85% of people can't guess these NFL teams' nicknames from a picture of their mascot! Are you a true football fan?

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Do you live for Sunday football, body paint, and dream of winning the Super Bowl? Can you name all NFL teams' nicknames from a picture of their mascot? Take this quiz to see if you are a die-hard NFL fan!

The Chicago Bears had their first NFL season almost 100 years ago, in 1920. They won their very first game against Moline, with a score of 20-0.

Did you know that Buffalo Bill was actually a folk hero who lived in the mid-late 1800s? He fought in the American Civil War and rode for the Pony Express. He'd be proud to share a name with this New York NFL team.

This NFL team used to be based in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving to Indiana. Professional football player and endorser, Payton Manning, played for this team.

Where do the Vikings play? At TFC Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Their team colors are purple and yellow. Famous quarterback Brett Favre played for the Vikings for a short time.

This football team has played for a variety of cities -- first Cleveland, then Los Angeles, next St. Louis and now back in Los Angeles. The team's colors are gold and purple.

This team used to be based in San Diego before moving to Los Angeles. They are in the AFC's West division.

The Jaguars play at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. They are a new team that had their first game only 12 years ago, in 1995.

Do you know where Tampa Bay is? It's a bay on the west central side of Florida, near St. Petersburg and Tampa. Buccaneer is another name for a pirate in the Caribbean.

This team is also fairly new, having been franchised in 1993. Jerry Richardson, a former NFL player, started the Panthers and is one of the few NFL players to own his own NFL team.

The Arizona Cardinals's mascot is a bird named 'Big Red.' Did you know they are one of the oldest professional football teams? They started in 1898.

This team was the Dallas Texans until they moved to Kansas City in 1963 and changed their name to the Chiefs. Their mascot is a wolf.

Do you 'Remember the Titans'? Don't get this popular, inspirational sports movie confused with the Tennessee Titans. The film is about a high school football team in Virginia.

Although they may have their downfalls, the Lions have a loyal cult following in Michigan.

Speaking of Tom Brady, did you know that he was born in California? The west coast boy is a long way from home, playing with this Boston-based team. Out of all the quarterbacks to have ever played in the NFL, Brady has won the most playoff games.

Joe Montana played with the 49ers in the 1980s and early '90s. In 2006, Sports Illustrated voted him the best quarterback of all time.

The Seattle Seahawks are known for their loud and proud crowd at CenturyLink Field. The constant cheering of fans became known as the '#12' player, and now fans sport merchandise with #12.

In Texas, football is everything. So the blue and silver star of the Dallas Cowboys is nothing to be disrespected. They've won multiple Super Bowl championships to make their fans proud.

In addition to the Dallas Cowboys, Texas also has the Houston Texans to root for. They better holler loud as this team cost $700 million!

Louisiana's team, the Saints, are represented by Sir Saint. The team played its first game in 1967 and has won one Super Bowl.

The Pittsburgh Steelers's mascot, Steely McBeam, is a hard-working, plaid-shirted, bearded man. Other teams's mascots won't want to mess with him, as he carries around a bar of steel. Yikes!

The Bengals play at Paul Brown Stadium, which is named after Ohio-born football coach and team owner, Paul Brown. He is famous for coaching at Ohio State University and for the Cleveland Browns.

True to their name, this team's colors are brown, burnt orange and white. The Browns have won several NFL championships since their first NFL game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1950.

Did you know that a minor league baseball owner started the Broncos? His name was Bob Howsam. The Broncos started off well by winning their very first NFL game against the Patriots in 1960.

Georgia's only NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, are loved by this crazy-for-football state. Although a real falcon may seem frightening, their mascot, Freddie Falcon, looks anything but scary.

T.D. is the lovable dolphin who is Miami's mascot. What does T.D. stand for? It's not rocket science. It stands for 'The Dolphin.'

Poe is the raven that represents Baltimore's NFL team. This teams sports gold and purple at their home field, M&T Bank Stadium.

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles call this team 'The Birds.' Did you know the Eagles were named in honor of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Recovery Act? This is especially patriotic since it is also the national bird of the U.S.A.

This team represents Oakland, California and was founded in 1960. Did you know they played in Los Angeles for a brief period of time in the mid 1980s and early '90s?

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