Which Type of Dance Should You and Your Significant Other Learn for Your Wedding?

By: Teresa M.

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Let's dance! If you're saying "I do" to this quiz, you might be quickly headed for the altar and right towards the dance floor. For newlyweds, their first dance is one of the highlights of the wedding reception. Before you hit the dance floor with your spouse, we're here to tell you which type of dance you and your significant other should perform at your wedding!

When it comes to a wedding, the new couple usually opens up the dance floor with their first dance as a married couple. One of the first items on the agenda is to figure out what style to dance! With different styles coming from different countries, it's hard to decide what dance is perfect for you and your significant other.

If you want to quickly liven up the party, you might get your guests moving with a jitterbug or the quickstep. Those of you who want a sensual dance that will show the passion between you and your partner might pick the samba or the Argentine tango. The Viennese waltz from Austria is ideal for the couple who wants simple steps so they can focus on each other. Which of these couples are you?

Do you want to make your first dance fiery and passionate, or do you want to keep things simple? Answer these questions and we'll let you know what kind of dance you need to learn for your wedding!


Which of you is the better dancer?

How do you feel when you see your significant other on the dance floor?

What type of music do you and your partner both like?

Which one of you is in charge of the wedding planning?

What quality do you like most in your partner?

Who is the more serious partner?

How do you cheer your significant other up?

How long have the two of you been together?

After you are married, what goal will you attempt first?

Where would you most like to go for a honeymoon?

Which word would your partner use to describe your sense of style?

What type of flowers will be in the bouquet?

Will you have a unity ceremony at your wedding?

Where will your wedding be held?

How many guests will you invite to your wedding?

What part of your wedding will cost most?

Which love song do you think best sums the two of you up?

Which sitcom duo are the two of you most like?

Which entree would you like served to your wedding guests?

How would you describe your dream wedding cake?

Which one of you is the bigger music fan?

Where would the two of you most likely go out on a date?

Which one of you do you think will be most nervous on your wedding day?

Are you going to write your own vows?

Which wedding theme do you prefer?

Which dance might you and your significant other know?

Will you change clothes for your wedding dance?

What do you think your partner likes most about you?

Do you keep secrets from your significant other?

What will your wedding guests think of your wedding dance?

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