92% of People Can't Match the Starship to the Sci-Fi Show. Can You?

By Kennita Leon on May 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Every great Sci-Fi series has a starship, or spaceship, as they are sometimes called. There's just something about going into space that gets everyone going. We're always excited to see what everyone is flying out there because it's a kind of technology we haven't seen in reality yet. If you're a fan, we're going to test your spaceship knowledge today. 

What we want to find out is not only how big of a Sci-Fi geek you are, we also want to know how well you know your alien life and the spaceships they control. We also want to know if you know what the humans pilot out in space. It may be difficult because some starships tend to look alike, but we've installed clues into the quiz that should help you out if you get stuck. 

Those hints are in the form of the shows and movies the starships appear in. So if you know your outer-space TV like we think you do, this quiz should be a breeze! So, can you tell the difference between the USS Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon? Will you be out in space fighting for the Republic, or will you be sent back to Padawan classes? Let's find out! 

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