89% of People Can't Identify the Deadliest Mammals from an Image. Can You?

By J.P. Naomi on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Whoever coined the phrase, "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" wasn't kidding! These are just three of the world's deadliest mammals. Think you can recognize the rest of them from just a photo? It's time to find out.

You see, there aren't just lions, tigers and bears to worry about. Be sure to add dogs, hippos and deer to the list too. Wait a minute, did you just say, dogs, hippos and deer? No way, those are some of the cutest animals out there! Well, proceed with caution, my friend. You see, "deadly" mammals don't always attack humans. Sometimes humans are just in the wrong place at the wrong time - driving too fast around a dark bend perhaps where cute little Bambi is just waiting to hit the car. Sound familiar? Sure, the mammals featured in this quiz are known to attack humans and other wildlife, but it's not always on purpose. Like mom always said, "Accidents happen!"

So are you ready to take a walk on the wild side and see if you can name them all? Don't be fooled by the beautiful, slow movements of the elephant - one swift blow will knock you off your feet and well, you could very likely become a statistic!

Best of luck with this quiz and remember, be verrrryyy careful!

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