90% of People Can't Name all of These Baby Gear and Toys From an Image! Can You?

By: Jody Mabry
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Being a new parent is stressful enough, but with all the new gadgets, gear and toys on the market, parenting almost seems impossible. This quiz is full of some of the essential baby gear you'll need. But can you name them from an image? Test your parenting skills and see how well you do!

The patent for the original pacifier came about in 1901, known as "a new and original Design for a Baby Comforter." But for centuries before that, people had been using a variety of objects to soothe a baby. From knotted rags to beads, bone, and coral, babies have had a wealth of objects from which to choose. Despite the popularity of pacifiers, the new invention didn't come without its naysayers. Everything from thickening of the tongue to deformed mouth, and even scoliosis, were accusations of what would happen to a baby. The accusations never came true and to this day, millions of babies are eased to sleep by sucking​ a pacifier.

Prior to the 1900s, it was common for cloth diapers to simply be hung and dried without cleaning. This, of course, did little to protect a baby's skin. However, during the early 20th century it became clear that cleaning the cloth diapers would help protect a baby's skin. The beginning of disposable diapers happened in the '50s with a pre-fold diaper, which led to the first disposable diapers in the '60s. Since the '70s manufacturers of disposable diapers have focused on lighter and more absorbent material.

Wet wipes were invented and became popular in the 1950s as travel became easier for families. At the time, wet wipes were used for a variety of personal hygiene cleaning - not exclusive to babies. However, it wasn't until 1990 when the first baby-wipes devoted to babies came out. While wipes are known for their excellent ability to clean a baby's bum, their inability to break down when flushed into a toilet tend to be hard on the sewer system. This has led to new research and branding of flushable wipes.

In 1693, English philosopher, John Locke, noted that blocks with letters on them would make learning the alphabet fun for children. This is one of the first mentions of blocks as play things. Tell that to a baby looking to test out his new chompers. Babies use their mouths as sensory devices to taste, feel and understand objects. A block is just another of a long list of items for babies to soothe and play with. In many ways, a block is a baby's best friend.

Baby bottles are a great way to feed a baby when the mom is not around, or when breast feeding is difficult. While the first patented bottles came around in the 1840s, there is evidence dating back to the earliest recorded times of urns and other materials that were used to feed babies. From wood and ceramic urns to cow teats filled with cloth, bottle feeding has been essential for thousands of years.

It wasn't until the 20th century when the importance of keeping a baby's skin well taken care of was important. The first baby wash clothes were likely soft and less abrasive sponges. However, in the last half of the 20th-century, manufacturers began producing lightweight, soft and smaller towels specifically for use on babies.

They may be small, but babies come with a ton of accessories. Diaper bags are noted as having several large and small spaces to hold the various toys, cleaning supplies, and food that a baby will need while out of the house. In recent decades, diaper bags have become adaptable to strollers as well as taken on their own fashion trend with top-named designers.

Breast pumps were originally patented in 1854 as a means of extracting milk from a mother's breast without the aid of a baby. Pumps can be either manual or electric and provide a mother a level of comfort when a baby is not suckling or the mother is having troubles breast feeding. Recent studies have also found the massaging affects of a breast pump will help improve the production and flow of milk through a woman's breast.

In 1987, a baby product manufacturer came out with the Pack N' Play - the world's first portable play yard. A Pack N' Play is a versatile travel companion for many families. It can be used as a crib and play area for babies and has been adapted with changing tables, bassinets with mobiles and even a storage area for baby toys, changing equipment, ​and other baby essentials.

While a bottle and nipple are often referred to as just a baby bottle, it is the nipple which separates the modern bottle from centuries-old techniques. Baby nipples are soft, pliable and made to mimic the suction action and softness of a mother's nipple.

Baby formula is a pre-manufactured baby food that is mixed with water. While not generally used to completely replace breast milk, for mothers who have difficulty breast feeding, formula is a healthy alternative. Prior to the 19th century, the use of wet nurses was common practice when a mother couldn't breast feed. However, due to cultural changes and sanitation, the practice decreased significantly during this time. By the early 20th century, dry and evaporated milk formulas gained in popularity. There are now dozens of options for formula, from non-GMO to stomach-soft varieties.

Baby carriers have been around for centuries. Some cultures devised carriers out of bamboo and flexible vines, while others used woven material to wrap a baby close to the mother. Modern baby carriers hold a baby close to the parent for both warmth and comfort. They are kept secure and flexible with ties, zips, straps and clips, while also providing pockets to carry smaller items, such as a pacifier.

Out on the go, or don't have the energy to make it to the changing table? A changing pad is exactly what you need to provide a little cushion and protection while you change your baby. Changing pads are made of a soft and flexible material which is often waterproof and washable. While you can purchase separately, most diaper bags now come with their own changing pad.

Believe it or not, since the first automobiles were manufactured little regard was ever given to child safety. Car seats started to become more common in the 1930s, however, their design was not to protect children as much as it was to raise a child high enough off the seat for the parent to see them. It wasn't until 1962 that rear-facing car seats were manufactured which coincided with new laws requiring vehicles to have seat belts. Modern car seats are adjustable for size and a single seat can often be used throughout a child's life up to booster seats.

Let's face it, being a parent comes with its frustrations. However, few things are more frustrating than trying to potty train your toddler. It's a given that you and your baby will grow accustomed to regular diaper cleaning. But as babies step into toddler age, they will have to forgo all of those diaper changes and begin the ritual of potty training. One of the best ways to acclimate your toddler is by using disposable pull-ups. While designed to look and feel like underwear, pull-ups provide a protection against inevitable accidents.

Baby transport has been around for as long as babies. Strollers are just one in a long list of these items. However, for those who like their daily walk, or need to go to the store, a stroller can be indispensable. Prior to the 1980s, strollers, buggies and pushcarts were often a non-adjustable way to push the baby around town. The modern stroller is highly adjustable from backrests to folding for easy transport. They also come with several open spaces to carry larger items, small pockets, and many have smartphone carriers.

What many people don't realize is that cribs are not just raised off the ground for aesthetic appeal. In fact, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the crib was designed as the next step away from a bassinet. Cribs were often elevated due to the myth that noxious fumes floated about knee height. Having a crib raised would protect babies from these "fumes."

If you've ever held a baby, you've likely come across their primary weapon - sharp nails. Few parents ever escape the scratches and often bloody bouts of cuddling and diaper changes. Baby finger and toe-nail clippers are smaller and usually covered in a safe and soft plastic coating to protect the baby from being cut or injured from a dropped clipper.

Having a baby comes with plenty of burping and that burping comes with lots and lots of vomit. Whether a baby has a full tummy or a big gas bubble, there is always a chance that this morning's meal will come out in a spray of white vomit. Burp cloths are thick enough to hold onto the spit-up, yet made of soft cloth for comfort. They are used to catch that vomit before it lands on your clothes and shoulder.

From early morning get-out-of-bed feedings to emotional states, there are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to babies. Changing tables are elevated tables, usually with a concavely shaped cushion to keep a baby comfortable while safely preventing the baby from rolling. The tables are raised for convenience so the parent doesn't have to bend over to change the baby.

Many new parents feel they don't need a bottle brush to clean a baby bottle. That is, until they need to clean a baby bottle. The bottle brush is made of firm bristles to clean the deep and difficult part of a bottle. Most brushes also come with a smaller brush used to clean out the nipple.

Babies need a lot of comfort, and while all parents love to hold a baby and rock them to sleep, sometimes a busy schedule makes it hard. Baby swings are a great way to soothe your baby to sleep or provide a fun and relaxing environment for a cranky baby. Modern baby swings often have multiple rocking speeds, as well as a variety of soothing songs and volume settings. Some even come with a vibrating motion.

Teething toys have been around as long as history has been recorded. Teething toys are used to soothe a child's achy mouth while teething. When a baby gnaws on the toy, the gnawing action helps to carefully open up the skin around the emerging tooth. Many teething toys are filled with a gel that can be refrigerated and provides a cooling and numbing sensation for babies as they play with the teether.

Baby clothes are not only the cutest thing in the world, but they provide your little guy or gal warmth and style. While many baby clothes are simply adult clothes in miniature, most are made with softer fabrics, have additional lining for warmth and "blow-outs" and utilize zippers, buttons, and snaps to access the booty area for easier clean-up.

During a baby's first year, and as a preventive measure against SIDS, the doctor will recommend that the baby sleeps with no sheets, blankets, toys or anything in the crib, with the exception of a crib sheet. The crib sheet is a soft fitted sheet that fits over the crib mattress and protects the baby from the mattresses abrasive surface. It's recommended that parents have at least two crib sheets to swap out while they are being washed.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has been greatly decreased in the last decade. Much of this is attributed to the advice that a baby should not sleep in a crib with any blankets, stuffed toys, or anything at all until the baby is able to move and roll over on his or her own. For parents who fear that their child may become cold at night, wearable baby blankets can be used. The blankets fit over the baby and can be zipped up to prevent the baby from suffocating.

A bassinet is usually the baby's first bed. While used for centuries, it wasn't until the last 20 years that doctors pushed a bassinet for children up to 4 months old. The reason is to keep a child out of a parent's bed to prevent SIDS, yet keep the child close enough for comfort and quick attention.

Rocking chairs are as common on the front porch of a house as they are in a baby's bedroom. Babies require a lot of comfort and soothing when young. A rocking chair helps create a smooth movement that can lull a baby to sleep. While rocking chairs have been common for centuries, new chairs called gliders have begun to replace them as smoother and easier to move chairs.

While breast feeding, many mothers find that the more they feed, the more milk they produce - often more than a baby can handle in one sitting. Breast milk bags help to store the milk for later use. The bags can be used with a breast pump. Many bags are designed to be warmed for easier consumption by the baby before transferring to a bottle.

With the use of diapers and chafing often associated with a wet diaper, many parents lean to baby powder as an additional way to keep a baby's skin dry and free from chafing. Baby powder protects skin from becoming too moist and can help keep the baby's skin soft.

If you've ever had to use your kitchen garbage can for diaper disposal you know how quickly that smell will fill the room. A diaper pail is a unique disposal system which allows you to securely dump a diaper into a waste bin as the pail separates the dirty diapers from the outside environment.

While it is not known who invented the first mobile, it is assumed that the inspiration came from '30s artist and sculptor Alexander Calder. Mobiles take advantage of a baby's ability to be distracted and soothed by the calming effects of movement, texture and sound.

While baby powder is used as a preventive measure in keeping a baby's skin from chafing, diaper rash ointment is used to treat an affected area. Most often used when a baby begins to show signs of redness, the ointment is made of an easy to apply pasty cream used to protect the baby's skin while healing. Generally, after applied, the skin will heal itself within a day or two.

A high chair is an elevated way to raise a baby for easier feeding. All modern high chairs come with straps to securely keep the baby in place and prevent falling. Most will also come with optional wheels to easily glide the high chair throughout the house.

Babies come with all sorts of fun things, such as saliva, poop, spit-up and, of course, mucus. Nasal aspirators help to clear out a baby's nostrils from liquid and hardened mucus. Aspirators come in several varieties, including manual and electric.

Baby bottles are great when a baby is feeding from mom's breast and up through the first year. But as a babies develop, it is smart to introduce sippy cups to their repertoire. The sippy cup acts as a middle ground between the bottle and drinking from an open-face cup. They are designed to give a baby the control of motion to eventually drink from a cup.

Baby spoons are the perfect size for little mouths. What separates a baby spoon from an adult spoon, aside from size, is the protective plastic coating on the baby spoon which helps protect a baby's mouth.

It is important for parents to remember that as a baby grows, their entire body and system functions are growing a learning together. From contracting colds from other children to shoving disgusting things in their mouths, babies are factories preparing to collect disease. One of the best ways to monitor a cold or other health issue is to have a baby thermometer handy. Thermometers can be used in any warm area of the body, such as mouth, underarms​ and even that cute toosh.

Swaddling is a wrapping technique used for newborns to babies a few months old. A swaddling blanket is a large and thin blanket that can be wrapped around a baby, helping to use body temperature and tightness as a means of providing comfort and warmth to the baby. Even though a newborn isn't able to roll over on his or her own, a swaddler helps to prevent inadvertent movement which might flip a baby over.q,

Safety gates are a feature that many parents don't think are necessary until they catch their little crawler having gone up to the top of the stairs when they turned their backs. From the moment babies can crawl they become curious, clever and fast. Safety gates come in a variety of lengths and are often adjustable. Some have a door attached so an adult has easier access to the other side without climbing over.

Babies come with a mess and one of the hardest messes to clean is baby food on those adorable clothes you just bought. Bibs come in handy as a way to protect clothes from food stains. Bibs come with both fabric and coated material and velcro, tie or snap closures to prevent a hanging hazard. Many bibs now come with a pocket to catch fallen foods.

There might be more varieties of baby bowls than any other type of serving dish. Baby bowls come in several shapes, from standard to bowls with suction cups that help keep the bowl on the table.

A humidifier is a great way to keep the air moist on dry nights and during the winter. To keep nasal passages clear, babies need a moist environment so their mucus can flow well. Since most babies primarily breathe through their nose -- as opposed to their mouth -- it is especially important to ensure their air is moist to provide sound naps and a good night's sleep.

For decades a sink was the common baby bath tub. However, in the last 20 years, portable baby bathtubs have become more common. You can use them on the floor, counter and even in your own bathtub for convenience and to keep the baby safe from drowning. Most baby bathtubs have an elevated seat to keep the baby in a somewhat raised position and facing forward while you fill it and bathe the baby.

Making a house baby-safe is a priority for most parents. The first place many parents think of are the electrical outlets, which tend to be within reach of a crawling child. While modern outlets have safety systems to protect children from inadvertent electrocution, it is still a good idea to invest those couple of dollars to plug the outlets.

As a new parent, you may be all gung-ho about reading to your newborn. But don't freak out if your child prefers to eat the pages as opposed to listening to your calming words. Baby books come with flexible and soft plastic pages that can endure the destruction of a gnawing baby and baby teeth.

Baby shampoo often serves a dual purpose as a body wash. The shampoo is designed to be free from burn for sensitive eyes, as well as being nonabrasive and gentle on a baby's soft skin.

Baby monitors are one of the biggest advancements in baby gear. They come in a variety of styles -- from audio to video -- with several technologies to monitor the baby. Many can be operated and monitored from your laptop or computer, and others have a signal strong enough to monitor from any part of your home.

Babies love to bounce and jump. Baby jumpers are designed to allow a baby to both jump and prepare for the walking stage of life by strengthening his or her legs. Many come with several gadgets, bells and whistles to keep a youngster occupied for hours...or, well, long enough until they are bored.

While adult towels can suffice, a hooded baby towel is a softer, thinner towel that can dry off a baby and keep the baby's skin soft and safe from abrasion. Hooded towels protect a baby's head from becoming too cold while you dry off the rest of his or her body.

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