83% Of All People Cannot Identify These Famous TV Dads! Can You?

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Whether it is a sitcom, a drama series, or even a cop show, TV dads are found in just about every show on the small screen. How well do you think you know them all? Would you be able to identify a TV dad from just one image? Have a go!

Played by Ed O'Neill, Al Bundy was the TV dad in the immensely popular sitcom, "Married With Children." A shoe salesman, Bundy is known for his sarcasm and thinking his life could have been so much better had he not been injured on the football field or been a target of the Bundy Curse! Needless to say, he loved his family and would do anything for them.

A cartoon character in "The Jetsons," George was employed by Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc. He was husband to Jane Jetson and father to Elroy and Judy. George had a number of catchphrases, one of them being "Hooba-dooba-dooba!" He was voiced by George O'Hanlon.

"Leave It To Beaver" was a popular sitcom in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Although it centers mostly on the shenanigans of Theodore (Beaver), Ward Cleaver, played by Hugh Beaumont, always had wise words for his boys and tried to guide them right whenever he could.

After his sister dies, Jesse Katsoplis, played by John Stamos, agrees to move in with her husband, Danny Tanner, and his three daughters, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, to help raise them. Danny's friend, Joey (played by Dave Coulier) also agrees to help out. Later in the show, Jesse marries Rebecca, Danny colleague, and they have a child of their own.

John Winchester is the father of Dean and Sam Winchester, the main characters in the series, "Supernatural." Winchester is a hunter who tracks down paranormal forces, including demons. He would do anything for his two boys, even make a deal with a demon to go to Hell so Dean can be brought back from the dead at one point. Winchester is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also plays Neegan in "The Walking Dead."

Played by Reginald VelJohnson, Carl Winslow is the father in the TV series, "Family Matters," which ran from 1989 to 1998. Carl has three children, Eddie, Laura, and Judy. He not only has to to deal with them, but also a kid from next door, Steve Urkel, who sees Carl as a father figure. Although Steve tends to interrupt Carl at all the wrong times, he does do his best to be that father figure to him.

Portrayed by Fred Willard in the popular series, "Modern Family," Phil Dunphy is particularly involved with his children, Hayley, Alex, and Luke's lives. To get close to them, he uses his technique called 'peerenting,' which tries to make him their peer, while still retaining his authority. Unfortunately, this doesn't often work. Phil considers himself to be a cool dad, even though his kids don't think so.

The main character of the cartoon series, "The Family Guy," Peter Griffin has three children, Chris, Meg and Stewie and is married to Lois. From the pen of Seth McFarlane, the show is not without controversy, often as a result of the things that Peter does. McFarlane also provides the voice for Peter.

Played by Eric Allan Kramer, Bob Duncan is the father in the Disney series, "Goodluck Charlie." This goofball of a dad is nothing more than a big kid who owns a pest control business.

Set in the 1960s, "The Wonder Years" center mostly on Kevin Arnold, his family and friends as they deal with things like the Vietnam War, the threat of nuclear annihilation and in Kevin's case, growing up. The family is led by Jack Arnold, a no-nonsense dad who although seemingly stern, loves Kevin, Wayne, and Karen very much. Jack didn't like to spend money, however, and always complained about the cost of things.

Famous for his saying 'Yaba daba doo.' Fred Flinestone lives in Bedrock. He is the doting father of little Pebbles and loving husband to Wilma. Although he seems to scream a lot and lose his temper, Fred is actually a very kind-hearted caveman.

Played by Brian Cranston, Hal Wilkerson is a loving father to Reese, Dewey, Francis, and Malcolm in the early 2000s sitcom, "Malcolm in the Middle." Cranston went on to play Walter White in "Breaking Bad," a father far removed from the one he played here.

"The Addams Family" was a direct rival to "The Munsters" in the early '60s, although Charles Addams had created them in cartoon form in the 1930s. The father of this bunch of misfits is Gomez, a businessman with various companies around the world. In the '60s TV series, Gomez was portrayed by John Astin.

Played by Lorne Greene, Ben Cartwright appeared in the western TV series, "Bonanza." He is the father to three sons, Adam, 'Hoss' and Little Joe who he raises on the Ponderosa Ranch in Nevada.

The patriarch of the Cunningham family, Howard is father to Chuck, Richie, and Joanie Cunningham, central characters in the much-loved '70s sitcom, "Happy Days." He was played by Tom Bosley. Along with Fonzie (played by Henry Winkler), Howard was the only character to appear in every episode.

A minister and father to seven children, Eric Camden (played by Stephen Collins) was the TV dad on "7th Heaven," a series that ran for 11 years and 243 episodes. The show explored themes such a pre-marital sex, peer pressure and alcoholism with Camden trying to show his kids the right way to live in a world that wanted them to take a different path.

One of the '80s biggest sitcoms was "Family Ties." This was mostly thanks to the popularity of actor Michael J. Fox, although each and every single cast member brought their own charm to the show. This included on-screen dad, Steven Keaton, played by Michael Gross. A child of the '60s, Keaton now helped raise his family, which meant dealing with his son, Alex (played by Fox), a young Republican and lover of capitalism. No matter what their differences, love always pulls this family through.

From "The Munsters," a TV show from the mid-'60's, Herman Munster was originally played by Fred Gwynne. Herman, the patriarch of the Munster, family looks a little like Frankenstein and, in fact, was created by the good doctor himself. He now lives a normal life in America with his family, wife Lily Dracula, and son, Eddie.

Well, the jury is out on whether Archie Bunker, played by Carroll O'Connor really was such a great dad or not. He appeared in two sitcoms, "All in the Family" and a spin-off, "Archie Bunker's Place." Bunker certainly was bigoted and conservative, although he often showed a softer side. In 1999, TV Guide named Bunker the greatest TV character of all time.

Played by Damon Wayans, Michael Kyle is the head of the Kyle family in the sitcom, "My Wife and Kids," which aired between 2001 and 2006. Kyle, who owns a trucking company, has to deal with the daily shenanigans of his wacky family - Jay (wife), Michael Jr. (son), Kady and Claire (daughters). Wayans used the '80s sitcom, "The Cosby Show," as inspiration for "My Wife and Kids."

"The OC," which ran from 2003 - 2007, starred Mischa Barton, Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher. Gallagher played Sandy Cohen, surely one of TV's coolest dads. He has two children from his wife, Kirsten (Seth and Sophie), as well as an adoptive son, Ryan. With his more lenient style of friendly parenting, Sandy and Kirsten sometimes clash due to the fact that she is far more strict. Sandy's character is based on show creator Josh Schwartz's own father.

Portrayed by Tim Allen, Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor appeared in the sitcom, "Home Improvement," which ran from 1991 to 1999. Tim loves anything to do with cars and tools and balances his love for these things with his family life and hosting his own TV show, 'Tool Time.' Taylor wants nothing more than to pass on his passion for 'man stuff' to his three boys.

Who can forget the charming Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) in the feel-good '80s sitcom, "Who's the Boss?" Micelli, a former baseball player, works as a housekeeper for executive Angela Bower (Judith Light). He is a single father who needs to balance his new 'family' with raising his tomboy daughter, Samantha (Alyssa Milano).

Mexican comedian George Lopez plays a father of the same name in "The George Lopez Show," which ran from 2002 to 2007 for 120 episodes. With a wisecrack for every situation, Lopez must deal daily with his job, his loving wife, Angie, teenage daughter, Carmen, and son, Max. And don't forget his biggest problem, his mother, Benny, who never seems to be able to keep quiet!

Played by Michael Landon, Pa, as he was affectionately known, was the on-screen dad to five children and three adopted children in the series, "Little House On The Prairie." Charles has an intense love for his family and will do anything to see them fed, safe and happy. Landon worked behind the scenes on the show as well, writing, producing and directing.

"The Cosby Show" was one of the most popular TV sitcoms of the '80s. Starring Bill Cosby as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, it ran for eight years and 192 episodes. Not only a great dad to his children, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy, Huxtable is loving and funny and is willing to do anything to see his children happy.

Bob Saget played Danny Tanner in the sitcom, "Full House." After his wife dies, Danny is overwhelmed by the fact that he needs to bring up his three daughters alone. Luckily, his best friend, Joey (played by Dave Coulier), and his late wife's brother, Jesse (played by John Stamos), agree to help.

"Arrested Development," a cult sitcom now into its fifth season sees Jason Bateman playing Michael Bluth. After his father is jailed for fraud, Bluth takes over the family real estate empire. Bluth has a son, George Michael, and is a particularly over-protective parent. He is also a single parent after his wife, Tracy, died from cancer.

Father of "The Waltons", which ran from 1971 to 1981 and 213 episodes, John Walton Sr. was portrayed by Ralph Waite. Waite also directed some of the episodes in the series.

Played by John Goodman, Dan Conner appears in the sitcom, "Roseanne," opposite comedian, Roseanne Barr. Conner, a freelance contractor, works hard to provide for his children, Becky, Darlene, DJ, and Jerry. Goodman won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Connor in 1993.

Carl Betz played Alex Stone on the long-running TV sitcom, "The Donna Reed Show," which aired in the between 1958 and 1966. Alex and Donna have two children, Mary and Jeff. They later adopt Trisha after Mary leaves the house for college.

One of the grumpiest, yet funny, TV dads of all time, Red Foreman is dad to Eric and Laurie in "That 70s Show," a popular sitcom that ran from 1998 to 2006. Red is always on Eric and his friends's cases, often threatening to put his 'foot up there ass' or variations thereof. He is played by Kurtwood Smith.

The much-loved crime/drama series, "The Sopranos," focussed on Mob boss Tony, played by James Gandolfini. Throughout the series, Soprano finds that running a crime family is sometimes simpler than dealing with problems at home. Tony is married to Carmela and has two children, Anthony and Meadow.

Played by Alan Thicke, Jason Seaver was the TV dad on the popular '80s sitcom, "Growing Pains," which also starred teen heartthrob, Kirk Cameron. Seaver, a psychiatrist, worked from home where he was always able to mediate between quarreling siblings, lend a shoulder to cry on, or guide his kids down the correct paths in life.

"Alias" was an extremely popular spy drama which ran from 2001 to 2006. In it, Victor Garber, played Jack Bristow, a CIA agent who is willing to do anything to protect Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), who also works for the CIA. In a TV Guide feature in 2004, Jack Bristow was ranked as the 29th Best TV Dad ever.

George Jefferson, played by Sherman Hemsley, first appeared in the sitcom, "All My Family," which ran from 1973 to 1975. Its spin-off, "The Jeffersons," was even more popular, running for close to 10 years and 253 episodes. George was one of the show's most enduring characters. Extremely opinionated about almost everything, he could often be rude and was always planning something. The character of George Jefferson was even referenced in an interview Michelle Obama did with The Times in 2008.

Paul Hennesy was the father in a sitcom from the early 2000s, "Eight Simple Rules." A sports writer by trade, he was played by John Ritter. Ritter died during the second season of the show.

Possibly the greatest TV Dad of all time, Homer appears in one of the longest-running shows on television, "The Simpsons." Homer has a love of Duff beer, donuts and his family, of course. He works at the Springfield nuclear power station. Homer is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

Played by late comedian Bernie Mac, Bernie McCullough was a central character on "The Bernie Mac Show," a sitcom that ran from 2001 to 2006. The character is loosely based on Bernie Mac himself.

The lovable, rotund dad from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," was played by the late James Avery. Not only was Uncle Phil able to keep the wise-cracking Will Smith in check, he always had the right advice for everyone.

A detective in the popular crime drama, "Hill Street Blues," Sgt. Andy Sipowicz was portrayed by Dennis Franz. Sipowicz had two children, both boys, and one deceased son. He also had an adopted daughter, Michelle.

"The Brady Bunch" was an extremely popular sitcom which ran from 1969 to 1974. It told the story of two families coming together through marriage. Mike Brady (portrayed by Robert Reed) was the family patriarch keeping everything together (especially integrating teen boys and girls). He was, perhaps, one of TV's most perfect dads.

Played by Billy Campbell, Rick Sammler appears in the series, "Once And Again," which ran for three seasons in the early 2000s. Rick, a divorced father, meets Lily and when the two become romantically involved, life gets a little complicated trying to mold their respective children into a family unit.

Played by Ray Romano, Ray Barone appeared in the hit comedy series, "Everybody Loves Raymond," which ran for 210 episodes. This witty sportswriter, married to Debra, has three children, Ally, Geoffry, and Michael. For Ray, dealing with life's problems means cracking jokes instead of taking a more serious approach.

Played by John Mahoney, Martin Crane is the father of Frasier and Niles Crane in the sitcom, "Frasier." A retired police detective, Martin shares an interesting relationship with his sons. After he was injured in the line of duty, Crane was forced to live with Frasier, bringing his pet goldfish and later, buying a dog named Eddie.

In "Father Knows Best," a series from the 1950s, Robert Young plays the role of Jim Anderson. Jim has three children, Betty, Kathy and Bud who all turn to their father for advice at various points in their lives as they grow up. The series first started on radio in 1949 where Young also played the role of Jim.

Portrayed by Dick van Patten, Tom Bradford was the family patriarch to eight children of varying ages in the '70s sitcom, "Eight Is Enough." No matter how much trouble they gave him, Tom always managed to remain patient, fair and loving.

Portrayed by Redd Foxx, Fred G. Sanford appeared in the sitcoms, "Sanford and Son" (1972-1977) and "Sanford" (1981-1982). The character was based on Foxx's (real name John Elroy Sanford) brother, Fred Glenn Sanford. In the sitcoms, Sanford is the founder of Sanford and Sons Salvage Company.

The lead character in "Breaking Bad," one of the most acclaimed TV series of the past decade, Walter White is a high school science teacher who after developing cancer, decides to start manufacturing meth to ensure his family has enough money should he die. He teams up with Jessie, a high school drop out, and things quickly escalate. White is played by Brian Cranston.

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