94% of people can't say which Hunger Games movie is shown in each image! Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson

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"The Hunger Games" is a dystopian adventure, where children face off against children in the country of Panem. Only one winner - survivor - can be crowned. Four subsequent films were released, following the young adult novel series. Can you name which movie each of these screenshots is from? It may be harder than you think.

In this movie, we see Katniss fully taking on her role as the icon of the resistance. Julianne Moore is outstanding as President Coin.

The "pods" were a great concept in this movie. Scattered throughout the Capitol, these pockets of deadly attack were designed to exterminate the unwary.

We get to see District 13, the "forgotten" area where the resistance encamps. They're well-organized and well-armed, but still outmatched.

Katniss' life in District 12 doesn't seem too hideous, until the soldiers arrive. Imagine if your town existed at the whim of a totalitarian government that could come and kill off residents at will ...

The mind games played on Peeta really come through in this one. In one scene, while the group is fleeing a pod attack, he grabs Katniss and tries to kill her.

Woody Harrelson was a genius casting choice as Haymitch. As the alcoholic former champion who coaches Katniss, he's a boozy wonder.

The shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman cast a pall over the last movie. The film wasn't finished when he died, and in the ending scenes he's only referred to, never seen.

President Coin was far more interested in packaging Katniss for show than in letting her fight. Katniss, of course, is having none of that silliness.

The game arena for the Quarter Quell is particularly devilish. The "game board" rotates, and getting caught in a rotation can be fatal.

I didn't care for the attack by the mutts in the sewers. It seemed like a cheap zombie gag, and wasting the lives of so many cast members that way seemed like a poor way to speed to the end.

Katniss gives the government a powerful lever against her when she volunteers as tribute. Pres. Snow sees that she'll do anything to protect her sister, Prim.

Just like any sport, the Hunger Games has an all-star game. Of course, in the NFL all-star game, the players don't kill each other.

After the massacre in the sewers, the survivors take refuge in a shop owned by Tigris. She was a Hunger Games stylist until she displeased President Snow.

While Katniss had used the Mockingjay as her symbol, in this movie she becomes the symbol. Coin engineers a PR campaign using Katniss as a rallying point for rebellion.

We meet Peeta, Katniss' future love interest and assassin, as a baker's son. He gives her bread meant for pigs and gets a beating in return.

When Katniss and Peeta, as champions, take their tour of the districts, they quickly see the dark side of Panem. Dissent has spread in almost every district.

Katniss learns the danger of being the Mockingjay early. While she tours a hospital in District 8, the Capitol's forces arrive and bomb it, killing many.

During the final battle at Snow's palace, bombs are dropped on children and refugees. They turn out to have been sent by President Coin, not Snow, to drive fury against the Capitol.

Haymitch taught Katniss that she needed to stand out to gain sponsors and support. So, when the wealthy folks didn't seem interested in her archery performance, she shot their buffet.

When Peeta and Katniss return as champions, their sham romance comes home to roost. Peeta is in love with Katniss, but she's already got a heartthrob.

I had a number of problems with the last movie, the biggest of which was the "holo" that showed where most of the pods were. It seemed to me like a cheap plot device to make the menace exist but give it little chance of killing our heroes.

One of the most stark ways the movie explains the differences among the districts is in their champions. Those from closer to the Capitol are well-fed, muscular, well-trained ... and in a couple of cases complete lunatics. Those from the outlying areas have to rely on wit and guile rather than muscle and training.

The pod that surprises our heroes in a courtyard is a particularly gristly one. A wall of black goo erupts, and when it touches any member of the team, barbed chains emerge and string up the victim. No swimming!

At the end of "Catching Fire," Peeta was left behind when Katniss was rescued. His mind is scrambled, and he's used as a propaganda tool by the government.

The Careers are especially bloodthirsty and psychopathic Champions. Defeating them in the Quarter Quell is at least as hazardous as the game itself.

When Peeta and Katniss get on the train from District 12 to the Capitol, they enter a world they've never seen before. The food alone is far beyond anything District 12 ever sees!

When the dust settles and Katniss is smuggled out of the Capitol, she returns home to District 12. After a short while, Peeta also arrives, and one would like to assume they live happily ever after.

After the Capitol forces bomb the hospital, Katniss and Gale bring down two hovercrafts. Filled with rage, Katniss then gives a speech that's hijacked onto the Capitol feed and incites widespread rebellion.

One of the many hazards in the Champions arena is a poisonous fog. It seems to be some kind of aerosolized acid, as its effects on contact are fairly ... melty.

After the Capitol falls, a grisly public execution is set up for President Snow, with Katniss as the executioner. She flips the script, using her arrow on President Coin, and the crowd tears Snow to pieces.

To escape the arena, Katniss hooks a length of wire to an arrow and fires it into the roof, channeling a lighting strike and shorting out the system. It's improbable, but spectacular.

Katniss demands that Peeta and the other champions be rescued from the Capitol. President Coin agrees, and a team led by Gale has a surprisingly easy time in making the grab. Of course, that's because Peeta is programmed to kill.

At the press conference with the champions before the Quarter Quell, Peeta announces that he and Katniss are already married and she is pregnant. Katniss' "wedding dress" morphs into an image of the Mockingjay. Stylist Cinna is beaten savagely for his efforts.

Katniss nearly mistakes Gale for a turkey in this movie. The tension between the two will only increase from here.

One of the best scenes in the movie happens when Katniss enters Snow's greenhouse to confront him. We see that Snow is resigned to his fate, but he shows an almost fatherly interest in Katniss. Creepy.

Katniss has been a rebel from the start, and that doesn't change at the end of the Games, when she's told only she or Peeta can be the victor. The two threaten to eat poison berries and die on screen, before being stopped by the games master.

Finnick Odair is one of the true heroes of the entire series. He tries to compete while carrying his elderly mentor, Mags, along with him. Of course, the hazards of the game quickly make that impossible.

After Katniss' stirring speech following the hospital bombing, resistance breaks out everywhere. In District 7, residents lure Capitol troops into the woods, killing them with land mines while the natives climb trees to escape.

President Coin forbade Katniss from joining the assault on the Capitol, but of course she wasn't having any of it. She sneaked aboard a troop ship and made her way to the staging area for the attack.

You just knew Philip Seymour Hoffman wouldn't play a bad guy, right? We find out at the very end of this one that he's been working against Snow all the time, and rigged things for the Tributes' escape.

Treed by Peeta and the Careers, Katniss is in dire straits. Then she sees Rue in an adjoining tree, and the girl points out a tracker jacker nest which Katniss saws loose and drops on the stalkers below.

Prim spent most of the movie series either in danger or being rescued by Katniss. At the end of the final movie, she is wiped out by one of the bombs sent by President Coin, while Katniss watches.

Just as "The Empire Strikes Back" was the best of the original "Star Wars" movies, I think this one is the best of the "Hunger Games" series. Katniss is more mature, the menace is bigger, and the more dangerous game grid is a triumph of engineering.

In a world of brawny male superheroes, Katniss is a breath of fresh air. She's got no godlike powers or mutant abilities or robotic supersuit, but she still manages to bring the mighty to heel.

Haymitch does a solid for his old pal Effie. At his urging, she's rescued from her humble quarters and given a taste of her old life by becoming Katniss' stylist.

We think perhaps she's making a move to win when Johanna surprises Katniss by whacking her on the head, knocking her out. Then, she cuts out Katniss' tracker, making her untraceable.

One of the most iconic images in science fiction movie history is Katniss and Peeta's first chariot ride. Her flaming dress makes a huge sensation, and marks her as a rebel.

Peeta, seemingly rebelling against the Capitol's mental programming, shouts a warning of an impending bombing during a TV broadcast. That gives the District 13 residents time to get into deep shelter where the bombs can't reach.

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