25 Little Known Facts about Classic Cars

By Steven Symes on April 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Everyone knows a thing or two about classic cars, especially if you've been alive very long. After all, the car you learned to drive with might today be remembered as a true classic, even though at the time you didn't think too much about it. 

What exactly is a classic car? There's no definitive definition, but most people would agree it's something from well into the past that is special, even when compared to other vehicles from the era. Of course, "special" is a term that will mean different things to different people. In other words, what one person considers a classic, others might think is a jalopy. 

The fact is that vehicles shape society and are shaped by society. The cars we drive have impacted how we live in innumerable ways. They also reflect the values we had as a society at a certain time. By studying classic cars from the past, you gain greater insight into what people were like in say, the 1950s in the United States, 1970s Italy, or 1920s Britain. 

Just how much do you know about the classics? See how many of these little-known facts you know by taking the quiz right now! 

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