87% of People Can't Guess the Title of These '90s Horror Movies From Just 1 Image! Can You?

By: John Miller

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The 1990's were brimming with bloody horror movies that terrified audiences around the world. From Freddy to Michael to Jason, can you identify these terrifying flicks from just one screenshot?

In 1990's "Arachnophobia," a dangerous type of South American spider infiltrates a small California town. It's up to John Goodman and company to stop the infestation before the entire town dies.

Kathy Bates shot to superstardom thanks in large part due to her role in "Misery." She portrays a crazed fan who traps a famous writer in her home and subjects him to grotesque torture.

Director Sam Raimi created "Army of Darkness" in 1992, and thanks to lead actor Bruce Campbell, the movie became a cult classic. A man named "Ash" unleashes the forces of evil and must somehow return home against all odds.

Distraught about the loss of his family, a man agrees to let a vampire bite him and turn him into the undead. This film was a huge hit and starred both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Don't say his name into the mirror three times -- otherwise, you'll summon the so-called "Candyman" who will appear and wreak violence on everyone around.

In "From Dusk Till Dawn," George Clooney and his bank robber brothers look to escape law enforcement by hiding in a dark bar. But little do they know, the tavern is home to vampires who will spend the night trying to turn them into the undead.

A weird lizard creature goes on a rampage at a Chicago museum in "The Relic." It's up to Lt. Vincent D'Agosta (Tom Sizemore) to put a stop to the bloody carnage.

You didn't eat a heavy meal before turning on "The Blair Witch Project," right? Because if you did, the film's jittery, shaky footage will probably make you upchuck that super burrito faster than a fifth of cheap tequila.

Sigourney Weaver again reprised her role as an alien-bashing heroine in "Alien 3." She shaved her head for this part, which portrays her as a filthy captive on prison planet.

In "The Ninth Gate," Johnny Depp is a rare book dealer who travels the world in search of a magical book that may hold tremendous power -- the power to conjure Satan. Because, you know, that would be fun!

1999's "Sleepy Hollow" was directed by Tim Burton and starred Johnny Depp. It follows the timeless story of Icabod Crane, who must confront the terrifying Headless Horseman.

1992's, "Bram Stoker's Dracula" was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starred Gary Oldman as Count Dracula. The film closely follows the Bram Stoker book that inspired it.

Haley Joel Osment was just a kid when he landed a role in 1999's "The Sixth Sense." He had no clue back then that one line ("I see dead people") would define his career.

Does anyone really have any idea what David Lynch's "Lost Highway" is all about? This nightmare-inducing film has an equally creepy soundtrack arranged by Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor.

In "Se7en," a serial killer uses the Seven Deadly Sins as his inspiration for murder. It's up to Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman to catch him before he kills again.

It's often regarded as one of the best movies -- horror or otherwise -- of the entire 20th century. "The Silence of the Lambs" is a terrifying glimpse into the abyss of the dark side of the human mind.

In "The Vanishing," Jeff Bridges plays a creepy chemistry teacher who kidnaps a woman. But Kiefer Sutherland won't stop until he gets his girlfriend back.

Horror master Wes Craven hit a home run with "Scream," in 1996. The film stars Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox and inspired a seemingly-endless round of sequels.

In "Dead Alive," a venomous monkey from Sumatra bites a woman and she dies. She then turns into a terrifying zombie that sets about biting everyone within reach of her rotting, bloody teeth.

Sutter Cane writes trashy horror books for a living. But "In the Mouth of Madness" shows that his works of fiction actually come to life in horrifying ways.

In 1998's "The Faculty," high school students are sure that their teachers are aliens. Turns out, they're right -- and someone has to stop them before terrible things happen.

Frank Bannister is in a terrible accident that leaves him with the ability to communicate with dead people. In "The Frighteners," he must use his unique ability to combat the ultimate evil.

In 1994's "Wes Craven's New Nightmare," an evil force invades a Hollywood set and begins killing people for "real." Nancy has to find a way to keep the monster at bay.

The Gemini serial killer comes back to haunt police investigators in "The Exorcist III." An evil spirit invades the waking world and someone must fight it, no matter how terrifying it may be.

"Urban Legend" follows the story of a serial killer who decides to make scary urban legends into a reality -- by murdering a group of college students in weird and unexpected ways.

1990's "Tremors" found a small group of desert dwellers under siege from giant underground monsters. Kevin Bacon's laconic demeanor is perfect in this funny horror flick.

Years have passed since the spacecraft named "Event Horizon" disappeared. A rescue mission discovers the ship…but there's something terrifying onboard.

In 1996, four high school girls decide to create their own witch coven. They use their powers to ensnare boys…and to wield more dangerous abilities, too.

Henry is just a normal bug exterminator…who also happens to be a serial killer. And in "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer," he's too smart for most of the cops who are trying to catch him.

In "Bride of Chucky," a murderous doll hooks up with another killer toy. The two engage in bloody rampage, and someone must go to extreme measures to stop them.

A young, down-on-his-luck boy decides to burglarize a house and becomes trapped inside. There, he witnesses the horrors of "The People Under the Stairs."

Twenty years of the bloodcurdling events of the original "Halloween," "Halloween H20" shows the return of the ultimate evil. Once again, it's up to Jamie Lee Curtis to beat back the terrors that stalk her life.

In "Cape Fear," a crooked lawyer uses illegal means to send a man to prison. Now, the convict is about to be released…and he's out for revenge.

In the Japanese blockbuster called "Ringu," a cursed video tape supposedly kills viewers seven days after they watch it. If you suffer from paranoia and anxiety, we'll kindly suggest that you forgo this chilling movie.

Ever get the feeling that all of Stephen King's books are thinly-disguised versions of his real life? In "The Dark Half," the sinister side of a writer's alter ego attempts to completely take over a man's life.

You can't keep a good psychopathic doll down. In "Child's Play 2," Chucky arises from the ashes of his melted plastic body and returns to reap revenge.

At a military base in Alabama, aliens are replacing humans with clones made in their likenesses. A teenage girl named Marti must find a way to keep the "Body Snatchers" from taking over the planet.

In the original "Gremlins," crazy little monsters tried to take over a small town. In "Gremlins 2," the murderous gang of gremlins has bigger goals -- it wants to take over New York City.

A young man retreats to a fantastical place called Midian, a refuge for monsters who are hiding from human society. Then, things get even weirder in "Nightbreed."

In 1999's "Ravenous," a mysterious man named Colquhoun appears at a remote outpost in the Old West. The story devolves into a horrifying tale of cannibalisim and murder.

1991 saw the release of "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare," which, believe or not, is the sixth installation in this series. Freddy seeks the help of his daughter to continue his reign of terror, but in the end, she's not quite so easily manipulated.

Ghostface makes his spine-tingling return in "Scream 2." And once again, Sidney must find a way to survive his onslaught.

In "Mimic," an entomologist fights a cockroach plague by inventing a mutant insect. But years later, the mutant bugs become capable of incredible destruction.

In "Cube," six strangers wind up in a bizarre maze that kills people at random. They must combine their talents to escape death.

1990's "Night of the Living Dead" remade the 1968 zombie classic. Once again, the world is beset by brain-devouring monsters…and living humans fight for their very survival.

"The Ring" is an American remake of the Japanese film "Ringu." Starring Naomi Watts, it features a cursed videotape that kills the people who dare watch it.

Horror veteran John Carpenter made "Vampires" in 1998. It follows the story of a priest who must stop vampires from obtaining a relic that would allow them to walk in daylight.

Sometimes, stories grounded in true life are far scarier than those made from fiction. "Jacob's Ladder" is a horror story inspired by the terrors of the Vietnam War.

In a small town, the "Blue Ribbon" kids are the "good" kids who model perfect behavior. But "Disturbing Behavior" shows that society's rejects might know a lot about what really constitutes true morality.

In "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer," a young woman wins a trip for four to a beautiful tropical island. You know things aren't going to go well for these young ladies.

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