91% of People Can't Identify These Nuts and Seeds From an Image! Can You?

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Seeds and nuts are a common ingredient in most diets. People have depended on seeds and nuts, whether eaten raw, ground, roasted or cooked, since before the dawn of civilization. How many of these nuts and seeds can you identify from an image?

Flax seed is a great addition to smoothies, baked goods, yogurt parfaits and more! Give yourself a boost of nutrition with the natural supplement.

Chia seed is known for being helpful in boosting protein, fiber and omega-3s. Try sprinkling it in pudding or yogurt, or try a drink with soaked Chia seeds.

Pine nuts are tasty sprinkled onto salads and fish. Try adding a handful to your strawberry-spinach salad for some protein!

Quinoa is a grain that is great by itself, as a side dish, or mixed into salads. It has a grainy-nutty flavor and is good for getting more protein into your diet.

Although hemp does comes from he cannabis plant, it is not the same as marijuana. It has minimal to no THC and is used for food, body care products, clothing and more.

Sunflower seeds are popular for spitting at sporting events, especially baseball games. They are tasty plain, or for something different, try one of the many flavored versions!

Sesame seeds have a distinct, nutty taste and are very small in size. They add a spike of flavor and nutrition to many Asian dishes, such as Mandarin chicken salad and sweet-and-sour chicken.

Did you know that buckwheat is actually a seed? It is commonly used as a grain, or for flour, and has a sweet nutty flavor.

The ginkgo tree is an amazing, ancient tree that dates back to 200 million years ago. It has unique leaves that are fan-shaped.

What type of tree produces acorns? The oak tree, which is not only a pretty tree for the backyard, but also a sustainable home and food source for squirrels!

What's the difference between the black walnut and the English walnut? The English walnut's shell is easier to break, and it has a milder flavor than the black walnut.

Have you ever cut up a squash to cook and not known what to do with the seeds? Next time you're holding them over the garbage can, try roasting them in the oven instead, with olive oil and salt on top. Why waste them when you could eat them?

Wild rice comes from different varieties of grasses and gives your rice dish an extra touch of flavor and color. It is a great substitute for bread at dinner!

Pistachios are one of the more expensive nuts, but they sure are tasty! Crack the shell open to find a pretty, light green nut, rich in flavor. Have you ever tried pistachio ice cream?

If you plan on eating this nut, beware - it takes some work and may produce sore fingers! The beechnut has a spiny outer shell that can prick the fingers. It's said that the nut itself is very tasty; try breaking one open and see if it's worth the struggle!

Did you know that wheat is one of the largest crops produced in the U.S.A.? Corn and beans are also in the top-crops-produced club. Wheat is used in so many food products, such as cereal, breads, packaged snacks, dressings and condiments.

This nut's formal name is Lecythis, although many call it the paradise nut or monkey pot. The bark of the tree is very thin and can be used for cigarette wrappers.

The tree that this nut comes from is very valuable to the Amazon rainforest. The Brazil nut tree grows along the Amazon River and is harvested for its nuts and oil.

What is spelt? It's a part of the wheat family, and has made a comeback in diets recently. Health nuts love spelt for its rich flavor and ample nutrition. Try spelt flour in your everyday baking and taste the difference!

Although they taste quite different, almonds, peaches and apricots are in the same family. Like its fruit cousins, the almond also has a fuzzy outer shell.

The candlenut is also known as the kukui nut. The kukui tree is the state tree of Hawaii, thus making it a popular nut in the state of paradise. How did it get the name "candlenut"? Hawaiians used to make candles from it!

Kansas and Texas are the top sorghum producers in the United States. Together these two states grow 5 million acres! Sorghum has many uses: it's a grain in cereals, food for livestock and its stalk can be crushed to make table sweetener.

Garbanzo bean is another commonly used name for the chickpea. It is used to make hummus, that delicious dip you love dipping your veggies and naan bread into!

Cashews are used for much more than eating raw or in trail mix. The milk is made into a delicious drink, and the nut can be used to make cashew butter.

Rye is in the wheat family and is usually used as a grain or for livestock food. It is grown in various places around the globe, including northern Europe, and is used in much of the region's bread. If you're looking for a denser bread, try rye! It's heavier than wheat bread.

Because they flourish in hot, wet climates, cowpeas are grown in the southern United States. They take different shapes and sizes when they grow, making them truly unique.

Would you like to try out water chestnuts without simply trying them plain? Wrap them in bacon! Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts dipped in a sweet sauce make for a tasty treat and great party appetizer.

Brown rice is known for being versatile and tasty, but did you know how good it is for your health? Boost your heart health, digestion, energy level and anti-inflammatory potential with this unassuming superfood!

These are named for the small black circle with a white dot or 'eye' on each pea. They pair well with bacon or ham, which makes a delicious and hearty meal that is great for camping.

Specialty nuts can be difficult to find in stores - and expensive. Why not grow your own? For this nut tree, you'll needs lots of direct sunlight. Chinese chestnut trees yield nuts in the early fall each year.

Rice is a vital staple food in many countries, and is quite possibly the most widely eaten food in the world. China and India are two of the top rice producers in the world. Rice is one popular dish!

If you're looking for a staple food with a long shelf life, try lentils. This legume was found in ancient Egyptians' tombs! Another bonus is that they are packed full of soluble fiber and protein.

Coconut has a nutty-sweet taste that's rich enough to make milk from and light enough to shred into small pieces for sprinkling on baked goods. Along with pineapple, it is the taste of a tropical paradise!

Oatmeal, the cooked form of oats, has given generations of people a hearty and nutritious breakfast that keeps a stomach full until lunchtime. Some may think of oatmeal as bland or boring, but it's actually a healthy blank palette that you can add your favorite nuts, fruits or milk to. Try it with maple syrup, honey, berries or bananas. The options are endless!

Fava beans are a bright green bean, and are about the same size as a lima bean. Many are produced in Canada, due to their cool weather preference.

Don't forget to scoop out the seeds after carving your jack o' lantern! Clean off the pumpkin guts, lay the seeds on a baking sheet, drizzle on olive oil and salt, and bake them in the oven. Pumpkin seeds make a salty snack and are great on salads.

Africa was the primary home to pearl millet, a grain that's now widely grown in Georgia, U.S.A. It's another great carb-grain option for those who follow a gluten free diet.

If you have digestive issues due to stomach ulcers, try incorporating more peas into your diet. They are said to be soothing on ulcers because they take up stomach acid.

Hazelnuts have a lovely, full flavor that compliments espresso drinks, chocolate and desserts. They are used to make praline, a candy with nuts and sugar.

Although corn is totally standard in the United States, it actually originated in Mexico (think corn tortillas and corn salsa). This is a truly ancient grain that has been around for approximately 10,000 years.

Did you know that Carver began working with the peanut to help Southern farmers produce more crops? He told them to implement a rotation into their crop cycles - plant peanuts one year and cotton the next. This helped fertilize the soil.

Pecan pie is an authentic southern tradition that appeals to those who like a semi-sweet pie, or to those who are true Southerners themselves. It requires few ingredients, mainly just a pie crust, vanilla, sugar, butter, eggs and, of course, pecans.

What does barley look like? It looks like light colored wheat berries. It is used as a cereal grain, and also as a grain in beer, whiskey and in some other alcoholic beverages.

Pomegranate seeds are so tasty! Do you know how to extract them from the fruit? Try this: make a slice into the middle of the fruit, take the two halves apart, then put them in water and carefully pull the edges outward to extract the seeds. Finally, use a spoon to scoop out any remaining seeds.

Just like Coca-Cola, the kola nut has caffeine that will give you a spike of energy! Did you know that this is where the cola drink got its name? The tree bearing this energizing nut is grown in Nigeria.

Acacia comes from a thorny bush that is native to western Asia and the tropical regions of Africa. It is used to make acacia gum, which is a food additive that can change the physical traits of the food it's added to. It's also used as a medicine and topical treatment for skin wounds.

This is a tropical fruit that's grown mostly in Africa and southern Asia. They are kept safe in a large, caterpillar shaped pod that has velvet like hairs all over it. If you can manage to get into one of these pods, you'll find a valuable treasure inside. They are known to be a mood-enhancer and have healing powers.

These nuts are frequently seen at souvenir shops in Hawaii; sometimes dipped in chocolate or in other flavorings. They are a light colored, small, circular nut that can be eaten solo or in cookies!

Who knew that soybeans are used for more than food? They are used to make crayons, provide oil for diesel, and to make ink for newspapers and other publications!

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