91% of People Can't Name These Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films From One Image! Can You?

By Emily Hough on February 05, 2018

About This Quiz

Grab your magical sword and strap into your spaceship - this quiz is about to get strange!

Science fiction films and fantasy films are often considered to be two sides of the same coin, since they are both a part of the larger speculative fiction genre. These are two of the most popular genres of film. In recent years, more and more of them have been critically and financially successful - so, it was hard to choose the perfect 50 films for this challenging quiz.

Fantasy films usually encompass stories that are centered around supernatural events, magic and mythology. These stories sometimes take place in a setting that is similar to the real world, with just a few significant changes (such as the Harry Potter series), or a completely different world with its own deep and intricate lore and history (such as in the Lord of the Rings series).They usually take place in a futuristic version of our own world (like "Back to the Future") or on a completely different world, or even in a separate galaxy from our own (like the Star Wars series).

This quiz is dangerous business. Is the force with you? Then c'mon, let's get started!

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