Which Teletubby Are You?

Ian Fortey

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The Teletubbies hit the ground running way back in 1997 and haven't looked back. They were an instant hit with kids and parents alike and why not? In a world where it's hard to trust that your kids aren't being seduced by Big Macs, sugar-filled serial, rampant cussing, sex and violence, the Teletubbies were the perfect kind of entertainment for children. They were brightly colored, they never said anything scandalous and they just had fun. They weren't changing the world, but they didn't need to. Instead, they were a surreal mix of weird fantasy and good examples of cooperation, playtime and fun. Adults either loved or hated them, but that's the nature of adults, isn't it? Kids, for the most part, all leaned into the love.

It's been over 20 years and the Teletubbies have endured, even through harsh criticisms and plenty of other creations that have come and gone to entertain children. They're part of the culture, part of the entertainment landscape and, for many, a part of our childhood. You may have grown up and left the Teletubbies behind, but we're willing to bet you still remember who was who. So now we need to know who was you. Which Teletubby are you these days? Take the quiz and find out!

Clearly, you're not a Teletubby yet. So which other kids show did you want to be a part of?

How often do you sing during the day?

Do you have skills when it comes to sports?

Which decade produced the best music to dance to?

When you stop to pick up drinks or snacks, do you ever buy stuff for other people even if they didn't ask?

What are you most likely to make for breakfast on a Saturday morning?

If you're someone's Secret Santa, are you actually able to keep that a secret?

Free gum? You better believe it! Pick a flavor!

What's the best way to end a text exchange?

You need to carry some stuff, but how? How will you carry the stuff??

It's hard to say exactly what language the Teletubbies are speaking some days. How many languages do you speak?

What kind of dog do you want?

You know what goes well with Teletubbies? Cereal! Pour a bowl!

You had a long day and you're tired, but your friends want to hang out. Now what?

Maybe you can play an instrument, maybe you can't. But if you could be an expert at any instrument, what would it be?

As an adult, it's especially hard to become a fan of shows that kids like. What do you think is the worst kid's show ever?

What sounds like the most fun way to travel to someplace new?

How many T-shirts do you own that have something printed on them like a slogan or a design?

Pick the ultimate ice cream flavor!

It's game night for you and your friends. What's everyone playing?

How many hours of TV do you think you watch in the average day?

If you're hitting up a movie theater to check out a flick, what kind of snack will you get?

Teletubbies are vaguely magical beings. What other magical beings do you feel deserve more screen time?

How do you like to have fun on a really hot day in the summer?

The Teletubbies may never replace the Avengers as a team of heroes, but that doesn't matter. Pick an Avenger who'd fit in with the Teletubbies!

If a friend needs help moving, are you going to be there for them?

How much do you tip at a restaurant?

What's the best game to play in the backyard?

Which of these are you the most afraid of?

This is a tough one. Pick your favorite color.

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