93% of People Can't Crush This General Animal Knowledge Quiz. Can You?

By Allie T. on March 01, 2018

About This Quiz

The animal kingdom: You could spend your entire life studying it, and there would always be more to learn. Few areas of study are quite as diverse or fascinating. Shrews, for example, have metabolisms so high, they have to eat at least three times their body weight daily. Canis familiaris, the domestic dog, is the most diverse species on earth. If there was as much genetic variation in humans as in dogs, the tallest of us would be seven feet tall, and the shortest just two feet tall!

You're probably not a zoologist but did take biology, zoology, or similar courses in school. Do you ever wonder how much you remember? If so, we've designed a quiz for you. For example, do you with which animal we humans share 98 percent of our DNA? Or what animal sleeps hanging upside down? And is a "liger" a thing? (No. No, it's not. We're not even going to test you on that one). 

So, whether you love domestic animals, like a dog or cat who shares your couch, or you're fascinated by animals that live in the wild, like the gorilla or jaguar, test your knowledge with our quiz. We promise that if you don't do well, you won't end up in the doghouse!

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