Where Is This City?

By Mark on August 12, 2018

About This Quiz

If you're a human being on planet Earth right now, chances are pretty good you're reading this from a city. The trend of increased urbanization has been one of the most fascinating demographic trends of the modern age, as increased agricultural productivity and the economic benefits of living close together have combined to bring billions of people from the countryside into the city, often without so much as wiping their feet first. But as more and more time passed, cities graduated from a place people came together to work and trade into a place that looked like home to much of the world's population. 

With urbanization came countless blessings: we have seen enormous increases in economic growth, cultural achievements have blossomed, and technological advancement leap from one to the next so fast as to defy counting. Whatever mankind's future might look like, it seems likely that we will face it together in our glittering, tech-smart urban landscapes.

How much do you know about the cities of the world? Each one is special, with its own distinct character. Can you identify the greater nations that play host some of the world's most magnificent cities? Get your atlas and your GPS ready, pack up your portable translator, and give it your best shot!

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