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Every great Sci-Fi series has a starship, or spaceship, as they are sometimes called. There's just something about going into space that gets everyone going. We're always excited to see what everyone is flying out there because it's a kind of technology we haven't seen in reality yet. If you're a fan, we're going to test your spaceship knowledge today. 

What we want to find out is not only how big of a Sci-Fi geek you are, we also want to know how well you know your alien life and the spaceships they control. We also want to know if you know what the humans pilot out in space. It may be difficult because some starships tend to look alike, but we've installed clues into the quiz that should help you out if you get stuck. 

Those hints are in the form of the shows and movies the starships appear in. So if you know your outer-space TV like we think you do, this quiz should be a breeze! So, can you tell the difference between the USS Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon? Will you be out in space fighting for the Republic, or will you be sent back to Padawan classes? Let's find out! 

As the Earthforce recon fighter, it has the capacity to rotate 180 degrees in less than a second and possesses the ability to fly backward at practically the equivalent speed that it flies forward.

This 2-seater Star Wars vehicle travels at 1000 kph and is notorious for being associated with a bounty hunter named Jango Fett.

This unevenly-shaped massive mining vessel is owned by Jupiter Mining Corporation. Its dull red color has earned it the name "gigantic red trash can."

The SHADO Interceptors are red and white space fighters which typically fly in groups of three in the Earth's orbit and over the Moon. They are also referred to as "Moonbase Interceptors."

The USS Defiant is featured in the television series Star Trek and is the lead ship of its class. This fictional starship is controlled by Starfleet and built for war. The phasers fire in devastating bursts.

As the main fighter spacecraft in this science-fiction franchise, the colonial viper appears in the original series of 1978 and the reimagined series of 2003 among others. It's aerodynamic, which only comes into play when landing on planets.

The Liberator acquired its name from its Flight Officer, Jenna Stannis. This powerful spacecraft is able to transport to planets' surfaces through its teleportation system.

It emerged in the 1970 British television series, Space: 1999, and plays a significant role in exploring alien planets and transporting items to the Moon. It has influenced the designs of the spaceships in Star Wars and other sci-fi films and series.

These short-range ships serve as the Imperial Navy's chief attack forces and have two dominant solar array wings. Though small and swift, they do not contain shield and life support systems. They also LOOK evil, which is a help.

TARDIS, the shortened form of "Time and Relative Dimension in Space," has numerous features and takes the form of a London police box of the 1960s which operates on four dimensions. It is FAR larger inside than out.

These were regarded as "classic" vessels and were built to defend the Twelve Colonies. They were the sole guardians of the resident fleet in the search for Earth. They had launching bays for fighters on both sides, a design that occasionally proved a vulnerability.

The USS Enterprise has a disk-like and cylindrical design and was built between 2243 – 2245. It is able to travel up to 512 times the speed of light, making it one of the greatest spaceships in sci-fi history. It was one of the first to NOT be aerodynamic, since it never (intentionally) landed on a planet.

It is an Earth Alliance Omega-class demolisher in the series Babylon 5 and was named after a commander in Greek forces during the Trojan War.

From 1979 to 1981, these starfighters appeared in the "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" television series. The Draconia was the flagship which used catapult tubes to launch Marauders from its base.

It was first featured in the series episode entitled, "War Games," and was designed to oppose extraterrestrial threats against Earth and its colonies.

Basestar, also referred to as a Baseship or a Cylon Battlestar, holds a maximum of 300 Cylon raiders and carries stronger weapons in larger quantities. It's got one of the most vulnerable-looking designs in sci-fi history.

This two-man fighter craft is suitable for combat in space and various atmospheres, and is equipped with broadcast speakers and removable staff cannons, designed to facilitate terror and compliance.

This flexible Rebel Alliance starfighter balances speed with armaments and contains four laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers.

Built in the 51st Century, this vessel had a crew of 50 people and was named after Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, who was known as Madame de Pompadour.

The Raza considered to be faster than light and is the champion ship of the three Dark Matter Seasons. It is armed with various countermeasures, and features a spacious bridge, private quarters for up to six crew members and a small hall on the inside.

The Bebop was initially constructed to catch and transport fish. It was purchased and upgraded with larger engines and communication systems by its new owner and captain, Jet Black.

As part of the Ancient fleet, this ship has navigated nearly 38 galaxies and was launched over one million years ago from Earth with the purpose of building Stargates throughout the many galaxies they crossed.

This flying saucer, also known as Gemini 12, is the Robinson's family spaceship that became "Lost in Space," taking its crew members through years of adventures.

This craft is capable of tremendous speeds and is piloted by a single pilot of the vampiric, hive-based species, called a Wraith. Its presence is made known by a thunderous high-pitched sound.

The Naboo Starfighter was used by the Naboo government and is the summit of Naboo military technology. Its design features an automatic pilot element, twin blaster cannons and twin fire-linked torpedo launchers. It's also capable of being piloted by a pre-teen boy.

As the starfighter's location for the "Star Trek: Voyager" television series, this vessel was operated by Starfleet and is well-known for completing a spontaneous seven-year journey from 2371 to 2378 across the Delta Quadrant.

The White Star was a class of Minbari attack ships used in the war against the Shadows. It uses a magnetic and gravitational drive system, resulting in speed and maneuverability.

Also known as Laura, the Colonial Blackbird is specially made with a surveillance kit and was used to establish the function of the Resurrection Ship.

Shaped like a bird, the Hawk Fighter has foldable wings, retractable talons and its claws enable it to destroy ships.

Docked at Ghost planet, this interstellar ship is capable of cloaking and is able to seat four occupants.

The SA- 23E Aurora is a single-seat, non-atmospheric attack fighter that went into service in early 2244 and is combined with a huge weapons payload.

The Aggressive Reconnaissance 170 Starfighter is known as ARC 170 Starfighter, and as its name suggests this aggressive ship was covered with weapons.

This ravager M-ship was affectionately named after Peter Quil's childhood crush, Alyssa Milano, and is fitted with living quarters in its cabin lower level, which comfortably accommodates a five-man crew.

Mainly used to scout human settlements for the existence of an altar, these small fighter crafts were utilized by servants of the Ori, during their invasion of the Milky Way.

The Thunderbolt is a two-seat fighter that utilizes a separate pilot and navigator. Unlike previous starships, the Thunderbolt is able to fly within the vacuum of space and inside an atmosphere, due to its extendable wings.

The Millenium Falcon began its journey as an intermodal tug pushing container and was won by Han Solo in a game of "Corellian Spike."

The USS Gryphon was a Federation starship in the 24th century, which defended Andoria and later fought along the front lines.

These unpiloted escort crafts were equipped with a downloadable digital consciousness, less intelligent than a pilot but highly adaptable to warfare tactics.

Primarily used by outlaw groups, these fighters were seldomly used in combat. They were commonly used to destroy unarmed civilian merchant ships.

This craft was named after James T. Kirk and operated in the 2370s – 2380 with the Federation Starfleet. This ship never actually appeared in a show, but it's been mentioned in numerous Star Trek novels and graphic novels.

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