90% of People Can't Figure Out These Motorcycle Brands From an Image! Can You?

By: Jody Mabry
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Whether you want to tour across the country, race down the stretch or simply get groceries downtown, there is a motorcycle to fit your needs. If you love the feel of your bike, take this quiz to see how many of these motorcycle brands you can name from an image!

Suzuki has one of the largest variety of auto products available in the world. Its motorcycles first came out in 1952. Today, the company brings in a revenue in excess of $26 billion per year.

Ducati has been producing motorcycles since the '50s with a focus on high-performance bikes. Ducati is known for their innovation in design, both aesthetically and internally. In the '90s Ducati introduced the Monster, which provided a "naked bike, that exposed the trellis and engine.

While Honda is known by most people as a large Japanese automaker, they have also been the largest selling motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, four years after they began selling their first motorcycle. To have an understanding of how many bikes they produce, in 1982 - at its peak - Honda was manufacturing nearly three million motorcycles a year.

Benelli may not be the oldest motorcycle manufacturing company in continuous operation, but it is likely the company is the oldest in Europe overall. The company began producing motorcycles in 1911 when widowed Teresa Benelli invested her family fortune in the company to ensure her sons always had stable work.

Kawasaki may have begun as an aircraft company, but by 1954 the first motorcycle was made - the Meihatsu. By 1960 the company devoted itself to motorcycle production with its first manufacturing facility also purchasing Meguro Motorcycle.

While many modern motorcycle companies began manufacturing of motorcycles just after World War II, Cagiva began as a metal component manufacturer. However, by 1978 two sons of the original founder, Giovanni Castiglioni, became involved with motorcycles. Today Cagiva is a competitive racing company with wins in Dakar, Motocross and Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

Victory Motorcycles is owned by Polaris and was developed primarily to compete with American powerhouse Harley Davidson. In 2017, Polaris released a statement that it would be "winding down" production of Victory motorcycles due to an inability to establish a market share.

The Indian Motocycle Company was founded in 1897 as a bicycle manufacturer. By 1901 the company was producing motorcycles. In 1903, Indian's co-founder Oscar Hedstrom set the world motorcycle speed record of 56 m.p.h. Throughout the next century, Indian has created some of the most iconic motorcycles in America, defining what "classic" meant. Polaris purchased the company in 2011.

MV Agusta began as an aviation company in 1923. However, after founder, Count Giovanni Agusta passed away in 1923, his wife and sons formed a motorcycle company. Their idea was to create an inexpensive and reliable motorcycle which was much needed in post-war Italy.

Triumph has both a long and short history of motorcycle manufacturing. The original company had been manufacturing motorcycles since 1902, and went into corporate bankruptcy in 1983. By 1984, John Bloor purchased the manufacturing rights of the company. While production was initially slow, the company did eventually break-even in 2000, but again was hampered as a fire destroyed much of their manufacturing plant as the company prepared to celebrate its century-mark. However, as it is in their name, the company overcame obstacles to become successful.

Bimota was founded in 1973 and is a custom and production motorcycle manufacturer. Its name is derived from the first two letters of the three founders' names. In 1997, due to a problem with their fuel injection system, Bimota recalled the entire production run of their V Due bikes. In addition, Bimota lost one of their biggest bikes sponsors during the 2000 World Superbike season. Alone, either of these would have been a problem; together they led to bankruptcy.

Harley-Davidson really defined what it was like to be a biker in America. While the company has been around since the turn of the 20th century, the customization and style of what would be known as "chopper bikes" have bolstered their legacy to become one of the top-selling manufacturers with revenue in the billions.

Shortly after World War II, Aprilla began as a bicycle company and shortly thereafter, it was manufacturing motorized scooters and small-capacity motorcycles. The company may be small compared to other Italian, Japanese and American companies, but it is heavily involved in and successful in motorcycle sports.

BMW is known throughout the world as a luxury auto manufacturer, however, it has also been one of the world-leaders in motorcycle manufacturing sine just after Wolrd War I. While BMW has produced many great motorcycles over the years, perhaps one of its most memorable is the R75 created around World War II which came with a sidecar.

Bajaj Auto is an Indian manufacturer of both motorcycles and three-wheelers. While it has created dozens of designs over the years, its most popular may be the Vespa which it began production of around 1960.

Royal Enfield produced motorcycles from 1901 to 1978, eleven years after it was acquired by Norton Villiers. Norton Villiers went out of business in 1978. While the company no longer exists, a former subsidiary continues to manufacture motorcycles with the Royal Enfield name in India.

By 1902 Norton was manufacturing motorcycles and had a pretty successful run until the '60s when competition with Italian and Japanese motorcycle companies made it difficult. However, through a series of ups and downs, the company was able to use its name to continue forward and eventually was re-leaunched in 2008.

This Taiwanese company use to be a part of Honda. However, after the split from Honda in 1968, it was 1970 before Kymco began producing its own motorcycles. Now the company focuses on motorcycles, ATVs and motor-scooters.

CCM is a successful off-shoot of BSA's competition department. Since 1971, the company has focused on creating a lighter and nimbler motocross bike. While primarily focused on off-road dirt bikes, the company in 2013 announced the GP450 which is a road-legal adventure bike and currently still in production.

Audi may be known as a carmaker, but with its purchase of Ducati in 2012, the company is now the owner of one of Italy's finest and most recognized motorcycle companies. The purchase price was $1.12 billion.

Hero Motocorp is considered one of the best and most respected companies in the world. This Indian manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.

While France does not have the provenance of motorcycle manufacturer's that it nearby rival Italy may have, there is one exception. Cycles Peugeot was founded in 1882 as a bicycle manufacturer and has been creating motorcycles since World War I.

Buell was started in 1983 as a competition bike manufacturer. 10 years later it was a wholly owned subsidiary of Harley Davidson. By 2006, it had built and shipped its 100,000th motorcycle.

The name "Gas Gas" in Spain means to go faster or "to gas it." The company is known for creating trials bikes, enduro, and quad. Due to name confusion outside of Spain, the company developed an American marketing campaign and slogan: "Gas Gas = Fast Fast."

Perhaps one of the oldest companies in Europe, Husqvarna was founded in 1689 as a musket maker. By the late 19th century it was making bicycles and by 1903 it was working on a motorcycle company. The brand today still carries the image of a musket.

Perhaps one of the most complex motorcycle companies in the world, Piaggio began its business by manufacturing train parts and cars. From nautical fittings to aircraft parts and yes, even motorcycles, this company seems to have produced anything with regard to transportation.

You might be more familiar with Sym than you think. Started in 1954, Sym manufactures scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs. The company has produced over 16 million scooters and motorcycles. Oh, and by the way, it also makes small trucks and cars - that division is known as Hyundai.

This Spanish company was started in 1934 as a small bike accessory company. By 1947, it had created its first moped. Now it exports nearly 60% of its sales throughout Europe, specializing in mopeds and motorcycles.

From 1978 to 1986, Hyosung produced Suzuki motorcycles. By 1988, the company was the official motorcycle supplier for the Seoul Summer Olympics. In 2007 Hyosung was acquired by a company which would later change its name to KR Motors.

Maico was a West German motorcycle manufacturer. The company may be best known for its Maico Mobil, often considered a two-wheeled car due to its enclosure. While a unique design, the motorcycle was produced in limited numbers.

The name Adler in German means Eagle. While the company had a relatively short run from 1900-1957, the company made a mark as an iconic manufacturer of motorcycles and other vehicles. The most popular Adler motorcycles were the1953 MB 250 and RS 250.

Motorhispania is a Spanish motorcycle company that was started by an Italian immigrant into Spain. Today, nearly 100 employees produce close to 16,000 motorcycles per year.

Derbi is another Spanish producer of motorcycles. The company does focus on a wider variety of production than its Spanish competition. It manufactures motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. The name Derbi is symbolic of the company history, "Derivivats de Blcicletes." Derivatives of Bicycles.

Dodge may not be known for its motorcycle production, but at the 2003 North American International Auto Show it came out with a show-stopper in the Dodge Tomahawk prototype. While not yet street legal, this motorcycle is an adrenaline junkie's dream with reported speeds of up to 400 mph and a sleek, yet dystopian look.

Since coming to be in 1937, Moto Morini has had quite a ride as it bounced between four different owners since its inception. It was liquidated in 2010 and then in 2012 production restarted.

Founded in 1909, anyone who says Italy has too many motorcycle manufacturers just doesn't have any idea. Gilera is another in a long line of Italian motorcycle companies created in the first half of the 20th century. Gilera was founded in 1909 and then purchased by Piaggio in 1969. Gilera produced motorcycles for the Italian army during World War II and then moved into racing during the '90s.

American Ironhorse lasted from 1995 until it was liquidated in 2008. But, despite a short-lived 13-year company, this custom motorcycle manufacturer was, at one point, considered the largest factory producer of custom motorcycles in the U.S. While the company cites several reasons for its downfall, many consider the separation of the company from founder Bill Rucker in 2004 as the beginning of the end.

Sarolea was the first Belgian motorcycle manufacturer. The company started in 1850 as a weapons manufacturer and in 1892 started producing bicycles. Soon after in the 20th century, the company began a successful motorcycle venture which lasted until 1963 when the company merged with Gillet. In 2008, a company by the same name once again began producing sports bikes.

Blata is one of a few Czech motorcycle manufacturers. The company is known for their high-performance mini-moto-bikes. The company also produces scooters.

Garelli was an Italian motorcycle and moped manufacturer which began production in 1919. The company went bankrupt in 1992 with the last two manufactured motorcycled being named the "Gary One" and the "Gary Duo." Despite no longer producing motorcycles, the brand continues to exist in sponsorship and parts supply for older models.

To compete in the Italian motorcycle market, it helps if the company has been around since the early 20th century. While SWM Motorcycles weren't founded until 1971, it did give a run at manufacturing observed trials, enduro, motocross and off-road. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 1984. In 2014, the company found life with Engineer Ampelio Macchi, who has worked with other top motorcycle companies: Cagiva, Aprilia and Husqvarna.

While KTM is known more for its off-road motorcycles, it has been producing street motorcycles since the late '90s. In fact, by 2015, street bikes nearly matched off-road bikes in production.

While some may curiously wonder where Arctic Cat sits on this list, its lines of snowmobiles and ATVs are often considered the motorcycles of the snow. Its cross-over style off-roading vehicles are the most well-known name in cold weather climates.

Big Dog was founded in 1994 creating its first and only motorcycle that year which was aptly named, "Old Smokey." The company lasted until 2011, focusing on American cruising-style motorcycles which were semi-custom. The company was well-known for its versatility and variety in custom options.

Vincent motorcycles lasted from 1928 to 1955, when the company dissolved due to financial problems. This British manufacturer is most well known for the 1948 Vincent Black Shadow, which at the time was the fastest production motorcycle. While the company produced several unique designs, it could not deal with its financial losses and near the end of 1955, the company's last motorcycle was made, aptly named "The Last."

Zero Motorcycles appears to be the future of motorcycles. Founded in 2006, this Santa Cruz, CA company manufactures electric motorcycles. Despite success in sales and even racing, it may be some time before this slow-charging motorcycle hits the road for long touring possibility.

Sachs Motorcycles is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world with production beginning in 1904. Despite taking over several companies in the '60s: Victoria, Express and DKW, the company suffered from financial issues due to pensions in the early 2000s. Still, the company was able to last through the financial problems and is still climbing.

Yamaha first manufactured motorcycles in 1955 with the 125cc two-cycle YA-1. The company's motorcycle was an instant success on the race track and continued to be so for the next seven decades. In the '80s, along with much of the industry, Yamaha began to create a broad range of bikes for racing, cross-country, and off-roading.

Moto Guzzi is the oldest continuous motorcycle manufacturer in Europe - established in 1921. The company paved the way for the excellence of Italian motorcycle manufacturers over the next century. The company is known for its racing bikes as well as several innovations - for example, the motorcycle center stands and wind tunnel.

Gillet Herstal is one of only a handful of Belgian motorcycle manufacturers. The company lasted from 1919 to 1959. In the late '20s, Gillet Herstal created a three-wheeled cart adapted with a motorcycle engine which held a land speed record of 117.647 km/hr.

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