93% of people can't name all of these superhero movies from a screenshot. Can you?

By: Jody Mabry

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Superhero movies have taken on powers of their own. They are some of the most anticipated and biggest blockbusters each year. Whether you are a fan of Marvel, DC, X-Men or independent superhero movies, you are sure to run into some villainous difficulty with this quiz. See how many of these superhero movies you can name from a screenshot.

Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton trade places as the big green giant. While the director wanted Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, Marvel Studios insisted on Norton. Norton was later replaced by Ruffalo in "The Avengers."

"The Dark Knight" made more in six days than "Batman Begins" made during its whole domestic run.

How important was it to Andrew Garfield to play Spider-Man? He admits to crying when he first donned the Spider-Man costume.

"The Incredibles" is the first PG-rated Disney/Pixar film. Why? It was more violent than most.

Vin Diesel recorded "I am Groot," over 1,000 times for his role.That's some mundane devotion.

Bruce Campbell is known for his B-movie celebrity, but he was Sam Raimi's choice for Darkman. The producers, however, didn't agree and the role was given to Liam Neeson.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. may look like a great couple. But the director had to do some clever filming to make up for the height difference. Paltrow was barefoot for all of the scenes in Stark Tower. Downey wears three to four-inch platform shoes.

During "The Wolverine," Wolverine receives a samurai sword. On it is inscribed "Never Died, Never Aged, Never Destroyed." Seems to be a realistic mantra for Wolverine.

What would you do if you suddenly had superpowers? Originally, the characters in "Chronicle" were supposed to become psychopaths. But, it didn't really fit with the mood of the movie and it was changed.

Fans of comic superheroes are used to seeing their favorite hero wearing a mask. While many think this is to hide identity, Stan Lee notes that Spider-Man wears a mask to prevent his enemies from seeing his fear.

Seth MacFarlane is known for some of TV's most well-known animated shows. However, "Hell Boy 2" was his first major motion picture.

People often forget that children see celebrities as mom and dad, not a celeb. For example, when Paul Rudd mentioned to his 9-year-old son that he was going to star as the small superhero, his son reportedly said, "Wow, I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be."

The Rocketeer is a step back in time to the red-carpet days of Hollywood. In fact, the character of Neville Sinclair was based off the swashbuckling prince of the 30s, Errol Flynn.

Every movie has hidden meanings sprinkled about. In "Winter Soldier," Black Widow is wearing a necklace with an arrow - a reference to her friend Hawkeye. There is also a scene where Nick Fury tells a story of his grandfather, an elevator operator. Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, had a grandfather who was an elevator operator.

Stan Lee is known as the Father of Marvel. In fact, his cameo appearances to many are just as important as the movie's hero. Yet, in "Blade," his cameo never made it past editing.

Actors and directors like to throw in interesting nuances in films. For example, the star on Ramona's bag changes along with her hair color.

Extras play an important role in many films. But in "X2" there was a unique twist. The extras playing frozen people were hired mimes. The reason is probably obvious. They are trained to stay motionless for long periods of time.

Even the hottest stars in Hollywood will do anything to land that one great job. For instance, Scarlett Johansson dyed her hair red before receiving her role as Black Widow.

Did you think that Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei had a little twinkle in their eyes? You may be right. In the 90s, the two had a relationship.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to get a scene just right. In the scene where Peter Parker catches Mary Jane's lunch, it took 156 takes before Tobey Maguire could pull through on the scene you see in the movie.

Brandon Lee is one of very few accidental deaths while filming a movie. In his case, a series of mishaps led to a bullet becoming stuck in a barrel. His death was filmed as part of a scene. That footage would later be destroyed as part of the lawsuit settlement.

Halley Berry was pregnant while filming her role as Storm. That also meant the director had to become a little creative while reducing Berry's role in the film to accommodate her pregnancy.

Christopher Reeve's considered this movie to be the best of the series. One of the fun tidbits is that the scene where Lex Luther escapes from prison actually happened. Three prisoners escaped from Mountjoy prison in, you guessed it, a helicopter.

Marvel is a huge name in superhero movies. And everything changed with "Iron Man," which was Marvel Studios' first self-financed film.

Movie sets are often used for multiple unrelated films. For example, the scene where Ipkiss is ripped off by mechanics is the same location as the "Ghostbusters" firehouse.

In the first film, Chris Hemsworth used a wig for his character, Thor. In the second, he grew his hair out for over a year to have a more authentic look.

Christian Bale did most of his own stunts, but wasn't allowed to do his stunts near the expensive Batmobile. While shooting, however, the Batmobile was struck by a drunk driver who reported he panicked when he thought the Batmobile was an invading alien spaceship.

Robin Williams was actually offered the role of the Joker after Jack Nicholson was slow in deciding. However, once Nicholson agreed, Williams was let go. He wasn't thrilled about being used as bait to lure Nicholson and this sparked a years-long feud between Williams and Warner Brothers.

It took four hours to apply Hellboy's makeup every day. When applied, all you could see of his actual features were his eyelids.

It always helps to have someone on set who knows what they are doing. Just ask over 30 cast and crew who were temporarily blinded by the misuse of UV lights during the autopsy scene.

It's always interesting to find out how many movies were filmed in the same place. The Xavier School mansion was also used in the movies and TV shows, "Bill Madison," "Smallville," and "Arrow."

Kirsten Dunst apparently didn't have the voice for it. All of her screams were taken from the filming of "Spider-Man 2."

This may be the third movie in the series, but it is the first to gross over $1 billion. It's only behind "The Avengers" which was the first Marvel movie to hit that mark.

Does Doctor Strange have an uncanny similarity to Vincent Price? Thank Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for that.

Some characters are so well known there name never has to be mentioned. Such as Storm in "Apocalypse." Neither Storm or Ororo Munroe are mentioned.

Parents may be all too familiar with Baymax's movements. To create them the team studied the movements of a baby in a full diaper.

Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during filming. This required three stunt doubles - all very similar to Johansson - to be used in later filming. Apparently, this caused havoc on the set with other actors not always knowing who was the real Johansson.

Superhero suits can often be hot. Kurt Russel was lucky enough to have a cooling system. Kelly Preston's suit was too tight to have one.

Editing can take a lot out of a film. In "Unbreakable," M. Night Shyamalan never connected with the last 2/3rds of the movie. So, they were never filmed.

One of the most anticipated scenes from the trailer was edited out of the film. When Harley Quinn asks Diablo what he wants to drink, he says water. She says, "That's a good idea honey."

Some actors end their careers at the top, never to return. "Thor" was Rene Russo's first movie in six years, after such a hiatus. It was her daughter who convinced her to return to acting.

James McAvoy was eager to play his role as Charles Xavier. When he found out he got the role he shaved his head. Then was told the filmmakers didn't want Doctor Xavier to be cleanly shaven until the next movie. He wore a wig for over a month.

In 1986, the last line of "Superman IV" filmed Superman telling Luther, "I'll see you in 20." Twenty years later, "Superman Returns" was filmed. It was a coincidence.

Lots of swearing going on among the watchmen. Only two never swear: Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan.

It took eight hours to apply all of Ryan Reynolds' make-up. You think that's uncomfortable? How about not being able to sit or lay down once applied?

There is no doubt Michelle Pfeiffer fit the role of Cat Woman. She went through 60 cat suits during filming, at a cost of over $60,000.

It's often the little things that count. In "Superman," Clark Kent and Superman's hair part on opposite sides. But, really, is that an excuse for no one to put it together that they are the same guy?

This is Chris Evans' sixth comic book movie. He only earned $300,000, which seems a paltry sum considering the movie's success.

When writing scripts, the rule of thumb is that one page equals one minute. The first draft of "The Dark Knight Rises" was about 400 pages.

Sound effects are an interesting beast and it's hard to tell where they come from. The slow-motion effect in "Dredd 3D" comes from a Justin Beiber song slowed down 800 times.

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