80% of People Aren't Able to Name All of these Tom Cruise Movies from a Screenshot. Can You?

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Tom Cruise is known for his broad acting abilities. He's played the lead male in romance, adventure, and historical films throughout his acclaimed career. How many of these Tom Cruise movies can you name from only a screenshot? Take this quiz and see if you are a Top Gun.

Cruise played Peter Mitchell, call sign "Maverick", as his personality reflected a free-spirited, rule-bending pilot. Many of the movie's characters and settings were based on real people and places.

Minority Report was based on a literary work by Phillip K. Dick. Cruise did his own bathtub stunts in this movie. Cameron Diaz and Cameron Crowe made cameos in movie.

Rain Man won Best Picture in 1988. Dustin Hoffman was originally slated to play Babbit but insisted on switching roles to play Raymond after watching a disabled Leslie Lemke play the piano.

Producers received permission to completely shut down Times Square for one day to film a scene for the movie. The film features music created by Cameron Diaz, Cameron Crowe and his wife.

Cruise accepted the role, partially because of his interest in Japanese culture. Even though the movie faced some criticism for its lack of accuracy in portraying Japanese culture and history, it was Japan's 11th highest grossing movie in 2012.

Playing Ron Kovic landed Cruise his first Academy Award nomination. Cruise prepared for the role by spending personal time in a wheelchair. He also shadowed the real Kovic to understand how he functioned and was treated by society.

Cruise and his then-wife, Nicole Kidman agreed to dedicate 6 months for filming "Eyes Wide Shut" but the movie actually took 400 days to film, making it a Guinness World Record. Cruise had to push back filming "Mission: Impossible II."

A radio dramatization was performed of this story by H.G. Wells in 1938. It was thought that this caused a large panic as many people believed the war to be actually happening. However, this claim of mass panic has been recently disputed due to new documented evidence. The movie did not cause mass hysteria.

Three professional pool players plus musician Iggy Pop were featured in the film. Cruise practiced extensively and did all his own pool stunts except one--the scene where he jumps two balls to make his shot.

Nascar driver Hut Stricklin was the consultant on set. He claimed he made more money consulting then he ever did or would driving.

A number of big name actors were considered to play Lestat before Cruise was selected, including Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp. The make-up routine was extensive for this film. Actors had to hang upside down while make-up was applied so the artists could trace veins in their faces. Cruise even ordered that tunnels be built so that make-up would be kept secret til the release of the film. The process took hours and had to be endured multiple times a day.

Cruise turned 50 while filming this movie. His gift was a motorbike used in the film given to him by the director.

Cuba Gooding Jr. performed naked when reading the locker room scene for his audition with Cruise. The movie writers pulled inspiration from a number of classic movies.

The film was based on the book of the same name. It was actually authored by a teenage girl, but she went by her initials so people would not know it was a female who wrote a book about a the lives of a group of boys.

Cruise used actual bottles while practicing his flair skills on set. Even though some of the film was shot in Jamaica, it was cold; Cruise ended up getting sick, making filming of some scenes quite unpleasant.

Apple paid a hefty sum for product placement in this movie: $15 million. The movie was influenced and inspired by the Mission Impossible TV series that aired from 1966-1973.

The famous underwear scene where Cruise dances through the house, sliding on the floor, singing into a candlestick was almost entirely ad-libbed. The scene was shot in only a half a day.

Co-star Jamie Foxx trained as an actual cab driver in preparing for his role in Collateral. He also genuinely crashed the car while filming the "side-swipe" scene with Cruise sitting in the back seat.

While promoting this film, both Cruise and Diaz appeared on the British Television series "Top Gear." Both drove their lap and recorded their time for the show.

Jack Reacher is based on a novel written by Lee Child titled "One Shot." The author makes a cameo in the movie as the cop who gives Reacher back his clothes.

This was the second movie that Cruise and Kidman appeared in together. In the scene where Kidman raises the bowl to peek at Cruise, the director wanted a better reaction from Kidman so he asked Cruise to remove his underwear.

Cruise and the director dedicated time to going undercover at a high school. Cruise was immediately recognized but co-star Lea Thompson lasted four days.

This was Cruise's first musical. Even though he was a bit scared of doing something different, he took it as a learning experience.

Although the film was set in Tijuana, none of it was actually filmed there. Three of the actors, including Cruise, were also in Top Gun.

The shirt Reacher wears in the first scene is the same shirt he wore through the first movie. This is the only other sequel movie Cruise appeared in, the other being the Mission Impossible series.

Edge of Tomorrow was based on a Japanese novel. After being released in more than 30 territories, it grossed over $370 million.

Cruise and his counterparts had to spend some time at a military academy in order to prep for their roles as cadets. Cruise was supposed to play a background character but was offered the part of David Shawn when the director saw how he performed as a cadet.

Cruise preferred the director's cut of this film. Cruise loved his long hair and was able to keep it for this film.

Though Cruise only had a very small part in this movie, his character was critical to the plot. Endless Love was released in 1981.

This film was JJ Abrams first directing gig on a feature film. It was also the last Cruise/Wagner film put out by Paramount.

Cruise often performs his own stunts and this movie was no different. He dangled from the world's highest building in Dubai to get the best shots for this film. Not to worry, he did use a safety wire.

Germany's people did not take kindly to the casting of Cruise because of his ties to scientology. Because of this, the production crew had a hard time getting permission to film in Berlin.

Goldmember was first cut at three and a half hours long. The production team was tasked with trimming it to 95 minutes.

Cruise once again performs his own stunts, this time climbing on a flying airplane. Cruise had to wear special contacts to protect his entire eyeball because he had to keep his eyes open while performing the stunt.

Cruise plays himself as well as the narrator in this documentary on Stanley Kubrick's life and career.

Cruise did not appear in any of the trailers and his involvement in the film was meant to be kept secret until its release. The studio head character was Cruise's suggestion and making.

Cruise was the narrator for this movie. This was the first 3D movie shot in space, showing off the most advanced technology.

Both Cruise and Hackman had contracts that stipulated their names would appear before the title on all promotional materials. Cruise's more specifically stated that only his name would appear. Hackman agreed to leave his name off completely in the promotional materials and make his appearance in the film a surprise. During the screening of the film, Cruise's name came first, then Hackman's, then the title.

A Few Good Men was a Broadway play before hitting the big screen. Cruise was adamant about seeing the play and learning the legal lingo in order to play his role.

This film is in post-production and is set to release in 2017.

This film is set to release in 2017.

Cruise was also executive producer on this film. Extras playing students in the film did not speak, likely because many of them did not speak English. The real life Stephen Glass was offered the role of Glass in the film. He declined.

Lions for Lambs was directed by Robert Redford. Cruise stated that he made this film out of great respect for Redford and his work in an interview with Variety Magazine.

Cruise was a producer on this 2006 film. Willie, the dog in the movie, would not pay attention so the owner had to stand in for the handler.

The house setting for The Others is located north of Spain, not Jersey. This was the first movie to be awarded "Best Film" in the Spain's National Film Awards system, despite the fact that no Spanish was ever spoken in the movie.

In the novel that the movie is based on, a reference is made to another movie of Cruise's, "A Few Good Men." Robert Duvall, who played Cash, also worked with Cruise on "Days of Thunder."

Paula Dean made her feature film debut in this film. The Food Network then shot "Paula Goes to Hollywood" which premiered in conjunction with the movie.

Cruise served as executive producer on this film. He took on this role after seeing the movie for himself and liking it so much he wanted to expose it to a wider release.

Much of the movie takes place on Magnolia Boulevard in Los Angeles. There are a couple of urban legends represented in this movie, including the scuba diver falling from the plane and a boy being shot as he was falling out of a window.

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