84% of people can't name all of these badass women of sci-fi! Can you?

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It's hard to talk about sci-fi movies and TV without bringing up their badass female characters. Grit, intelligence, and athleticism are common traits when it comes to the women of sci-fi. See how many of these badass sci-fi women you can name from an image.

Trinity's name is just one of the ways that numbers appear in the movie - Trinity, of course, meaning "three." Neo is a rearrangement of "one."

Elisabeth Sladen landed the role of Sarah Jane Smith as a second choice. April Walker was originally cast but wasn't exactly the right fit for the doctor. Way to step in, Sladen!

One of my favorite lines in "The Force Awakens" is when Rey calls the Millennium Falcon "garbage." This is a recurring perspective, also shown by Luke when he called it "junk" and Leia when she said it was a "bucket of bolts."

Sarah Walker - or is it Jenny? - or Rebecca? Sarah has used many names since joining the CIA at age 15. It later is finally revealed that her real name is Sam, though it is not certain what her last name originally was before she married Chuck.

Elizabeth Shaw has amazing recovery skills. It only takes her a few hours to heal after surgery, a handy trait when it comes to axe-wielding.

In 2000, the Sarah Connor character and her son John appeared in a comic book crossover. They joined Superman to destroy none other than - you guessed it - robots.

Talk about making an impression! Servalan was only supposed to appear in one series, but instead you will find her as a guest character in all four.

Talk about your confusing family tree. Ever since River Song's first appearance, fans speculated about the relationship between the Doctor and her, as well as where she came from. Some thought she was a future version of the Doctor.

River Tam was quite the scholar. Even at the age of three she was studying physics and proved herself to be future asset. Though she was often quiet and in the background, the writer for the show was working on developing her character. However he never got the chance to fully hash her out until "Serenity" came out.

Number Six is the only one of the significant seven that doesn't utilize the same human form for each copy of her.

Leia is not only a badass sci-fi woman, but she knows style too. You will see her in 10 different but distinct hairstyles, the most famous being the two side bun look, which Lucas finally decided on after having her try over 40 different other styles.

Only one season of "Firefly" aired, but that didn't stop this woman from becoming loved and remembered by fans everywhere. Fans of "Firefly" are vocally upset at the shows cut-off after one season and memes surrounding the discontinuation circulate the internet.

Paprika is a Japanese novel turned movie from 2006. It's about helping people by entering their minds and dreams.

Astrid is a lab assistant to a seemingly crazy man, Walter. Despite the way he annoys her and others, she stays pretty calm and patient with him. Perhaps that is why she works so well in his lab.

Double take. Kiera Knightly (Sabe) was so like Natalie Portman (Padme) in looks when in full costume, that not even Knightly's mother could recognize her own daughter.

If the scene where Laura Roslin is sworn in as president of the Twelve Colonies seems familiar, it is probably because you recognized it from the scene of Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in while on Air Force One. Producers decided to model the scene of that image.

This character served as inspiration for other media. Jane Fonda's blowout was a model hairstyle for many comic book characters following the film, and her outfit served as a base for costuming in "The Fifth Element"

Original Cindy is one of the first openly confident lesbian characters we've seen on screen. But we only see her sometimes, as she is a supporting character.

Jennifer Lawrence is badass on screen and off. For this film she was paid $20 million, compared to Chris Pratt's $12 million.

Kara, as a woman, faces a variety of complicated relationships, compared to the previous "Starbuck," who was a male. One of these complicated relationships was her love for one of her students, and she blames herself for his death. Even so, she is rougher than her male predecessor.

In case you didn't catch Myka's background, she hails from Colorado, where her parents owned a book store called "Bering and Sons." Myka had no brothers, but her parents thought it was a classier name with the addition.

Producers and directors had a nice pool of actresses to choose from for the role of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman, Lindsay Wagner, who was the Bionic Woman, and Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Conner in "The Terminator" were just a few.

Alicia Vikander, who played Ava, is Swedish. She is a trained ballet dancer, but she ultimately chose acting over dance.

Gillian Anderson played the skeptical FBI investigator and medical doctor opposite agent Mulder, who is a believer. Scully only believed what she saw or that science could prove.

A character with a future: "Mad Max: Furiosa" will be coming to a theater near you. Hopefully sooner than later.

Diana got to her position as Commander by killing those before her. Talk about doing anything to get what you want.

Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss in the movies, wanted to make sure her hair was taken care of. The books describe a specific hair color and Lawrence did not want stylists destroying her hair, so they ordered five wigs at $6,000 apiece! She ended up cutting her hair after anyway, after filming.

You wouldn't want to cross Gamora. As the adopted daughter of a supervillain, she is considered to be one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, in addition to being the last of her kind.

Donna Noble served as the Doctor's companion for a short time. She refused him, however, when he asked her to travel with him, but later regretted her rejection. The Doctor still called on her occasionally for help.

Kathy is the first-person narrator in this novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. She purposefully uses ambiguous language and exhibits complex emotions.

Jyn Erso is just like many other heroes in the "Star Wars" universe - one who does not seem likely to be a hero. There is a difference between her and Luke and Rey, though, because she knows her past and her roots.

It was easy to remember who she played as her name was practically the same. Julianne Moore played Julian Taylor, leading the rebels in the underground.

Lucy was played by Scarlett Johannsson. The ape-like skeleton that is said to be the link between apes and humans was discovered by Donald C. Johanson and named Lucy. Just a weird coincidence.

E - for Echo. The names for the characters in this series are named for the alphabet letter identification in NATO.

You will find Michonne in the comic series as well as the televised show. She wields a sword and wards off zombies.

Angelina Jolie's Franky has a small but not insignificant part in this film. Even so, she spent much of her time interviewing pilots from WWII to prepare for this badass role.

Not only a badass woman, but also a badass of the human race. Ellen Ripley was the only human survivor in "Aliens."

Kathy Coleman, who played Holly Marshall, has a musical background singing for the Mike Curb Congregation.

James Cameron insisted that to be attractive to the human eye, Neytiri should have breasts, making her appear to be more like a human woman.

The sweet sound of slinky. When EVE blasts her lasers, that is the sound of a slinky tapping.

Graystone was the original Cylon. Kevin Murphy also stated that she served as the model for the Number Sixes.

Director Paul Verhoeven wanted badass women and not a catfight in his movie. He had the scene with Lori and Melina choreographed as a martial arts fight with no hair-pulling.

Gwen served as commander of Torchwood Three before severing her ties to live out her life with her husband and daughter.

You don't want to mess with Dizzy Flores. Her kill count was 15 Warrior Bugs and 1 Tanker Bug.

Courtney Cox plays Julie Winston in "Masters of the Universe." She aids He-Man in the task of obtaining the Cosmic Key.

Toshiko appeared in one "Doctor Who" episode before landing a regular role in "Torchwood." She was then in every episode of the first two seasons.

The woman who played the original Nyota Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, did just as much for science off screen as she did on screen. She worked as a volunteer for NASA, helping to recruit women astronauts and advocating for women and minorities to join in science.

If this name has a certain familiarity to it, you may be on to something. H. G. Wells is said to be the name taken by Helena's brother and the novels were based on Helena's ideas - at least in this series they were.

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