Do You Know the Differences Between Footloose and Dirty Dancing?

By: Annette

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Nobody confuses Baby with Ariel, and yet, somehow people still confuse two of the most famous post-1970s dance films! Surprised or not, take a moment to test yourself and see whether or not you do know the differences between these two iconic dance films!

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner" is an iconic line from which film?

Which film has Ren McCormack?

Which film has John Lithgow?

Which movie had a sequel?

The two leads from which movie had a rocky working relationship​?

Which film was set in Oklahoma?

Which film was Tom Cruise almost in?

Which movie was Sarah Jessica Parker in?

The iconic crawling scene from which movie was totally improvised?

What movie has a famous water dance?

A "Blue Lagoon" star almost landed the lead in which film?

What movie features "She's Like the Wind"?

Val Kilmer was offered the lead in which movie?

Which movie did Madonna audition for?

Which film was originally called "Cheek to Cheek"?

Which movie was turned into a stage musical?

The lead male from which movie went undercover for his role?

The male lead from which movie had to take valium while shooting?

In which movie was the lead female ten years older than her character?

The male lead from which movie did all his own stunts?

Which movie is famous for really tight man pants?

In which movie do the male and female leads wear contrasting colors?

Which movie lost a director mid-shoot?

Which movie had actress Dianne Wiest?

Which movie had a famous prom scene?

The male lead from which film was adverse to the music from it?

Which movie involves abortion?

Which film had a love scene that was cut?

Which movie came out in 1984?

Which movie featured a lot of great oldies?

Which movie sparked a tourism boom and themed retreat?

Which film did Conan O'Brien demand a re-release of?

In which film did Wayne Knight make his debut?

Which film only cast experienced dancers?

Which movie did Sharon Stone audition for?

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