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Law and Order SVU is known for casting famous celebrities for guest appearances. Victim or perp., do you think you can figure out these guest appearances from an image? Give it a try!

Robin Williams appeared in "Law and Order Special Victims Unit" in season 9. In an episode titled 'Authority,' Williams' character, Merritt Rook, kidnaps Lieutenant Olivia Benson. He then has her partner, Elliot Stabler, think that he is hurting her in some way. Many fans believe that Williams' portrayal of Rook was one of the best guest appearances on the show.

Rhea Perlman appeared in a "Law and Order Special Victims Unit" episode titled 'Unorthodox,' which aired in season 9. Her character, Roxana Fox, is a Legal Aid attorney. Perlman is a respected actress best known for her role in the sitcom, "Cheers" and the movie, "Matilda." She was married to actor Danny DeVito.

The finale of season 1 saw Andrew McCarthy playing Randolph Morrow, a man with a sadistic streak. Both he and his wife are in on a little secret. They are keeping a Romanian student prisoner in their house. McCarthy's performance as Rudolph is simply stellar and a far cry from the '80s clean cut characters we are so used to him playing. This was the 22nd episode of the season and based on the real life "girl in the box" case.

From clean cut uncle in "Full House" to a man who impregnates women and has over 20 children! Yes, John Stamos' guest role in "Law and Order SVU" is a far cry from his "Full House" Days. In a season 12 episode titled 'Bang,' Stamos plays Ken Turner, a former district attorney who seems to like siring children. It doesn't end well for him, however.

Brittany Snow makes an appearance in an episode called 'Influence,' which aired during season 7 of "Law and Order SVU." In it, Snow plays Jamie Hoskins, a bipolar student who accuses two fellow students of rape. When the encounter is found to be consensual, Hoskins stops taking her medication and tries to commit suicide in a car crash. Instead, she kills a pedestrian and injures others.

Rosie Perez stars as Eva Banks in a season 11 episode titled 'Hardwired.' In it, she plays the mother of a boy who has been sexually abused. When it becomes obvious that this was at the hand of his stepfather, she has to control her temper when the defense calls her to the witness stand in an attempt to ruin the case against him.

'Behave,', the third episode in season 12 of "Law and Order SVU" sees Jennifer Love Hewitt playing rape victim Vicki Sayers. She claims that she has been sexually assaulted by the same man, Bill Harris (played by James LeGros), and because she is scared of him, she has become a recluse in her home.

Carol Kane has appeared on "Law and Order SVU" not once but twice. Her first appearance came in season 10 in an episode titled 'Zebras.' That was followed up in an episode called 'Wonderland Story' in season 15. On both occasions, she plays John Munch's ex-wife, Gwen.

'Bombshell,' an episode from season 12, sees Rose McGowan playing Cassandra Davina, a swinger accused of attempted murder after the boss of a weapon's company is stabbed. This forces Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson to go undercover to try to ​find out more. The episode was filmed after McGowan had extensive plastic surgery, so she looked very different from what most people remembered.

Veteran actress Carol Burnett gives an incredible performance as Birdie Sulloway in 'Ballerina,' an episode from season 10 of "Law and Order SVU." When her husband, a murder suspect, is thrown from a window, suspicion falls on Birdie and her nephew, played by Matthew Lillard.

Appearing in 'Ballerina' in season 10 along with Carol Burnett, Matthew Lillard plays her nephew, Chet Sulloway, with whom she has a unique relationship. Both Burnett and Lillard give incredible performances in this episode.

'Night,' an episode from season 6 of "Law and Order SVU" didn't only have one guest star but three. Bradley Cooper, Angela Lansbury and Alfred Molina all star in an episode about rape, refugees and a rich eccentric played by Molina.

Abigail Breslin appeared in "Law and Order Special Victims Unit" in season 6. In an episode titled 'Birthright,' Breslin's character, Patty Branson, managed to escape being kidnapped in Central Park. The story that follows has a number of twists, including the fact that the kidnappers were actually private detectives hired by a woman claiming to be her biological mother. The only problem with this scenario is that Branson is not adopted.

Milo Ventimiglia stars in 'Escape,' episode 11 from season 5. He plays Lee Healy, who claims that, as a boy, he was sexually abused by his mother's boyfriend, something that was irrevocably denied.

In an episode titled 'Closet,' from season 9, Bill Pullman has a small role as Kurt Moss, the hush-hush boyfriend of Detective Olivia Benson. He is the editor of a newspaper, the New York Ledger. After information is leaked to the paper, Benson comes clean about Moss, although she maintains she never leaked it. She is suspended but eventually... oh, you will just have to watch, won't you?

Henry Winkler stars in an episode called 'Greed,' from season 3 of "Law and Order SVU." After his wife is beaten and raped, Winkler's character is not always who he seems to be and is willing to go to great lengths to protect himself.

Ok, so this one is a little weird. In a season 13 episode called 'Father Dearest,' James Van Der Beek plays a sperm donor trying to sleep with all the girls conceived from his sperm. We did warn you that it was a little strange, didn't we? In the role, Van Der Beek certainly expanded from his early exploits as the clean cut kid in "Dawson's Creek."

In season 9, Stephen Collins made a guest appearance in an episode titled 'Trade.' The veteran actor played Pierson Bartlett, a coffee baron. Both he and his son are put on trial when his son's girlfriend, who was pregnant, is found dead. The only problem is, because he has immotile sperm, his son could not have made her pregnant. In 2014, Collins disclosed that on three separate occasions in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, he slept with female minors. He was not prosecuted.

'Monogamy,' episode 11 of season 3 of "Law and Order SVU," tells a particularly brutal tale. When a woman's body is found with a gaping hole in her stomach, it is discovered that she was seven months pregnant and her unborn baby had been removed. One of the suspects happens to be her husband, Dr. Richard Manning (played by John Ritter), a man with a few more secrets than most.

Appearing in season 7, Lou Diamond Phillips played Victor Paul Gitano, a pedophile that not only murders two members of a family, but kidnaps two young children as well. This leads to a tense standoff with a man with nothing to lose. The episode is titled 'Fault.'

Despite being in a coma for over a year after a vehicle accident, Stephanie Rawley is found to be seven months pregnant. The Law and Order SVU team are put on the case as the story goes deeper than even they suspect. Rainn Wilson appears as a janitor in the episode titled 'Waste' from season 4.

Hayden Panettiere has appeared in two episodes of "Law and Order SVU." Her first appearance was as a teenage girl in the episode 'Abuse' in season 2. She followed that up in season 6's 'Hooked' where she played a prostitute in high school.

Marlee Matlin starred in two episodes of "Law and Order SVU," in a recurring role as Dr. Amy Solwey. Her first appearance came in season 5 in an episode titled 'Painless.' Her second was in 'Parts,' an episode from the following season. Both episodes deal with fairly different topics but are linked to the fact that Solwey is suffering from Alport's Syndrome, a disease that is slowly killing her.

Eric Roberts appeared in "Law and Order Special Victims Unit" in season 2. In an episode titled 'Victims,' Roberts plays Sam Winfield a community activist who was a former policeman. He is a suspected in the killings of sex offenders. Roberts has also appeared in "Law and Order: Criminal Intent."

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is not the only guest star to appear in 'Sacrifice,' an episode from season 3 of "Law and Order SVU." He stars alongside Elizabeth Banks. Gosselaar's character, Wesley Jansen, is sodomized and shot near a gay bar. Although it initially seems like he might be a rent boy, some detective works find that Jansen has a family and is working on the side to supplement their income, particularly since he has a sick child. It gets even more interesting from there...

In 'P.C.' Kathy Griffin plays Babs Duffy, the leader of a lesbian rights group. They are searching for a rapist who is specifically targeting lesbians. The group makes things difficult for the Law and Order SVU team by obstructing justice and falsely accusing people. A scene was filmed where Duffy and Olivia Benson kiss. It never aired.

In 'Rage,' Matthew Modine plays serial rapist Gordon Rickett. In the past, he has managed to escape the clutches of Elliott Stabler but now, 14 years later, Stabler has the chance to put him away, although his hatred for Rickett might prove costly. This episode aired in season 6.

Season 6's 'Pure' sees Martin Short playing Sebastian Ballentine, a psychic helping the Law and Order SVU team to solve a kidnapping case in which an 18-year-old girl has been taken. As usual, all is not what it seems.

Sharon Stone appeared in four episodes of "Law and Order SVU" during season 11. She played Jo Marlow, an Assistant District Attorney, and Elliot Stabler's former partner. The episodes were titled 'Torch,' 'Ace,' 'Wannabe,' and 'Shattered.'

Bebe Neuwirth appeared in season 1 in an episode entitled '...Or Just Look Like One.' Neuwirth's character, Nina Laszlo, is a former model, now running a model agency. When two models are raped and killed, she could help provide answers to some of the SVU team's lingering questions.

Jeremy Irons has appeared in "Law and Order SVU" in the role of Dr. Captain Jackson on two occasions. His character, a psychiatrist, is a former sex addict who now treats patients for the disorder. He appeared in two episodes in season 12, 'Totem' and 'Mask.'

In season 9's 'Impulsive,' Melissa Joan Hart stars as Sarah Trent, a teacher who has been arrested on suspicion that she raped a student. On closer investigation, however, the Law and Order SVU team find that the tables were turned. The student in question is found to be a sex addict and Trent asks for leniency for him.

John Larroquette makes a one-off appearance on "Law and Order SVU" playing lawyer, Randall Carver. After defending a serial killer who has murdered immigrants, Carver is forced to take the law into his own hands when the killer admits he would do it all over again. This season 11 episode is called 'Anchor.'

Eric McCormack's character in season 11's 'Sugar' certainly won't make a reappearance. Why? Well, Vance Shepard is dead. He was killed by his own daughter. The internet dating site owner is the prime suspect in the murder of a woman. Upon investigation, the Law and Order SVU team find out his daughter did it, but before she is arrested, she kills her father as well. Why? Well, you will just have to watch, won't you?​

In addition to writing an episode of "Law and Order" called 'Tabloid,' Alec Baldwin starred in the spinoff, "Law and Order SVU," in season 15's 'Criminal Stories.' Baldwin plays Jimmy MacArthur, a columnist who criticizes the unit and its operations in a hate crime case.

Pam Grier has played Assistant US Attorney Claudia Williams twice on "Law and Order SVU." Her appearances in the episodes 'Disappearing Act' and 'Pandora' both came in season 4. John Heard also starred in the 'Disappearing Act.'

In 'Outcry,' an episode from season 6, Amanda Seyfried plays Tandi McCain, a rape victim. She accuses some army cadets of the rape but those accusations turn out false. On closer inspection, it seems her stepfather is the culprit but as with many Law and Order SVU episodes, there's a twist at the end.

Starring in season 3's 'Sacrifice,' alongside Mark-Paul Gosselaar, both Wesley Jansen and his wife, Jaina Jansen, played by Elizabeth Banks, are forced into the seedy underworld of sex to try to help pay the bills for their sick child.

Both Gary Cole and Serena Williams star in a season 5 episode titled 'Brotherhood.' A fraternity house leader on campus is murdered. Evidence collected by the Law and Order SVU team points back to the frat house and one student in particular. Cole's character, Xander Henry, a lawyer and father of the dead boy, chooses to defend the accused.

Kyle MacLachlan has appeared twice in "Law and Order SVU." Unlike other recurring actors, however, he has had two separate roles. The first, in season 6's 'Conscience,' saw him play Dr. Brett Morton. The second, in season 13's 'Blood Brothers,' MacLachlan played Andrew Raines.

Along with Angela Lansbury and Alfred Molina, Bradley Cooper stars in 'Night,' a season 7 episode of "Law and Order SVU." Cooper plays attorney Jason Whitaker, whose client is suspected of attacking and raping immigrants.

In 'Valentines Day,' Chloe Sevigny plays stay-at-home- mom Christine Hartwell. While speaking to her husband on video chat, she is attacked and kidnapped. The kidnappers soon demand a ransom. Hartwell herself picks up the ransom money and from there on, her story begins to unravel.

From Superman to control freak! Dean Cain plays Dr. Mike Jergens, a surgeon linked to three rapes. All the women had met him while speed dating. It seems that Jergens didn't like his potential partners to even think for themselves. Cain puts on a superb acting display as a truly evil, despicable person.

"Law and Order SVU" loves throwing up guest stars who reveal themselves in ways we had never seen before. Take Bob Saget, for example. We are used to him playing the lovable Danny Tanner in "Full House." But in an SVU episode titled 'Choreographed,' Saget plays the frightening Glenn Cheales, a seemingly good guy but one who follows his wife's every move.

J.K Simmons appeared in the first two seasons of "Law and Order SVU" -- once in season 1 and five times in season 2. Simmons played Emil Skoda, a psychiatrist used by the New York City Police.

'Night,' an episode from season 6 of "Law and Order SVU," had not only one guest star, but three. Bradley Cooper, Angela Lansbury and Alfred Molina all star in an episode about rape, refugees and a rich eccentric played by Molina, with Lansbury playing his mother.

Lucdacris appeared in two episodes of "Law and Order SVU," 'Venom' and 'Screwed,' in seasons 7 and 8 respectively. He plays Darius, a nephew of Odafin Tutuola, who is on trial for murder. The thing is, he has inside information about the unit that could bring it to its knees.

Before she was Dr. Temperance Brennan in "Bones," Emily Deschanel" starred in the "Law and Order SVU" episode, 'Surveillance,' from season 3. She plays Cassie Germaine, a cellist who is attacked in her apartment. On closer investigation, the SVU team finds hidden cameras streaming her to a website. Of course, with SVU there is always one last twist.

Fred Savage plays Michael Gardner, a man accused of attacking and raping four women. During his trial, he decides to represent himself. The episode in which Savage starred was from season 4. It was titled 'Futility.'

After her child goes missing, Ashlee Walker (played by Hilary Duff), a fairly irresponsible mom, is as a suspect. Once the body is found, it seems the child died of measles. In this episode, 'Selfish,' the question of vaccinations is pushed to the fore.

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