What Does Your Taste in Junk Food Say About You?

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Sweet and salty. Just sweet. Just salty. Sour. Spicy. Crunchy. Chewy. These are just some of the words that describe the best food group there is: junk food. While junk food isn't necessarily good for your health, it does wonders for the soul and can bring you back to a particularly good time in your childhood, or propel you forward into a time in your life you can't wait to get to. Snacks can be transformative, especially if you make your own creations by combining multiple junk foods into one. If you smash Nacho Cheese Doritos on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, your life will never be the same. The combination of sweet and salty, crunchy and soft, is truly life-changing.

Your junk food preferences also lend good insight into who you are as a person. It's true! If you like primarily sweet foods, you most likely have a sunny disposition on life and look forward to each and every new day. But if sour is your go-to, you might be a bit bitter either about something specific or just about life in general. Maybe you use junk food as an escape, or maybe it's your reward for a job well done. If you want to know what your taste in junk food says about you, take this quiz now!

If you were presented with a sweet snack and a savory snack, for which one would you reach first?

Did you have a favorite snack as a kid?

Imagine a meal made of junk food. What's the main course?

Birthday parties are full of junk food. At your dream party, what are you serving?

Is there more to life than eating popcorn at the movies?

Road trip time! What snacks are a must-have for car travel?

You are stopping at your favorite cafe for a snack. Which junk food item are you choosing?

On Halloween, how do you feel about the people who give away pretzels?

When you get to a certain age, snack time means you can have anything you want. What is your current go-to junk food snack?

Is there another country you want to visit primarily for their variety of junk food?

Do you care about the calories in your junk food of choice?

When you're sick, what junk food are you craving?

If you had to choose one junk food to eat for the rest of your life, and only one, what would it be?

Would you say you are a positive person?

Of which junk food would you like a healthier version?

What is the best doughnut filling?

Nostalgia is strong with food. Is there a treat of years past that you want to make a comeback?

When it comes to ice cream, what flavor are you always going to choose?

School lunches can be fun if you really try. How would you make a school lunch fun with junk food?

What is the unhealthiest junk food you can think of?

Would you put M&Ms on pizza?

Do you have a favorite kind of cheese that you would melt on literally everything?

Are you hoping for fancy chocolate on Valentine's Day?

Will you let your kids have junk food?

When, if ever, would you stop eating junk food?

On your wedding day, what junk food are you giving away as favors?

Junk food is a staple at slumber parties. Which ones can your slumber party not go without?

Am I hungry or am I bored? Common question. What kind of junk food do you reach for when you can't decide if you're hungry or bored?

When you finish a healthy meal, with what sweet junk food do you want to end?

Do you ever see a time in your life when junk food won't bring you joy?

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