80s Kids: Can We Guess What You Wanted Most for Christmas?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The '80s were a time of trends, gimmicks, and toys that kids were crazy about. Answer these questions and let us guess which '80s toy you wanted most for Christmas!

What was your '80s fashion sense?

What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?

Which color of hair did you have or did you dream of having?

Which '80s candy were you always snacking on?

What is one thing about your childhood you hope people never find a photo of?

What did your Auntie always give you for Christmas?

Which of these would you have adopted?

Which secret land would you have wanted to venture?

Which was the coolest '80s game spin-off?

Which was your favorite '80s doll?

What was your favorite thing about the '80s?

Who was your favorite Garbage Pail Kid?

Which was your favorite '80s snack?

Which '80s quote defined your childhood?

Which '80s slang did you totally use? Like, all the time.

Which is your favorite flavor sno-cone?

Who is your favorite "Peanuts" character?

What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

Which action figure did you always have in your cargo pants?

Who was your favorite WWF wrestler?

Which was your favorite '80s movie?

Who was your favorite He-Man Action Figure?

What shoes did you play in during the '80s?

What were you usually doing during the summer in the '80s?

What was your first game system?

Which was your favorite '80s NES game?

How did video games change your life?

Who was your favorite popular super-hero of the '80s?

Which '80s TV show did you love?

Would you ever want to go back to the '80s?

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