92% of people can't guess all 50 of these action movies from just one image. Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson
Image: TMDB

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If you can't stay away from action movies, this quiz was made for you! Can you name them, based on screenshots? Find out by taking this action-packed quiz!

Is there a more iconic Pacino role than Scarface? Look up "scenery chewing" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Tony Montana.

Peter Weller played the title character in Robocop, giving us a look at a corporate dystopian future that no longer seems all that unlikely. The story is set in Detroit, Michigan, in a vague "near future."

Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte star in 48 Hours, one of the greatest comic-action movies ever. Remember when Eddie was still funny?

This is Jackie Chan in Battle Creek Brawl, one of his lesser-known films. Battle Creek is the city in Michigan where a lot of cereal comes from, with Kellogg's and Post both originating there. Hence the city's nickname - "Cereal City."

Border Cop was Telly Savalas' foray into big-screen territory. It didn't go very well. He is most famous for his title role in Kojak.

This movie about Italian cigarette smugglers stars Mark Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi, and Kate Beckinsale. It's a remake of an '80s Icelandic film, Reykjavík Rotterdam.

This movie is Defiance. Jan-Michael Vincent led this early '80s gang warfare flick that sought to capitalize on the popularity of Warriors. It failed to do so.

What an amazing cast! Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger lead this mercenary-revenge flick, The Dogs of War, that also starred Poltergeist mom JoBeth Williams.

Thanks to Death Wish, the '80s were full of these urban revenge flicks. This one, The Exterminator, is notable for its use of a flamethrower ... and not much else.

Classic movie tough guy Steve McQueen made one of this last appearances in this film, The Hunter. It is purported to be based on a real-life bounty hunter.

James Brolin played against type here in Night of the Juggler, a movie that might well have served as the inspiration for the Taken movies. As an ex-cop with a kidnapped daughter, he's relentless.

For a lot of Chuck Norris fans, The Octagon is his best. He sticks more to his martial arts skills and relies less on firearms than in his later films.

This film is The Ruckus - and yes, that's Battlestar Galactica's Dirk Benedict as a troubled Vietnam vet. It seems like most actors under 40 got a chance to play one of those in the '80s.

The Young Master is one of Jackie Chan's earliest films. He hasn't quite developed the sparkling sense of humor present in his more modern stuff.

With Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, and Rocky's Carl Weathers, it's hard to find a more testosterone-packed cast than in this film, Death Hunt. Bonus: Angie Dickinson!

Enter the Ninja was an entertaining mashup of the "troubled war vet" and "American ninja" flicks. Unfortunately, it spawned roughly a million copycats.

Escape from New York features Kurt Russell at his most growling, ferocious best. Snake Plissken is one of cinema's most iconic characters.

Chuck Norris and his wide lapels star in another fairly generic butt-kicking martial arts slugfest - An Eye for an Eye. Some of these movies seem interchangeable!

A martial arts movie with a female lead? Yes, it happened in the '80s, in Firecracker! And it wasn't a bad flick, either.

For Your Eyes Only is one of the Roger Moore Bond films, this time with the suave secret agent looking for a lost encryption device. Sheena Easton sang the title track.

For many Mad Max fans, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is the best of the bunch. Mel Gibson leads a supporting cast of mostly unknowns in one of the best of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Sly Stallone and Rutger Hauer, neither of them in the best film of their careers, star in Nighthawks. Bonus: Persis Khambatta, from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with hair!

If Harrison Ford had never been Han Solo, he'd still be a legend for playing Indiana Jones. Watch Raiders of the Lost Ark for the bullwhip fight scene alone!

Burt Reynolds wasn't always The Bandit! He did a number of creditable tough-guy flicks, too. Sharky's Machine is the best of them.

The '80s were full of military types in odd situations. In Southern Comfort, a group of soldiers take on angry Cajuns!

A crashed WWII plane with $50 million aboard becomes the centerpiece of this engaging actioner with mid-level stars like Ken Wahl. Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr was directed by David Hemmings.

Before he was Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs, Scott Glenn starred in this fish-out-of-water martial arts slugfest. Don't confuse this film, The Challenge, with the 2003 film of the same name that stars the Olsen twins.

Never has an actor been more identified with a movie series than Charles Bronson with the Death Wish flicks. The second installment is widely regarded to be the best.

Here in Dragon Lord we see Jackie Chan starting to show his comic genius, as a martial artist chasing a girl. Wonder how many bones he broke in this one ...

Swap Charles Bronson for Tom Skerritt and you have this Death Wish clone. Fighting Back is not a bad movie, just not terribly original.

This 1982 movie, The Final Option, offers some eerie foreshadowing of domestic terrorism activities. Don't watch this after watching the news.

You'll find yourself trying to "think in Russian" after watching this Eastwood prize. Great flight sequences combine with excellent acting in Firefox!

First Blood was a national catharsis for a society still struggling to deal with returned Vietnam vets. Stallone shows he's more than just a boxer.

In Forced Vengeance, Chuck Norris plays casino security guard Josh Randall, curiously not related to the movie bounty hunter of the same name. Punching and kicking ensue.

I, the Jury is an odd remake of a '50s Mike Hammer tale, starring Armand Assante. That's miscasting on a grand scale.

Leaving the Oakland Raiders for Hollywood, Fred Williamson made a series of these "blaxploitation" actioners. He hit just as hard on screen as he did on the field. One Down, Two to Go was released in 1982.

Silent Rage has Chuck Norris as a sheriff, as opposed to Chuck Norris as a cop, security guard, etc. There are some quality fight scenes, but it's fairly interchangeable with the rest of his work.

In The Soldier, terrorists seize a plutonium bomb to threaten Saudi oil fields. In the early '80s, losing Saudi oil was scarier than just about anything.

For 10 to Midnight, Bronson steps out of vigilante mode to play a cop tracking a serial slasher. The man's intensity is permanently dialed to 11.

Roy Scheider is still playing a cop, but this time he's fighting a futuristic helicopter instead of a shark. Watch Blue Thunder as a double feature with Robocop.

Fun fact: Star Wings Hauser spent three decades starring on The Young and The Restless, so this generic action cop flick was probably a nice break. Another fun fact: Estelle Getty from The Golden Girls makes an appearance in Deadly Force.

John Schneider put some of his Dukes of Hazzard fame to work to land his role in Eddie Macon's Run. Kirk Douglas chews some scenery as the man tracking Eddie down.

Chuck Norris completes his transition from martial arts hero to all-American butt-kicker in Lone Wolf McQuade. He can defeat most enemies with his steely gaze.

Kim Basinger as a Bond Girl? Max Von Sydow as Blofeld? Never Say Never Again had it all!

Octopussy - it's the Bond movie you can't mention without giggling! Notable spy tech in this one is an underwater sled used to ferry nuclear warheads.

Project A stars Jackie Chan as Sergeant Dragon Ma Yue Lung. This kung-fu costume drama is as hilarious as it is punch-drunk. It's like a Bollywood film mixed with a Rocky film.

What made for a great TV series in the '60s made for a seriously cheesy movie in the '80s - The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. : The Fifteen Years Later Affair. The stars are obviously having fun, but the audience might not be.

Asian superstar Sho Kosugi leads the cast in Revenge of the Ninja, one of the best of the "ninja" movies. After he's tricked into importing heroin, Kosugi's ninja goes after those who ruined his life.

In Sudden Impact, Clint Eastwood dons his Dirty Harry alter ego again to tell this tale of a rape victim exacting bloody revenge. The best of the series is The Gauntlet.

Just like the country, the movies had trouble getting past the Vietnam War. Uncommon Valor focuses on POWs rescued from a forgotten camp in Laos.

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