Which '60s Hairstyle Should You Rock?

By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

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From winged eyeliner to gorgeous hair, the '60s brought us so many of the fashion trends we still wear today. Let's find out which one of those awesome '60s hairstyles you should rock!

How long do you take to get ready to go out?

Which haircare product do you absolutely need?

Which '60s movie do you like most?

How often do you see your hairstylist?

Which service would you also like to see offered at your salon?

Which singer do you think has the best hair?

Which decade had the best fashion?

What do you talk about with your hairstylist?

What do you think your job would have been in the '60s?

Which word best describes your beauty routine?

Which spa treatment would you most like to have right now?

How often do you wash your hair?

Would you mind sleeping with curlers in your hair?

How would your mom describe your look?

Which '60s actress do you find the most stylish?

Which '60s sitcom could you star in?

How would your best friend describe your work attire?

Which first lady do you think had the best hair?

Finish this sentence: My hair is ______________________.

Which '60s fashion trend would you wear now?

Have you ever worn fake eyelashes?

What print might you have put on your nails?

When is the last time you had a manicure?

How much of a diva would your friends say you are?

What would you have been found doing at a Woodstock?

Which generation do you think could learn the most from the '60s?

Fill in the blank: I'm too sexy for this _________________.

If you could travel back to the '60s, what would you want to do?

Which magazine should use you as their cover model?

Which cosmetic item do you buy most often?

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