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Hats have an interesting history. From identification on a battlefield and function ​to affluence and fashion. Even in today's ambiguous culture, the type of hat you wear says a lot about you. How familiar are you with hats? Take this quiz and find out.

This is a hard hat worn by men, that is usually made of wool and known for its rounded shape. Did you know they are also called Cuffley caps?

Turn this hat upside down, and it's a great peach carrier! These hats were viewed as inappropriate by many when they became popular in the early 20th century, but later became accepted and popular in the 1930s.

Those in the military often wear peaked caps, which is why they are also called service caps. They have a visor, like a baseball cap, and a flat circular top.

Did you know that the balaclava was invented for use during the Crimean War? It's named after the Battle of Balaclava, and was used to protect the faces of soldiers as they fought during the harsh winter. Today, they are commonly used for winter sports.

The patrol cap is like the military cap. It is strong, durable, and usually comes in earthy tones, such as forest green.

This hat was very fashionable for ladies to wear in the mid-1900s. It has no brim, is round, and has a flat top. It is small, so it does not cover the entire head, thus it is seen as more useful for fashion than function. Jacqueline Kennedy made this hat even more popular when she wore it at her husband's inauguration.

Did you know that the first baseball hats were made of straw? Sounds itchy! Thank goodness that the materials for this hat have changed since it was first worn in the late 1800s. The baseball cap is useful for anyone needing shade from the sun, or help hiding a bad hair day.

These paper, cone shaped, colorful hats with the uncomfortable elastic string are a staple for any child's birthday party. Make it a real party with matching streamers, confetti and party blowers!

Pith helmets are worn by safari-goers, those in the British Empire and Curious George's owner. They are usually tan, nude, khaki or light yellow in color, and were first worn by the military serving in hot, tropical areas. This hat goes by many names, including sun helmet, safari helmet, ​and topee.

The beanie has been a trend for the past decades, and is worn by teenage girls for fashion, babies, and those going out in the snow or cold air alike. Try knitting your own at home today!

The Panama hat is a straw hat that is light in color, and has a wide, flat brim. It distinguishes itself from other hats with its thick, black ribbon around the base. It used to be woven out of leaves from a palm-like plant when it was first worn in Central and South America.

This hat's soft, round shape provides fashion and comfort for those who wear it. They have just a bit of 'flop' to them, and a very short tassel at the top. Although we often think of French and Spanish people wearing them, they are also worn by military members in some countries.

This hat is commonly known as the 'graduate cap' or 'Oxford cap.' It does seem to make one look more prestigious and intelligent once they put it on, doesn't it?

The Rasta cap is so inseparable from the image of Bob Marley and dreadlocks, it is hard to imagine on anyone else's head. It is similar to the beanie in its shape, is knitted, and has green, yellow, red and black in the form of stripes or other patterns on it.

This hat wears many names: boater, skimmer, can-can, cady, and more! It is similar to other straw hats, except its brim is shorter and it usually has a thick ribbon around the base. The late 19th and early 20th centuries was when it was most popular, and worn by men in nautical situations.

These iconic hats will make most people think of bull-riders and Spanish festivals. Matadores, or bull-fighters, wear these in the Corrida de Toros, or the bullfighting tradition.

What makes the sombrero different from the Panama, Planter's hat, or other straw hats? Its particularly tall crown and extra wide brim make it look like the super-size version of any other straw hat. Its name comes from the Spanish word for shade, which is truly what this hat gives.

This hat's shape is similar to the cowboy hat, it is soft in texture and is camouflage or earthy colors. It is breathable, and has a chin strap to help keep it on your head.

This hat is worn by Catholic church officials for ceremonies. It is tall, has two 'peaks,' and traditionally is white, with gold and red accents.

The origin of the Stetson company is truly American in itself; the founder began making cowboy hats in his small room with the little money he had ​and watched it grow to be famous. At the time, hatters were not known to be successful businessmen, but Stetson defied the stereotype and his meager beginnings by creating the company known as the 'Boss of the Plains.'

This hat was created over 150 years ago for gamekeepers to wear while riding on horseback. It kept the gamekeepers' heads safe by giving them a buffer from low hanging branches while they rode under trees. It's black with a small brim and very robust. You don't have to be a gamekeeper or horseback rider to wear one though; put one on and feel most dapper!

This brimless hat has tall sides and sits atop a person's head; it is colorful and has traditional African patterns. It is custom for it to be worn by men in West Africa and can represent peace or renewal. Have you ever seen an older man wearing a Kufi? This means he is an important figure in his culture.

Have you ever been to the beach and forgot your sunglasses or sunscreen? Ouch! Protect your eyes and facial skin with a wide-brimmed sun hat; you won't regret the small bit of shade.

While the name is not one that sounds very attractive, the bucket hat does have its benefit of being functional and easy to travel with. This bendable, foldable hat sits snugly overtop the head, just like a bucket would, has a semi-thin brim and usually a drawstring chin strap.

You may most closely associate the kepi with the hats worn by troops in the American Civil War. They come in a variety of blue, gray and brown hues.

We often think of President Abe Lincoln wearing this tall, black, hat. Did you know these hats were almost 7 inches tall when they first became popular? In the era of Lincoln's presidency, they went down to about 6 inches. This made him look almost 7 feet tall when he wore one.

The campaign hat is distinguished by its four corners being pinched in at the crown. These hats are hard and not one-size-fits-all, so make sure to take your hat measurements before purchasing!

Usually embellished with a single feather at the side of the crown, this hat is noted as elegant and formal and mostly worn by men. It is different from other hats in that it has a dent in the middle of the crown, rather than being flat.

Our favorite roll maker, the Pillsbury Doughboy, sports this kitchen hat. Unlike other hats, the Chef's hat is just white, with no color variations. Its poof at the top adds an artistic flair for the truly creative chef.

The style and shape of this hat drastically contradicts its name; this would not be suitable for doing cartwheels, or any real movement for that matter. It has a very wide brim, and looks as though it's balancing atop the woman's head. Hold on to your hats!

Where do we see these hats? On construction workers. This hat is necessary for working with falling debris or moving objects, as it has a hard, protective outer that keeps the skull safe.

For centuries, the turban has been the most popular hat worn by Indian men. They are made of cotton, wool or silk, and sometimes have embellishments.

The Capotain, or Pilgrim hat, is mostly obsolete now, except for at reenactments and school plays. Have you ever wondered why the huge buckle is around the base of the crown? It is said that on the original Capotains, the buckle was used to allow for size options.

The Gatsby is known by many names, including the newsboy hat. It was worn during the 1920s, which was an era filled with many booming hat styles.

The Zucchetto is another hat worn in the Catholic church. This one is worn by the clergy and is a small skull cap.

Although the Chullo originated in the Andes, it is worn in other continents today. It is made of wool and has traditional Andean prints and patterns, along with earflaps to keep you extra warm.

Want to add some style to your look? Try the flat cap; it's worn by celebrities and style icons David and Brooklyn Beckham.

These caps were originally worn at bedtime to keep people warm. Now we have electricity and heaters to thank.

The Cloche is charming, feminine hat that can be found in various colors and with a range of attractive embellishments. Decorations can include feathers, bows, flowers and ribbons.

Have you ever seen someone wearing a Fez? The meaning of the hat varies depending on the culture or nationality of the person wearing it. In Morocco, it is a symbol of national pride, while Muslims see this hat as offensive.

What's the difference between the Tudor and the Mortarboard? The Tudor is worn by those with a doctorate degree.

Unlike some hats, this one is worn by both men and women alike. It usually is made of felt and is worn while playing, you guessed it, cricket!

Where did this hat get its name? It started with a French play. A well-known actress, Sarah Bernhardt, played the main character, Fedora, who wore the hat.

Although the trucker cap and baseball cap have a similar shape, there are differences! Trucker hats have a mesh back and foam front, while baseball caps are all the same material.

These hats are made of bamboo and palm leaves, and are shaped like a cone. They even have a chin strap to keep it on your head. The Conical hat is unique in that each and every one is made by hand. The construction is too complicated for a machine.

The cap is not one you want to be wearing, as it was known to be given to kids who didn't do well in school. It did its job singling those kids out, with its towering crown and daunting size.

This rounded skull cap is worn by Muslims for religious purposes. It can be different colors, and some have patterns and are multi-colored.

This hat will keep you warm, as it is made of raccoon fur. Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone are often identified by this hat.

Judging solely by its name, you may think this is for camouflage and hunting; however, this is the style of hat that Sherlock Holmes wears. It's often found in tweed or wool and has earflaps tied up at the top.

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