91% of people can't name these Seinfeld characters from a photo! Can you?

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This hilarious yet simple sitcom blew up TV in the 1990s and remains a cultural touchstone today. Do you remember all the quirky New Yorkers it introduced to the world? Take the quiz to find out!

Mr. Frank Costanza is George's father; just watch one episode and you'll know from their outbursts and raging tempers! Despite his odd way of showing it, Frank loves George, and tries to bond with him over topics such as bra sizes.

Jerry Seinfeld plays himself on his hit sitcom. The show resembles his real-life self since he was born in New York and is a comedian. Did you know he was given the award for "The 12 Best Stand-Up Comedians of all Time"?

She and Jerry once dated, and now they're best friends. Elaine's energy, wit, and transparent facial expressions bring even more comedy to Seinfeld. It's no surprise that the actress who played her, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was also on "Saturday Night Live."

Cosmo, better known as Kramer, is one of the four main characters along with George, Jerry and Elaine. His facial expressions, body spasms, and totally different approach to life make the Seinfeld show really light up.

Mr. Seinfeld goes through some trouble when he is voted out of his leadership role in his retirement community, Del Boca Vista. On a positive note, Jerry does buy him a fancy Cadillac!

Newman is truly Jerry's arch-nemesis. The two are constantly at war, which is usually instigated by Newman, and each time they see each other, they say hello with the same ready-to-fight tone. "Hello, Jerry." "Hello...Newman."

Mr. Peterman is Elaine's well-traveled, dramatic-speaking boss. He is known for his thought-provoking comments that he may not find as interesting, or hilarious, as the ones who hear them.

Jimmy is an odd fellow and is connected to Jerry and George because they all work out at the same gym. He sells special gym shoes that have a lift to make you jump higher. He must not have thought through how the shoes would do for balance while walking, because he trips and hurts himself. "Jimmy down!"

Elaine is Mr. Pitt's assistant, and her job duties include anything and everything! She buys him socks, special pens, helps him win a radio contest and more.

George is one of the four main characters on the show, and is the classic over-thinker. He usually finds himself in sticky situations due to his analyzation. Is that why it has been so hard for him to find a woman?

Uncle Leo is Helen Seinfeld's brother, and never ceases to creep up when Jerry least suspects him, and to pester him. He restrains from giving Jerry his watch back after he picks it up in the trash!

Mrs. Helen Seinfeld is Jerry's mother, who comes all the way from Florida, with her husband, Mr. Seinfeld, to visit Jerry every so often. She's concerned with Jerry's current girlfriend, his clothing choices and if he has enough money.

Susan is George's longest relationship; they even get engaged. Per his usual M.O., George becomes uncertain about his desire to be married, or even engaged, as time goes on.

Bill Erwin plays Sid; he was a well-acclaimed actor who lived until he was 96 years old. He was in numerous productions, including films and Broadway.

Poor Sam, she is known for her role on the show as the lady with strange walking mannerisms. This was coined by Elaine, who works with her. Elaine notices Sam doesn't move her arms while walking, and makes fun of her for it.

Thank goodness Jerry dated Nina, because without her we wouldn't have the famous painting of Kramer! Can you believe that it sold for $5,000?

Daniel Von Bargen played George's boss, Mr. Kruger, on "Seinfeld." He also was in "Malcom in the Middle," "The Postman" and appeared on Broadway.

Did you know that Debra Messing played Beth on "Seinfeld"? She is well-known as Grace on NBC's "Will & Grace."

Sally Weaver is the comedian who Jerry finds to be obnoxious and out to get him. Which could be true, since she burns him onstage frequently!

Did you know that Gary Fogel tricks George, Jerry, Elaine and others into thinking he has cancer? How horrible. To top if off, he keeps the gift card for a toupee that Jerry gives him, even when the truth is found out.

Jerry feels he is pulled to Marlene's sexy voice, and believes he is in a trance that makes it impossible for him to break up with her. Be strong, Jerry!

Tony is Elaine's boyfriend that Jerry loves to make fun of. Is Jerry jealous of Tony's good looks?

Babu is a Pakistani immigrant and the owner of the local restaurant named The Dream Cafe. Unfortunately for Babu, it's not so dreamy; he rarely has customers besides Jerry!

Keith Hernandez, a real life professional baseball player, meets Elaine through Jerry and asks for her number. Jerry has hurt feelings when Keith cancels on him so he can go out with Elaine. The love and friendship triangle begins!

Manya's most memorable moment is when she and her husband have Jerry, Elaine and the family over for dinner. She is deeply offended when Jerry makes a derogatory comment about ponies. Didn't you know, all people in Poland had a pony?

A dentist is his trade, and having Penthouse magazine in the waiting area at his office is his game. His magazine selection, combined with the gas Jerry gets during his dental procedure, makes him wonder if funny business is happening at Whatley's establishment.

David Puddy is Elaine's good-looking, hunky, yet somewhat empty-brained boyfriend. One could see his face paint incident as a symbol of passion, but Elaine doesn't think so.

The Soup Nazi is known even outside of Seinfeld cult followers. What makes him so memorable? His dedication to a specific ordering process. He does make delicious soup though!

Kenny is someone Jerry does not want to run in to. He is also a comedian, but often takes Jerry's material and won't leave Jerry alone. Watch out!

Alton Benes has a cold, down-to-business demeanor that scares George and Jerry silly; they can't think of what to say while trying to make small talk with him.

Mickey is one of Kramer's friends, and they're in show biz together. Mickey breaks the 'little people code' when he puts lifts in his shoes to keep up with the fast-growing actor for which he is standing in.

Mr. Steinbrenner is possibly the most mysterious of all the sitcom's characters. Why? Viewers never see his face! Or anything but the back of his head for that matter.

Have you ever talked to someone who stands too close? Don't like the feeling of your personal bubble being popped? Don't talk to Aaron! He is the notorious close-talker who dates Elaine for a while.

'Yada yada yada' is what Marcy is best known for in her short time on the "Seinfeld" series. Her yada yada's at the end of thoughts make George wonder what she is referring to and why she doesn't want to say it straight!

Bette is a real-life actress and plays herself in the episode 'The Understudy'. She ends up needing an understudy to take her place when she has an accident. Is it just a coincidence that Jerry and George had something to do with that accident?

Along with Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld, Jack is an honorary member of the Del Boca Vista community in Florida. He obsessively competes with Mr. Seinfeld for social and political power. Of course, this power is only valid in their small, retired community.

George believes he has a chance at dating Marisa Tomei. The only issue he overlooks is that he is engaged to Susan. Watch 'The Cadillac' episode to find out what happens!

Ned is one of Elaine's boyfriends, and the big news is, he's a communist. Did you know that he has a part in Kramer getting fired from his Santa Claus gig?

Poppy is well known for his good culinary arts, but can he also be a good business partner? He and Kramer start together a 'make your own pizza' restaurant, and have some heated discussions about what should go on top of a pizza.

"Don't worry Jerry, I'm on top of this" is one of Katie's most frequently used sayings. This comment seems to trigger worry in Jerry!

Mr. Wilhelm is George's supervisor while he is working for the Yankees. It seems as though supervising George is stressful, since Mr. Wilhelm usually looks upset!

Babs is Kramer's mother, and is the one who spills the beans on Kramer's first name- Cosmo! His first name has been kept a secret for so long that Elaine, George and Jerry are ecstatic when they find out.

Mom, Pop's accomplice, helps bamboozle Kramer into giving them lots of famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld's shoes 'for cleaning.' Kramer does so because he feels bad that the big shoe stores are running Mom and Pop out of business. Later he finds out there could be other reasons for the shop going under.%0DPops Komplize Mom hilft Kramer beim Bamboozle Kramer, damit er ihnen viele Schuhe von Jerry Seinfeld zum Putzen gibt. Kramer tut das, weil er sich schlecht fühlt, dass die großen Schuhgeschäfte Mom und Pop das Geschäft aus dem Weg räumen. Später findet er heraus, dass es noch andere Gründe für das Untergehen des Shops geben könnte.

Have you seen the episode where Jerry trusts the tennis shop worker's advice about which racket to purchase? That worker is Milos. Later Jerry finds out Milos has been bluffing; he's not good at tennis!

Did you know that Mr. Lippman was played by two actors? Not only is he Elaine's boss at Pendant Publishing, but he also believes her idea to have a bakery that sells only the tops of muffins is a good one!

Jake Jarmel was one of Elaine's many boyfriends on the show. He was a famous author who, post-break up, was harassed about his glasses in front of a line of fans by Elaine.

Although he may seem innocent and cute at first, Pop from the Mom & Pop Store is actually a scammer! He stole Jerry's sneakers that Kramer gave him to clean up.

The Doorman of the apartment complex that Jerry lives in is played by Larry Miller, and there is an entire episode devoted to him called 'The Doorman' (1995). Jerry offends the doorman and in remorse offers to cover his post for a while. Turns out that Jerry did not do his duty carefully, since the lobby couch was stolen!

Unfortunately for Elaine, Tina is the classic annoying roommate. What could possibly make it worse? When she dates Kramer!

Mrs. Costanza is just as firey as her husband and son. She often is seen bossing George and Frank around, in her deep-rooted New Yorker accent.

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