Which Jelly Belly Flavor Are You?

Teresa M.

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Since 1869, Jelly Belly beans have been making our taste buds happy and turning our mouths into smiles! If you were a Jelly Belly flavor, do you know which one you would be?

What kind of candy bar do you like most?

Which season do you like most?

How would you rate your cooking skills?

Which kind of fruit do you prefer?

Do you coworkers like being around you?

How would your best friend describe your housekeeping skills?

Have you ever broken the law?

What do you think is the best aspect of your personality?

What would you take to a holiday party?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Do you question authority?

What kind of hard candy do you like most?

Are you more of a dreamer or a realist?

Which television detective are you most like?

What do you usually do at parties?

Who do you think looks up to you the most?

Which character from "The Golden Girls" are you most like?

What food combination do you like most?

Are you more playful or serious?

Do you have an active social life?

What flavor cotton candy do you like most?

Even if it were covered in chocolate, which food would you never eat?

Which BeanBoozled flavor would you hate the most?

Which condiment do you prefer?

How do you feel after a day's work?

Which grocery store aisle costs you the most money?

Which board game do you dominate?

How would your best friend describe your texts?

What will you do in your later years?

Which word describes you as a child?

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