Which Prince Should Be Your Royal Husband?

Teresa M.

About This Quiz

There are real life princes still out there looking for a princess like you to call their own. Let's find out which one of these royal hunks would be your royal husband!

Which Disney prince do you think is most handsome?

Have you ever had a husband?

Which real life royal would you like to meet?

How would you keep your royal life private?

What would make you nervous about attending a royal dinner?

Which actor do you think would be the best husband?

What would you do with all your free time as a royal?

If your royal husband had the flu, what would you do for him?

Which royal title would you like most?

Which country would you most like to visit with your royal hubby?

Would you ever make dinner for your royal husband?

What is your most royal quality?

How would you react to seeing your face on a tabloid cover?

How would you prefer your prince spend his time?

Where would your royal wedding take place?

What would you like most about being a royal?

What did you like most about Princess Diana?

Which British royal ceremony would you most like to attend?

Would you like to be married to Prince Charles?

Will you write your own royal wedding vows?

How do you feel about Prince Philip's retirement?

Which sporting event would you attend with your royal husband?

How many children would you like to have with your prince?

Who would wear the pants in your relationship?

Which of Kate Middleton's designers do you like most?

What will you do to attract the attention of a prince?

What kind of man do you usually find most attractive?

What would you do for a royal honeymoon?

Which world leader would you invite to your wedding?

Who will serve as your bridesmaid when you marry your prince?

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