Which Time Period Is Your Soulmate Stuck In?

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If you haven't had much luck in the dating world and can't seem to find your soulmate, it could be because they don't even live in this time. That might seem like the kind of thing people tell you when they try to make you feel better about being single, but who's to say that it's not true? Humans have been around for thousands of years, so it's very possible that the person you're meant to be with lived in a different time. And if time travel is real, there's nothing stopping you from being together. 

But what time would you be traveling back to is the real question. Maybe you'd go all the way back to the dawn of man and live with the most basic amenities but at the peak of innovation. Maybe you'd be better off in the '80s with the big hair and synthesized music. But why would you automatically have to travel back in time to be with your soulmate? They could totally come to you. When would you want them to come from? Do you want them to bring back your favorite snacks from your childhood or ancient inventions that haven't been seen in hundreds of years? We can tell you what time period your soulmate is stuck in. Take this quiz to find out!

What trait must your soulmate possess?

If you could travel to another time, when would it be?

Are you actively looking for your soulmate?

Out of the below options, what would you have wanted to be on the ground floor of?

Could you live in a time without all of the technological advances you've come to rely on?

If you didn't live in your current country, which one would you like to live in instead?

How do you get your news?

Do you eat out more than you cook?

What skill do you not have that you wish you did?

If you had to guess based on who you are as a person, what would your soulmate like the most about you?

If time travel were real and you just seemingly disappeared from this time, what would you miss the most?

Which item from years past do you wish was still popular?

Do you care where on the levels of society your soulmate is from?

Would you consider yourself a rebel?

What's your idea of a perfect day?

Do you think the world is improving or getting worse?

If you could do college over again, what would your focus of study be?

Do you strictly follow a religion?

If you felt the need to protect yourself, what's the best way to do that?

If you could, would you travel back in time to be with your soulmate or would you want them to travel to your time?

Is it pertinent that you have a TV in your bedroom?

How much do you believe in the notion that chivalry is dead?

Would you rather read educational books, fiction, nonfiction or nothing at all?

Have you always wanted to go to a Renaissance fair?

Where would you most like to go on a first date?

Have you ever traveled to a different country or city hoping to meet your soulmate?

Which TV show would you binge on a rainy weekend?

Does living in a crowded city sound better to you than being alone out in the country?

At work, would you want to be the boss?

At the end of a good meal, which dessert do you want to enjoy?

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