamond on an engagement or wedding ring. It is the birthstone for September birthdays.

Are you a hopeless romantic? Try the rose quartz in your next jewelry purchase! It has been used for centuries as the primary stone for ceremonies and rituals to do with love.

Opals can be all different colors, and are waxy or pearly to the touch. Though there was a fall in opal popularity, it went back up again when a black one was found in Australia in 1877.

The moonstone is an appropriate name for this murky, blue and white stone. It is said to be mysterious, just like the moon; it also was said to be a path to wisdom and was used by travelers throughout history.

Clear quartz is also known as rock crystal. If you are prone to nicking or dropping your rings or necklaces, the quartz is a great choice for you! It is very hardy and doesn't easily scratch or get damaged.

The grossular is a type of garnet, and is made of calcium and aluminum. It has the widest variety of colors of all garnets when it is "impure." A pure grossular is clear in color.

Do you have a special someone in your life who is sweet and loving? Give them a topaz! This gem is said to be good for those with a sweet disposition, and is a symbol of affection.

This gem is said to have metaphysical powers, and be good for physical healing from trauma. Wear it on the middle finger of your strong hand, with the gem touching your skin.

The brown and burnt-orange streaks of this gem do resemble those of a tiger's eye. It was first found in South Africa in the early 1800s.

Did you know that fluorite can be found all over the world? Mexico, Austria, China and Morocco are just a few countries where this pretty blue-green gem is mined.

Are you tackling a public speech anytime soon? Or do you desire to communicate more clearly at work or with loved ones? Use the sodalite to enhance your communication skills!

The zircon rates a 7.5 on Mohs hardness scale, and is full of fire and luster. It comes in different colors due to "impurities" of the true zircon. Some of these impurities are radioactive!

Can you guess where this blue and violet gem was discovered? Tanzania! Did you know that there is only one location where it is mined in Tanzania?

Do you need a boost of imagination and will-power? Wear the citrine! It is known to awaken your imagination. It comes in a variety of sunny oranges and yellows.

Have you recently been through an extra trying life experience? Use the bloodstone to bring you back to life. It is known to be able to heal the body and mind faster than other gems.

If you love alexandrites but are on a budget, go for the andalusite. It is known as the "poor man's alexandrite." It was first found in Andalusia, Spain.

Did you know that besides being a pretty gem, onyx is also the name of a NY hip-hop group? On another note, if you have grief or an unhappy relationship in your life, use the onyx to help you end the tie or recoup from the sadness.

In 1879, William Earl Hidden found this gem in North Carolina, and it was later named after him. The town he found it in was renamed after the gem, and hiddenites are still mined there today.

Unlike most other gems, the peridot comes in just one color. The beauty of this gem's olive-green makes up for its lack of other color options, though!

This stone is said to bring joy and lead to self-discovery. Do you want to become more whole, and change your negative feelings to positive ones? Try wearing the zoisite!

This precious gem is the stone for June birthdays, and is also associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. This gem is considered very valuable because of its extreme rarity. Did you know it changes colors based on whether it's day or nighttime?

Beryl means "crystal" in Greek, and this gemstone comes in any variation of yellows and greens. A pure beryl though, is colorless.

This is one of the most common minerals, and is found in the moonstone. Its name comes from the Greek word for "straight fracture."

Especially good for spiritual healing, danburite is used in the gemstone spiritual world for uplifting the spirit and giving a perspective that's genuine and from the heart. It gets its name from Danbury, Connecticut, where it was first found.

Cordierite is another name for this gemstone. What's in a name? Cordierite is named after a French geologist named Cordier, and iolite comes from the Greek word "ios," which means "violet."

Do you know how platinum got its name? It comes from the Spanish word "platina," which means "little silver." Platinum is commonly used in men's rings, and as a catalyst for creating nitric acid, silicone and benzene.

If someone tries to sell you "cheap gold," watch out! It could be pyrite. It's known as fool's gold because it looks like gold but is actually a common sulfide mineral.

The goshenite is a beryl in its purest form, since it is colorless. Where did its name come from? Goshen, Massachusetts; that's where the first one was found!

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