Which Australian Animal Are You?

By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shuttterstock

About This Quiz

There are many fascinating and totally unique animals that live entirely or mostly in Australia. Which of these animals from the land down under are you most like?

What would you be doing at a party?

Are you in good shape?

Ever fool around on your significant other?

Where would you want to vacation?

Where do you get most of your food?

Are you in the mood to go out and party tonight?

Your friends describe you as...

Your boss just gave you a bad review, what do you do?

What is most important?

What would you most like to watch?

Pick a way to fight.

Would you make a good social worker?

Where would you chill out?

Are you easy to get along with?

Do your friends think you are funny?

What is your social scene like?

How do you act when you get mad?

How much do you like to talk?

Do you give good hugs?

What would you eat if you went out?

What would you want to do on your birthday?

What is most important?

Where would you like to live?

How would you work out?

How in shape are your legs?

Do you like Bugs Bunny?

How many kids do you want?

Do you like to work as a group?

Things are bad in your relationship, what do you do?

What kind of book do you like?

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