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Marlon Brando was an actor and director known for gritty characters and a realistic approach to both acting and directing. How many Marlon Brando films do you think you can name from a screenshot? Get tough. Take this quiz and see how well you do.

Marlon Brando (Don Vito Corleone) wore a mouthpiece to make his cheeks look puffier. It was professionally made and is now on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York.

Marlon Brando and eight of the other stars in the film, were a part of the cast of the original Broadway play. Vivien Leigh, who plays Blanche DuBois opposite Marlon Brando’s Stanley Kowalski, also played the role in the London theatre production.

"Julius Caesar" was Marlon Brando’s fourth film. The film's sets had previously been used in another film shot in Italy. They were then shipped to Hollywood. The decision to use them in this film was to cut costs.

His portrayal of Terry Malloy earned Marlon Brando the first of his two Oscars. The second was for his iconic role in "The Godfather."

John Steinbeck, author of "The Grapes of Wrath," wrote the screenplay for "Viva Zapata." He used the film to focus on how people are corrupted by money and power.

For his role in the film, Marlon Brando was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award. Bernardo Bertolucci was also nominated for Best Director. Neither won.

1992 marked 500 years since Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. This film was not the only one about Columbus’ journey released that year. "1492: Conquest of Paradise," was released a couple of months later.

Although this film performed poorly at the box office, both of its lead male actors were Academy Award winners. In fact, they are the only two who refused to accept the Best Actor Oscars they had won – Brando for "The Godfather" and George Scott for "Patton."

This was the second Marlon Brando movie in two years to center around post-war Japan. The first was "The Teahouse of the August Moon", in which he played a Japanese villager.

Both Marlon Brando and his co-star, Jack Nicholson, had success with their roles in "The Godfather" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest," respectively. This film, however, did poorly both at the box office and with the critics.

"The Wild One" was banned in the UK for over 15 years. It was later given an “X” rating, meaning it could only be viewed by persons 16 and older.

Marlon Brando played a German soldier who became disheartened by the effects of the war. Brando’s acting (and his bleached blond hair) received very favorable reviews.

This film was nominated for seven Academy Awards. It did not win any.

Frank Sinatra also stars in this film. On set, he referred to Marlon Brando as “Mumbles” – a reference to Brando’s trademark way of mumbling his lines.

Marlon Brando received a Primetime Emmy Award for his portrayal of George Lincoln Rockwell. He received the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.

Famous Mexican-American singer Selena appears in Don Juan DeMarco. She died just eight days before the film was released.

Marlon Brando’s work as Jor-El in "Superman II" (1980) was completely cut from the final version of the film. Those scenes were used in "Superman Returns" - 26 years later.

Both Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro starred in "The Score." Years earlier, Brando played Vito Corleone in the original "The Godfather" film (1972). In 1974, it was De Niro’s turn to act as Vito in "The Godfather II".

This documentary film looked back at the trials and tribulation that had beset the production of the hugely popular "Apocalypse Now" nearly 20 years earlier.

The film is an adaptation of an award-winning Broadway play, which is an adaptation of a novel. A later Broadway musical version ran for only 19 performances!

Marlon Brando had acted in nearly 30 films at this point in his career. For Christopher Reeve, who plays the title character, "Superman" was only his second Hollywood film.

"Apocalypse Now" is thought to be one of the best films ever made. It received a long list of nominations for several major awards. None of these, however, were for Brando.

In this 1963 film, Kukrit Pramoj played the part of the Prime Minister of Sarkhan, a fictional Southeast Asian country. He would go on to become the real Prime Minister of Thailand in 1975.

The film is based on the fact that rubber was a prized material during the war. It is better to sink your own ship than to have it captured with its precious cargo: rubber.

An impressive lineup of stars were featured in this film. Actors making cameo appearances included Ringo Starr, Umberto Orsini and Sugar Ray Robinson.

After filming "The Formula" in 1980, Marlon Brando would go nine years before appearing in another film – "A Dry White Season." He received a Best Supporting Actor, Oscar nomination for the role he played.

This is the first film Marlon Brando directed - and it went over budget. He eventually walked away from the film, dissatisfied with the studio’s view of how the final cut should look.

Charlie Chaplin wrote and directed this film, and also played a minor role. Three of his daughters also appeared briefly.

Johnny Depp co-wrote, directed and acted in this film. It is, in fact, his debut (and only) feature film as a director.

Initially, Marlon Brando’s character, Matt, seemed willing to die for the sake of his horse. By the end of the film, however, he decided to possibly sacrifice the Appaloosa to save the woman he loved.

The film is based on a bestselling novel and was nominated for two Academy Awards: one for Art Direction and the other for Costume Design.

Throughout the film, reference is made to how much Marlon Brando’s character, Carmine, resembles Vito Corleone from The Godfather (who Brando also played). Some claim that Corleone was actually based on Carmine.

Anna Magnani played the love interest of Brando’s character, Snakeskin. She did not speak English and had to learn her lines phonetically.

This film had many production challenges, not the least of which was a change of director just four days into filming. The film eventually did very poorly at the box office and was deemed a failure.

This documentary film won several awards and was nominated for many more. Released in 2015 (11 years after Brando’s death), it tells the story of his life, using private tapes compiled by the actor.

Joycelyn Brando, Marlon’s older sister, had a small part in this film. It's the second of his films in which she appears. She also had a supporting role in his 1963 film – "The Ugly American".

Between 1961 and 1968, Marlon Brando appeared in nine films (one released each year). This film was number eight in that list.

The film received many good reviews for the sensitive way in which it took on the heart-wrenching subject of paralyzed veterans trying to come to terms with their injuries. Brando’s performing skills, however, were not the highlight of this, his first, film.

The film is a prequel to the novel "The Turn of the Screw." The makers of the film, however, thought it best to depict the children as older than they were in the book due to the sexual themes in the story.

Evaristo Márquez, who stars as the main supporting actor opposite Marlon Brandon, had no acting experience prior to this film. He was a poor herdsman from Columbia, whose talent was discovered by the film’s director.

Charlie Sheen played Bud Dyerson, one of the main characters in the film. His father, Martin Sheen, made a short cameo appearance.

Shots of Marlon Brando in this 1967 film were used in another of his films, 12 years later. In that film, "Apocalypse Now," the photos were used to show a younger version of Brando’s character.

This nearly 3-hour long documentary takes a detailed look at the life and work of Marlon Brando. It was filmed three years after his death and features an array of stars who had worked with him.

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