91% of People Don't Know Who Manufactured These American Vehicles. Do You?

By Craig on April 25, 2018

About This Quiz

The iconic American motor industry has produced millions and millions of cars since the early days of pioneers such as Ransom E. Olds and Henry Ford.

So let's test your knowledge. Can you claim the checkered flag by identifying a range of vehicles from the U.S? That's right, just an image and four choices, one of which is the correct answer. 

Never mind your racing helmet, you are going to have to put your thinking cap on. It's more difficult than you might imagine. But a car ace such as yourself should have no problem.

From the most famous of all the early cars to a vehicle named after a snake. Or what about a buzzing insect? They had some strange names for cars back in the day. There is even some royalty to identify, a solar event and even a monster! Don't forget a vehicle named after a fish or one of our feathered friends. 

But you got this! Your car knowledge will see you first over the finish line, taking the checkered flag and all the glory as you ace the quiz!

What are you waiting for! The lights are green! Floor the pedal and go, go, go!

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