89% of People Can't Guess the Meaning of Each of These Emoji! Can You?

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We use emoji to represent everything in our daily lives - from our deepest emotions to the state of the weather. If you think you're fluent in the language of emoji, how many of the most common ones can you identify? 🤔Take our quiz and see how you do!

Description: Face with Tears of Joy. This emoji holds the distinction of being the first ever emoji to be chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as the “Word of the Year.”

Description: Winking Face. Winking Face is mostly used to suggest either humor or flirting.

Description: See-No-Evil Monkey. The See-No-Evil Monkey is part of a Japanese picture proverb, "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Of the three monkeys, this one is named Mizaru.

Description: Party Popper. Also known as Party Hat, this emoji looks like a party hat spilling over with confetti and streamers.

Description: Skull and Crossbones. Skull and Crossbones can also be used to mean death or risk of death, or to indicate poisonous substances.

Description: Sleeping Face. The Sleeping Face emoji is used to show sleepiness or actual sleep.

Description: Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes. Also referred to as Heart Eyes and Heart Face, this emoji is used in various ways to represent love.

Description: Reminder Ribbon. The Reminder Ribbon emoji is an awareness ribbon, meant to indicate your support for a group or a cause.

Description: Waving Hand. This common emoji is used to mean both “hello” and “goodbye.” It can also suggest putting an end to a relationship.

Description: Rose. The Rose emoji depicts both romance and giving affection.

Description: Hear-No-Evil Monkey. Kikazaru is the Hear-No-Evil Monkey in the Japanese picture proverb, "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." The other two monkeys are Mizaru and Iwazaru.

Description: Crying Face. This emoji is not used to suggest crying hysterically or utter sadness. It relates more to being hurt and upset.

Description: Face with Rolling Eyes. Face with Rolling Eyes can be used to show boredom or contempt for a person or thing.

Description: Broken Heart. This emoji can mean despair over an ended relationship or sadness from missing the one you love.

Description: Zipper-Mouth Face. This emoji can indicate an unwillingness to discuss a topic or warn that information was shared in secret. It can also mean you are telling someone else to “shut up” or “zip it.”

Description: Grimacing Face. The Grimacing Face emoji indicates having made a mistake or being in an unfavorable situation.

Description: Speak-No-Evil Monkey. The Speak-No-Evil Monkey is named Iwazaru. He is one of three monkeys in "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," a Japanese picture proverb.

Description: Fork and Knife with Plate. This emoji suggests eating or dining, but not necessarily in a formal setting.

Description: Face Without Mouth. While it is normally taken to mean silence or an unwillingness to discuss a topic, the Face Without Mouth emoji can also indicate loneliness and disappointment.

Description: Face with Stuck-Out Tongue. This emoji can be used to indicate lack of seriousness about a topic.

Description: Loudspeaker. The Loudspeaker emoji can be used to grab a person’s attention about a particular topic.

Description: Money-Mouth Face. The Money-Mouth Face suggests that someone is wealthy or that something is expensive. It can also relay that you have received something valuable or plenty of money.

Description: Person Taking Bath. With this emoji, you can mean the act of taking a bath or the need to simply relax.

Description: Couple with Heart. This popular emoji can suggest two people are a couple in love or that love is growing between them.

Description: Love Letter. The Love Letter emoji can be used as an accompaniment to a romantic message.

Description: Upside-Down Face. Goofiness and silliness are both suggested in the use of this emoji. Sometimes, however, it is used to show sarcasm.

Description: Hundred Points. While the Hundred Points emoji is often used in the sense of congratulations for a job well done, it is also popular as a way to say “keep it real.”

Description: Loudly Crying Face. The Loudly Crying Face emoji is generally used to show deep sadness, but in some contexts it is also used ironically.

Description: Thinking Face. While this emoji is used to show deep thought on a topic, it is also popular as a way to suggest that you are questioning a person’s reasoning or general intelligence.

Description: Exclamation Question Mark. Called an interrobang, the symbol can be written either with the ! and ? overlapped or side-by-side. When used side-by-side, the order does not matter - !? or ?!

Description: Bullseye. With this emoji, you could be describing someone as being quite frank. You could also be saying, “You’re perfectly right!”

Description: Face Blowing a Kiss. While this winking Face Blowing a Kiss emoji is sometimes taken to be flirty, it is usually used as an affectionate “Goodbye.”

Description: White Flag. A White Flag is historically used to mean surrender during a conflict. As an emoji, it still means wanting to make peace, as well as urging others to end a fight.

Description: Face Screaming in Fear. In total disbelief, very frightened or extremely shocked - all are meanings that work with this quite negative emoji.

Description: Yellow Heart. Yellow Heart emoji is not meant to be a romantic symbol. It indicates a good friendship or someone with “a heart of gold,” that is, someone who is trustworthy and kind.

Description: Sad but Relieved Face. You can use this emoji to show you are distressed about a situation or to express sympathy to someone going through a difficult time.

Description: Smiling Face with Horns. This emoji with a devilish smile suggests being up to no good – and happy about it. It is also used to mean taking pleasure in the discomfort or downfall of others.

Description: New Moon Face. Although often taken to mean “weird” and “creepy,” the New Moon Face emoji can also represent nostalgia.

Description: Musical Notes. This emoji can be used to describe being in a good mood or the act of singing, as well as hearing or listening to music. It can also show that a line of text is actually song lyrics.

Description: Thumbs Up. Based on the traditional symbol of approval, the Thumbs Up emoji can be used to say, “I like that idea” or “all is well.”

Description: Dizzy. Aside from actually being dizzy, this emoji can suggest you are out of sorts or confused about what is going or what is being said.

Description: Expressionless Face. This emoji carries the negative connotation of being annoyed to the point where you no longer wish to carry on a conversation or relationship.

Description: Skull. Similar to the Skull and Crossbones, this emoji can symbolize danger or literal death.

Description: Zzz. Related to the Sleeping Face emoji, the Zzz emoji is sometimes used to mean “boring.” It can also represent the act of snoring.

Description: OK Hand. The OK Hand emoji can mean “I am okay,” “all’s well,” or, in some cases, “that’s correct.”

Description: Kissing Face with Closed Eyes. This is a more intimate emoji than most kissing emojis and hints at a close relationship. Can also be used to say “thank you” or “goodnight” to a loved one.

Description: Face with Open Mouth. When used to show shock, this emoji means more “mock shock” than being actually devastated.

Description: Heart with Arrow. The Heart with Arrow emoji is taken to mean “struck by Cupid’s arrow.” It indicates love, falling in love, passion and romance.

Description: Smiling Face with Sunglasses. This emoji depicts a sense of being cool, casual and “with-it.”

Description: Green Heart. Apart from suggesting a feeling of jealously, the Green Heart emoji is also used in cases of a platonic relationship or casual acquaintance.

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