87% of People Can't Name All of These Household Appliances. Can You?

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Coffee grinders, popcorn makers, waffle irons ... these “unitaskers” clog up your kitchen drawers and cupboards and sometimes, it's even hard to tell them apart. Lets see if you can name all of the modern household appliances from a single image!

The stand mixer is a great kitchen appliance for all of your baking needs. From making light and fluffy dough for cookies to homemade whipped cream, a good old stand mixer can do it all.

A simple yet multifunctional hand blender can handle a variety of basic food prep tasks. A stick blender is not as bulky as a stand mixer or a food processor, but is equally effective. Moreover, its handy “stick” design lets you blend anywhere, be it in a pot, bowl or pitcher.

Even if the space in your kitchen is limited, your cooking options shouldn't be. You can squeeze a compact toaster oven into almost any limited layout and still enjoy all of your regular meals, from favorite breakfast and lunch options to Moroccan pork kebabs and complicated desserts.

A space heater with a fan that helps to distribute heat more quickly is an irreplaceable appliance during the winter! At the same time, it's one of the most dangerous appliances in your apartment! Each year, about 25,000 house fires and 300 deaths are attributed to space heaters, not to mention 6,000 people who end up in emergency rooms.

If you are tired of old string or squeeze mops and messy buckets full of dirty water, it's time to try something new. Convenient design of modern steam mops means less dripping and sloshing while cleaning; moreover, the steam helps clean and sanitize floors in one easy step!

There are curling irons, hair straighteners, and finally, hair irons - convenient multitaskers suitable for all types of hair. Most of them can do it all - one simple device can be used to curl, wave, straighten, add body, twist and more!

Anyone who needed to tackle the occasional wrinkled outfit or linen around the house used to buy a good old clothes iron. However, a lot of people today prefer not to buy this essential home appliance and instead use the popular hacks and tricks to get wrinkles out of their clothes. The most popular methods include steaming clothes in the shower or using a hair straightener.

A lot of blender owners use this multifunctional machine just to to whip up the occasional milkshake or morning smoothie, but there is so much more, including the whole-fruit juicing or an exciting process of making homemade almond butter, salsa or jam.

Single-serve coffeemakers, Keurig cups, Nespresso machines, drip coffeemakers and percolators, French press machines, and thermoses that keep coffee hot ... everyone has their favorite way to brew a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning!

The rice cooker is capable of more than its name suggests. Sure, it offers the easiest way to make perfect rice, but it’s also a convenient way to cook a wide variety of foods, such as boiled eggs, frittatas, pancakes, pork roast, as well as delicious desserts!

Vacuum cleaners are one of those home appliances everyone needs, but no one wants to think about. Vacuum cleaners were invented in 1901 and quickly evolved from bulky, petrol-powered machines to the convenient technology we use today.

The first dishwasher was invented in 19th century thanks to Cochrane - a wealthy woman who always had a lot of guests and thus wanted a machine that could wash dishes faster than servants, and without breaking them.

Food drying is a method of food preservation widely used since ancient times. While there are a lot of ways to dry food, the easiest one is to use a good old food dehydrator that has been around since 1985.

It's hard to beat the super-creamy texture and unique flavor of the anything-but-boring homemade ice cream made in the old-fashioned ice cream machine.

Those who love perfectly looking, crispy-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside waffles, always prefer to do them at home. Moreover, there are so many recipes and variations that you'll want to try them all!

It's interesting that the first artificial refrigeration system was invented as early as in 1748, but was never used for practical purposes. Only almost 50 years later, it was again demonstrated by an inventor Oliver Evans and became a prototype of freezers we use today.

It's fair to say that a multifunctional microwave oven is a time-saving addition to any kitchen. But this unique appliance is good not only for reheating leftovers and steaming broccoli. Did you know that you can also make mug cakes, poached eggs or potato chips in your microwave oven as well?

Affordable slow cookers are great for making the most of budget ingredients. The best part? Cooking with a slow cooker requires the minimum amount of effort!

Did you know that at first the hair dryer wasn't a home appliance at all? In 1888, the first “hair dressing device” was introduced in a French salon, but it didn't look like a modern hair dryer. The first device wasn't fancy either: In a nutshell, it was a bulky, clumsy, seated machine that resembled a vacuum cleaner.

If summertime temperatures are not for you, you are just like the majority of Americans who can't imagine their lives without a life-saving air conditioner. Today, more than 75 percent of U.S. homes use air conditioning, while 90 percent of recently built homes are equipped with central air already.

Good old radiators are heat exchangers capable of transferring thermal energy from one medium to another, meaning that they can be used for either cooling or heating. They are mostly used in automobiles, buildings and various electronics.

Many of us think that toasters are a kitchen staple that can't do much more than, well, a regular toast. Not true! There are so many recipes that involve boring toaster-safe items such as bread, bagels, English muffins and frozen waffles. For example, you can start your toasting revolution with an avocado toast, crostini and even a pizza bagel!

In a modern world, one of the most important pieces of equipment for any house to own is, ironically, the one that destroys all of the important documents. Yes, we are talking about bills and all documents with sensitive information that can be potentially stolen.

The first window fan wasn't fancy or too complicated - basically, its inventor Philip H. Diehl took a sewing-machine motor, mounted a fan blade and attached his bulky invention to the ceiling.

The first washing machine was, of course, the scrub board, but things got a lot more complicated after that. A wash board, invented in 1797, was replaced by the first washing machine that used a drum in 1851, while in 1858, the rotary washing machine was patented. However, this machine wasn't convenient or too efficient. The real prototype of the modern washing machine appeared only in 1874 - it was William Blackstone's birthday present for his wife.

You’d think shopping for a TV would be simple since most of them offer almost the same features, but it's not always the case. Buying a TV today involves too many choices like smart TVs or Ultra HD TVs ... oh, and there’s also a newer TV technology called OLED TV! Marketers predict that Virtual Reality TVs will appear in the nearest future as well.

Did you know that you can also use houseplants as natural humidifiers? Just like popular home appliances, plants increase humidity in a room by evaporating water into the air through transpiration.

The majority of chefs agree that steaming fresh vegetables instead of frying or baking them produces a tastier, higher-quality and healthier vegetable dish. Moreover, a food steamer can be used for various foods, not only vegetables!

Nicholas Book invented the coffee grinder in 1806, but it took almost 100 years for this invention to appear on the market! Only in 1898, the manufacturing company from Ohio released the first electrical coffee grinder for home use.

Originally, the slow cooker was invented only for cooking cholent - a traditional Jewish stew eaten in eastern Europe on the Sabbath. The first slow cooker was made in 1940, but since then people invented hundreds of healthy recipes that involve this must-have kitchen appliance.

Curl and wave makers first appeared in the 19th century, but their inventor remains unknown. However, while the curling iron was first patented in 1866, this practice of hairstyling has been dated back to 2000 BC!

A food processor became a must-have kitchen appliance used to simplify the preparation of food, but it can be easily replaced. While most of the recipe calls for a food processor to mince or chop, a mixer or blender can be also used.

Surprisingly, mixers were invented not long ago, only in 1908. Its inventor Herbert Johnson got inspired by watching a baker mixing bread dough with a metal spoon. In a few years, huge stand mixers could be found in any bakery; in 1919, they became smaller, more convenient and overall perfect for home use.

The pressure cooker's first name was Papin's Digester, after its inventor who built a first machine in 1679. Thanks to higher temperatures than any pot can achieve, a pressure cooker reduces cooking time without diminishing vitamin and mineral content of food.

In 2018, the electric fan is celebrating its 136th birthday. The home appliance we can't live without nowadays (especially if you are a Florida or Arizona resident) was invented back in 1882.

Home audio systems have undergone numerous technological improvements over the past centuries. From the invention of the phonograph to hi-resolution sound, Spotify, and wireless streaming, home audio systems are changing every few years.

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, from small ones that enable you to listen to music on your iPhone to those that allow you to enjoy a film at the cinema or sing along in the car.

Many of us remember game consoles fondly; even more people enjoy them today. Whether you are an Xbox or Play Station gamer (or still a huge fan of your old Game Boy), you've probably recognized this irreplaceable gadget.

The first lawn mower was invented in 1830 in England; believe us, it didn't look too fancy. Basically, it was a bulky, heavy machine made of cast iron with a large rear roller and a cutting cylinder in the front.

There is no proof available for finding the real inventor of a leaf blower, but it appeared on the U.S. market in the late '60s. It was invented and first used in the United States. Originally, a leaf blower was an important part of an agricultural chemical sprayer.

Norman Walker, the man who invented the first modern juicer in the 1930s, died when he was 99 years old. No wonder that this huge health trend is still alive - advocates of juicing claim that a cup of fresh juice can cure anything. There is also juice cleansing - a popular “detox” diet that can last from a few days to several weeks.

Before its invention, people used to heat water in a pot on the stove or above an open fire. Water heaters significantly simplified our lives and have been around since 1889.

The first sewing machine was invented in England in the 18th century. It looked a lot like a modern sewing machine; overall, this inention was a huge step for a mankind. Before, people used only sewing needles - the first were made of bone and date back 25,000-30,000 years ago.

Not surprisingly, the first electric kettle was invented in Britain to quench the thirst of British tea drinkers. Before it appeared in the late 19th century, people were using simple metal kettles for centuries (mostly in Great Britain, of course).

The Tostwich is possibly the first toasted sandwich maker used in the US, invented in 1920 and patented about 5 years later. It was invented by Charles Champion, the same guy who earlier invented a popcorn machine.

The bread makers of the past could only produce strangely shaped loaves after a bit of kneading and heating, but modern bread machines have come a long way since then.

An air purifier is a big part of an allergy control program, but there are many myths that make them look more useful than they actually are. For example, a lot of people believe that with an air purifier, you'll never have to dust or clean your house again.

It all began with the 2nd-century Chinese engineer and inventor Ding Huan, who made a first rotary fan for air conditioning. Fast forward to today, and we have air coolers that come in all shapes in sizes. Not long ago, an inventor from Bangladesh even created a DIY air cooler from discarded plastic bottles!

While you won't get the same authentic flavor, indoor grills are great for a bad weather. When you just can't get outside to make your favorite food, indoor grills can save the day.

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