94% of people can't name these '60s and '70s TV shows from an image! Can you?

By J. Scott Wilson on February 16, 2018

About This Quiz

From zany to contemporary issues, the shows of the ‘60s and ‘70s had to straddle the tastes of a generation that was changing the world while placating the generation that wanted good old wholesome fare. Don’t forget the kids were watching with the adults, so the show was better if it incorporated slapstick or one-liners. Just think about the diversity within the mere 4 or 5 channels available back then. From “Get Smart” to “All in the Family” from the silly to discussions of modern-day dilemmas, these TV shows covered the spectrum of entertainment. Were you a viewer of these shows? Which ones did you like best? See if you can recall them all by taking the quiz now. 

Which shows were you watching after dinner every night? Did you love to laugh watching the “Carol Burnett Show”? Or enjoy the ethical morals touted in “Bonanza”? How about some silly entertainment like “Bewitched” or the “Flying Nun”? Are you starting to smile remembering them all? You are bound to do better than the 94% of people who can't name these '60s and '70s TV shows from an image. Show us your smarts. Start the quiz now!

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