90% of people can't guess the jobs of these working dog breeds from just one image! Can you?

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Working dog breeds are naturally suited for certain tasks, based on breeding and country of origin. Some have an acute sense of smell, while other dogs are naturally powerful and can be used for sledding, rescue missions, and even farm work. See how well you can guess the dog breeds and their jobs, based on these screenshots.

Japan is the Akita Inu's native country. It has a curled tail and a broad head.

This breed originated in Alaska, where it was used to pull heavy sleds through snow. It has a double-layered coat, and the oiliness of the undercoat gives the dog good insulation for its work.

The name Kuvasz comes from Turkish and Arabian words describing a guardian. They require much training, so people looking for this breed should only proceed if they are willing to train the dog from puppyhood to adulthood.

Boxers are a popular breed in the U.S., and they're active and smart dogs. They are good with children and protective, making them a great choice for families.

This breed originated in Germany in the Middle Ages and was used for guarding and for hunting. This breed is usually friendly and good with kids.

Siberian Huskies are known for being mischievous but gentle. They are a popular breed in the U.S.

Black Russian Terriers were originally bred to be used in the military. Today they are used for protection, as well as search and rescue. They are large dogs, with a height up to 30 inches and weight up to 145 pounds.

Australian Cattle Dogs were bred to herd cattle across difficult terrain and long distances. They are agile and have a lot of endurance.

German Pinschers are lively and brave. They are elegant-looking dogs with shiny, short coats.

This breed is very loving and non-aggressive. They can be used for various types of work, including therapy.

This breed originated in Switzerland and was used as a guard dog or draft dog. Despite its strength and alertness, it is easygoing with children.

This breed has a rugged look and is known for being loyal and territorial. It is a large dog and the breed is over 6,000 years old.

Border Collies are naturally protective, due to their herding tendencies. They can be reserved around people they do not know.

Due to their vicious way of guarding territory, Mastiffs can be perceived as aggressive and unpredictable. They are intelligent and learn quickly, making them good search-and-rescue dogs.

The Giant Schnauzer has two colors and is alert, trainable, and loyal. The breed is obedient and good for search-and-rescue. It is a larger version of the Standard Schnauzer.

Beagles are good for search-and-rescue work because of their strong sense of smell. However, they need to be trained well, because they tend to become tunnel-visioned when they start on a scent.

This South African breed is calm, confident and is the most agile out of the Mastiff dogs. It has a big, square head and has patches of dark fur which protect it from the heat and sun.

The Standard Schnauzer is known for being a reliable dog, despite its possible willfulness. It can be all black or white and black, known as "pepper and salt" colored.

This breed has a thick coat, since it was bred to protect herds in mountain areas. They make a great guardian and can bark a lot.

German Shorthair Pointers are excellent aides to hunters who use guns as they drive birds out of brush so hunters can better see them. They are a popular breed in the U.S., and can be several different colors with markings.

This breed has a gentle, kind look and demeanor, allowing it to be a trustworthy rescue dog. It is strong and can move well in cold weather, as it was bred in Switzerland.

The Treeing Walker Coonhound is a popular choice for people getting a coonhound. They are competitive and alert, yet respectful.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is loyal and attentive, making it good to people it loves, but wary and possibly mean to those it doesn't. Its loose skin, wrinkles and massive size make it a good guard dog.

The large, white, cord-like coat of the Komondor protects this breed from getting injured in case it is attacked. It also allows it to be discreet, because it looks similar to the sheep its herding.

The Bullmastiff looks to be 40% Bulldog and 60% Mastiff. It is powerful, active and alert.

This breed needs much attention and moderate exercise. It will become unhappy if left alone for long periods of time.

This breed is different from modern breeds in that it has no mixture of wolf or fox. They are light in color, being either cream, biscuit, white, or white and biscuit.

This breed loves to run and has good stamina, making it good for families and owners who enjoy playing outside with their pets. They are also friendly.

Chinooks are devoted dogs with an intelligent and curious expression. This breed is known for being good with kids and does not require much grooming.

This breed is in the herding group and is hardworking and smart. They need a lot of exercise and enjoy having jobs to do, making them excellent police or military dogs. Their colors range from red sable to fawn.

Rottweilers are smart, strong and have ample endurance, making them good police dogs. They also have natural territorial instincts, so adequate time in training this breed is necessary.

Dalmations are outgoing dogs that are white with black or brown spots. They are active dogs with good stamina, so they need a good amount of exercise.

Newfoundlands are black, brown, gray, white, or white and black in color and great in size. They are also very strong, fitting to their job of swimming in ice-cold water and rescuing drowning victims.

Basset Hounds are very easygoing, laid-back and sometimes lazy. The breed's short legged, dense body allows it to move well over rough terrain.

The Belgian Shepherd originated in Belgium and is a serious, energetic dog. It can adapt easily to different temperatures and its expression is alert.

The Border Collie was bred to be intelligent and obedient, making it a good dog to train. It is very energetic and agile, as it was originally bred to herd sheep.

The Cane Corso is majestic and confident, and was used for hunting difficult game such as wild boar. The coat is rigid and dense, and because it is short, they shed lightly. It's also known as the Italian Mastiff, since it's from Italy.

"Dogue" is translated as Mastiff in French; it has a calm demeanor and is good around kids and other pets. This large dog's coat ranges from dark red to fawn in color, with markings that can be white, brown, or black.

Portuguese Water Dogs were originally bred to help fisherman, and later became water rescue dogs. Because it is well-muscled and friendly, it makes for a good dog for an active family or single person.

Bloodhounds like to be in packs, making them good with children and other pets. They can be 23-27 inches tall and can weight up to 110 pounds.

Argentinean Mastiff is another name for this breed that is white, possibly with a dark patch near the eye. They are strong athletes and intelligent, making them good at hunting big animals, such as wild boar and puma.

Tibetan Mastiffs range from 24-26 inches and 90-150 pounds. They originate in Tibet, where people believe that they are the reincarnated souls of nuns and monks who were not good enough in their previous lives to reach a higher level.

Beagles are great at detecting bombs because of their acute sense of smell. They can become tunnel-visioned when they start on a scent, so it is important to train them as puppies.

Doberman Pinschers were first bred around the 1890s in Germany. They are vigilant, energetic and watchful, which makes them great as guard or sentry dogs.

The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest dog in the sporting group and its'coat can be a variety of colors. Black, white, brown, red, and other shades of these colors are seen.

In addition to hunting, Golden Retrievers assist blind people. Because they are such social dogs, they need a lot of time with people and/or other pets. The possible colors for a Golden are dark gold, gold and light gold.

Labradors are a popular breed for dog owners in the U.S., as they are ranked first in popularity by the American Kennel Club. They were originally bred to assist fowl hunters and retrieve birds, and their colors are yellow, black or chocolate.

Massive dogs that are typically white and a shade of brown, St. Bernards are friendly and patient, making them good to have around children and other pets. They are muscular and have a gentle, intelligent expression.

German Shepherds are highly active dogs who are devoted to their owners. Because they were bred to be all-purpose workers, they require a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is affectionate and true to its owners. As an ancient French breed, this dog has shorter legs and a massive head.

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