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TV dramas are the most popular genre in television, covering a variety of categories. Simply, a drama is a series with a conclusion at the end of each episode, although sometimes there are running themes. How well do you know your TV dramas? See how many you can name from an image.

"Game of Thrones" premiered on HBO in April, 2011. It is an original series based on the best-selling 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series of novels by George R.R. Martin. Peter Dinklage, who leads the shows cast, is also the leader in terms of Award nominations and wins, so far.

The lead role of Piper Chapman in "Orange is the New Black" is played by actress Taylor Schilling. She has been nominated as Best Actress many times for her efforts.

The 20-season run of "Law & Order" lasted from September 1990 to May 2010 and included a total of 456 episodes. The original series led to four American spinoffs and a TV film. It is one of the longest running primetime American TV series, to date.

Fact: "Breaking Bad" ended its fifth and final season in September, 2013. In that same year, the Guinness World Records acknowledged "Breaking Bad" as the most critically acclaimed show of all time.

The original "Hawaii Five-O" series aired for 10 seasons starting in September 1968. Its reboot, which premiered in September 2010, has enjoyed seven successful seasons, up to the time of this writing. One carryover from the first series to the next is the lead character’s car – a 1974 Mercury Marquis with license plate number F6-3958.

Bradley Whitford who portrays the character Josh Lyman, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, has received much critical acclaim for his efforts. He was nominated three times for both Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards in the Supporting Actor categories. Whitford won the Emmy in 2001.

"The Walking Dead" has received repeated recognition for its use of prosthetic makeup throughout the series. The show has so far won the Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup twice, and had been nominated for that award on various other occasions.

The first episode of "Fear the Walking Dead" aired in August, 2015 and the show has enjoyed critical success since then. The series has premiered in more countries (125 total) than any other U.S. series, to date.

Upon ending its 5-season run, the show received the Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor (Kyle Chandler) and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (Jason Katims). While critics generally had high praise for the series, "Friday Night Lights" was not a huge success in terms of the number of viewers.

Fans of "Fargo" are used to seeing the show open with the words “This is a true story.” In fact, that is only a device used by the show’s creator, since the series is a work of total fiction.

The "Westworld" TV series is based on the similarly titled 1973 film which was written and directed by bestselling author Michael Crichton. Crichton is also the author behind the "Jurassic Park" film, "ER" TV series and "Disclosure" novel, all of which were concurrently ranked at number one.

The characters Hawkeye, Father Mulcahy, Margaret Houlihan and Max Klinger are the only ones to appear in all 11 seasons of M*A*S*H. Hawkeye (played by Alan Alda) holds the distinction of being the only one featured in all 251 episodes of the show.

"Twin Peaks" has been a feature film (1992), and two TV series (1990 and 2017). Several actors have retained their roles in all three versions, including Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and Mädchen Amick as Shelly Johnson.

This Fox Network drama series follows an all new storyline within the realm of DC Comics’s "Batman." Within the series, Bruce Wayne (Batman’s civilian identity) is presented as a teenager, portrayed by David Mazouz.

The Peaky Blinders was a real gang of thieves which came to prominence in Birmingham, England shortly after World War l. Their name derives from the sharp razor blades which they hid in the peak of their caps and used to blind their victims. Many of the Peaky Blinders were teens and preteens.

"House of Cards" stars lead actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Frank and Claire Underwood, respectively. Both Spacey and Wright have enjoyed Emmy Award nominations for every one of the show’s seasons, so far.

"Black Mirror" has been very well received by critics who often liken it to "The Twilight Zone." Series creator Charlie Brooker explained that the show’s title represents the screen on modern forms of technology, such as a smartphone.

NCIS is a spinoff of another legal drama series," JAG," which also has a navy theme. Although the “N” in NCIS stands for “Nava,l” the show was originally called Navy NCIS. The word “Navy” was later dropped.

"Better Call Saul" is both a spin-off of and prequel to "Breaking Bad." Both shows share Vince Gilligan as creator (with Peter Gould as co-creator for "Better Call Saul").

The fictional motorcycle gang, Sons of Anarchy, lives and operates in the also fictional California town of Charming. According to a sign seen in the show, the town’s motto is “Our Name Says It All.”

"Blacklist" spawned a short-lived series titled "The Blacklist: Redemption" which lasted for just one season. The character Tom Keen (played by Ryan Eggold) from the original series is featured in the spinoff.

The original "Doctor Who" series aired from 1963 to 1989. The new show began in 2005. The storyline of Doctor Who’s ability to regenerate into a new identity has allowed different actors to take on the role over the years. This element was adopted when the original Doctor Who actor, William Hartnell, became too ill to continue.

"Pretty Little Liars" is based on the book series of the same name by Sara Shepard. Shepard is also the author of "The Lying Game," another book series turned into a TV series. While "Pretty Little Liars" lasted seven seasons, "The Lying Game" only lasted two.

The "Preacher" TV series is based on a DC Comics comic book of the same name published in 75 issues from 1995 to 2000. The first episode of the TV series premiered on May 22, 2016.

The first season of "Stranger Things" had eight episodes, the first of which premiered on July 15, 2016. The series was honored that same year by the American Film Institute as one of the Top 10 TV Programs of the Year.

"Downton Abbey" depicts the life of fictional aristocrats in Yorkshire, England between 1912 and 1926. The series generated much interest in the time period and its fashions, several of which saw a resurgence in popularity.

The original "Gilmore Girls" series ended in 2007 after seven seasons. A 4-part mini-series, titled "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life," was released in 2016 with many cast members from the original series reprising their roles.

"Sherlock" is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective stories. In it, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, respectively. Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor in "Doctor Who," had also auditioned as Doctor Watson.

This post-apocalyptic themed series is based on a 2013 book of the same name which is the first in a series written by Kass Morgan. While the events of the book take place 300 years after the near extinction of the human race, in the TV series, the number is reduced to 97 years.

Throughout its six seasons, "Lost" earned the reputation of being one of TV’s most expensive shows. In fact, the pilot, which aired on September 22, 2004, had a price tag of over $14 million and was, at the time, the most expensive pilot in TV history.

Since its premiere in October, 2011, this TV series has had several different locations chosen for filming. These include North Carolina (seasons 1 to 3), Tel Aviv (seasons 1 to 2), Puerto Rico (season 3) and South Africa (season 4). Berlin and New York City were the locations used in seasons 5 and 6, respectively.

The original Star Trek series was created by Gene Roddenberry. It aired from 1966 to 1969 and has led to quite a number of adaptations in a growing franchise. To date, there have been 13 Star Trek films, six TV series, two magazines and even theme parks dedicated to the show's premise.

Mike Colter portrays Luke Cage, a superhero in the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series was preceded by both "Daredevil" and" Jessica Jones." After it, comes the series, "Iron Fist."

"Mad Men" ran for seven seasons and 92 episodes starting in June 2007 and ending in May 2005. The phrase “Mad Men” is explained in the show as referring to advertisers such as those around whose lives the series is based. "Mad Men" won 16 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes during its run.

"The Original,"s which first aired in October, 2013, was created as a spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries" series. It has led to its own spinoff – a web series of episodes called "The Originals: The Awakening."

"Shameless" is an adaptation of a very popular British TV drama of the same name. The music in the series features the work of indie rock bands. This includes the show’s theme song, "The Luck You Got," by the group The High Strung.

Shonda Rhimes, series creator for "Grey’s Anatomy," is also the creator of both "Scandal" and "Private Practice." Rhimes has also worked as director, writer and producer on several other successful TV series.

Now generally regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, "The Wire" did not have much critical success during its 5-season run from 2002 to 2008. The show starred many previously unknown actors and used real-life characters from Baltimore and Maryland in which the series is set.

The show is based on Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary hero and ruler of the 9th century. Travis Fimmel, who stars as Lothbrok, is an Australian actor and former model who has also appeared in "The Beast" TV series and "Warcraft" movie.

"Law & Order: SVU" is a part of the very successful Law & Order franchise. So far, the franchise includes 5 TV series, a TV movie and video games. The universe in which the show takes place also includes such other shows as "St. Elsewhere" and "New York Undercover."

"The Vampire Diaries" stars Nina Dobrev in the role of Elena Gilbert. Dobrev left the show in the 6th season and has since appeared as Rebecca “Becky” Clearidge in the 2017 film, "xXx: Return of Xander Cage."

This critically acclaimed series was honored with 57 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. It won an astounding 20 of them, including two for Outstanding Drama Series.

"The Good Wife" ended its 7-season run in May, 2016 but has spawned a spinoff series, "The Good Fight." The new series focuses on Diane Lockhart who was one of the main characters in the original series. In both series, Lockhart is played by Christine Baranski.

Rami Malek, who plays the lead role of Elliot Alderson in "Mr. Robot," has won several industry awards for his efforts. These include the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor. One of Malek’s earliest roles is that of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah in the "Night at the Museum" film trilogy.

"Scandal," which premiered in April 2012, won the American Film Institute Award for Television Program of the Year in 2013. In 2017, ABC Network announced the show’s 7th season would be its last.

Steven Van Zandt, who plays Silvio Dante on the Sopranos, is also a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with the rest of the band.

"Criminal Minds," which premiered in September, 2005 has gone 12 seasons, so far. The show has had two very short-lived spinoffs: "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" (2011, 1 season) and "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" (2016, 2 seasons).

The first season of "The Leftovers" is loosely based on a similarly titled novel by Tom Perrotta. The show’s second and third seasons, however, feature off-book storylines.

The "X-Files" TV series originally ran for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002. The 10th season premiered in January, 2016 with the same two lead actors, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, as FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. They are also the leads in the two movies (so far) based on the series.

The original "The Twilight Zone" TV series aired from 1959 to 1964. It has since been adapted into a book series, a feature film and two TV series revivals. "The Twilight Zone creator," Rod Sterling, died in 1975 but has since been inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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