How Much Do You Know About US Special Forces?

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While plenty of movies are made about the US Special Forces, many military experts will tell you that most of them are hilariously inaccurate. They often show Navy SEALs where you would more likely see a Green Beret, or they show actors who clearly have no intuitive understanding of firearms handling them in a way that would get you disciplined in the military. 

Most of all, they show violence that bears no resemblance to reality: people sustaining gunshot wounds from dangerous firearms and somehow recovering with no long-term health effects, or giving and getting without blinking blows that would knock you out no matter how many push-ups you can do.

However, what they do show correctly is that joining the elite of the elite requires a level of mental and physical toughness that only a very slim percentage of the population possesses. You have to get into the regular military, then be accepted for the elite training courses and survive them. Almost nobody does, and wash-out rates are stratospherically high. 

Still, if you can get in, then you join a brotherhood of the most formidable, adaptable, rightly fear-inducing warriors ever to walk the earth, men who excel with weapons, hand-to-hand, and strategy, against whom almost no enemy stands a chance. How much do you know about them?

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