91% of People Can't Identify Disney Movies From One Screenshot. Can You?

By Narra Jackson on January 31, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you remember your first Disney movie? If you were a child of the '40s or '50s, you would have been mesmerized by the imagery and music of Disney's "Fantasia." It was a surreal film, moderately successful as animated films go. Oh my, have things changed since then. 

Disney is known for quirky characters, enthralling plots, beautiful backdrops and dashing male heroes. But it is the Disney princesses who often steal the show. Princesses have adapted to the modern woman and are strong, funny, charming and independent heroines who control the movie industry. 

We know you have a favorite Disney character, either from childhood or from the hours and hours... and hours... of your own children's obsession with Ariel, Rapunzel, Ana and Moana. And while you might tell your friends, "If I have to watch 'Brave' one more time, I'll just...," you secretly know that without Disney as the backdrop theme song of your living room, you'd feel something was missing in your life. 

So, if you think you know the difference between Bambi and Baloo, or "Big Hero Six" from "Wreck-It Ralph," then this might just be the quiz for you. Take a look at these images and see how many of these Disney movies - modern and classic - you can figure out from a screenshot. Best of all, this is a great quiz you can take with your kids. Although beware, you may be opening a Pandora's box of Disney classics your children didn't know exist. 

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