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A hockey fanatic with a bad temper needs fast money to save his grandmother's beloved home. The pro golf circuit is turned upside down by Happy Gilmore in his quest for winnings using unorthodox methods.

Happy Gilmore says, "Ever since I was little, I loved hockey." His mother hated hockey, so she moved to_________________."

Gilmore's parents split up and he is sent to live with his grandmother.


In the opening, Happy's girlfriend leaves him. What song does he sing over the intercom to woo her back?

His girlfriend, Terry, leaves as he is still singing and an older woman hears the music. The stranger appears at his door.


Which job has Happy NOT held?

He also been a janitor, road worker and construction worker. Mr. Larson is his construction boss who turns up later as a big fan at the golf tournaments.


Who does Happy's grandmother dress up as to cheer him up?

Happy is very close with his grandmother. Her welfare is his number 1 concern.


What team apparel does Happy often wear?

Happy's enthusiasm for pro hockey is evident in his support of the local pro team the Boston Bruins. He wears the jersey and a hat.


What item hangs from Happy's rear-view mirror?

This supports the idea that he would do anything for his grandmother. She is the center of his life.


When Grandma asks the nursing home aide (Ben Stiller) for a glass of milk, he tells her he'll get her a glass of _____________________________.

Stiller plays the Jekyll-Hyde aide who makes laborers out of the elderly residents for his own profit. He puts on a friendly face when Happy is around.


Where is Happy when former golf pro Chubbs Peterson spots him for the first time?

Chubbs watches Happy driving balls 400 yards and getting paid for it by spectators. He is interested in coaching him.


What unusual injury removed Chubbs from golf?

Chubbs has a wooden hand which repeatedly gets abused throughout the movie. Chubbs took the eye of the same alligator.


What is the first golf tournament Happy participates in?

The Waterbury Open is a local tournament that Chubbs encourages Happy to enter. It will open the door for him to make money on the professional circuit.


What is the "prize" that every pro golfer seeks?

"Shooter" McGavin has not yet won the gold jacket and will go to any lengths to win it. It is a spoof of the "green jacket" earned in the Master's Tournament.


Who is Virginia Venit?

Virginia thinks Happy will be good for the pro golf tour. She recognizes he has a following, which will help the game's popularity.


How much does Happy's grandmother owe in back taxes?

She hasn't paid taxes in over a decade. She only has 90 days to pay the IRS if she wants to keep her home.


What directions does Happy give his first caddy?

Happy is provided with a caddy for his first tournament. Happy is not even sure what a caddy does.


What claim to fame does Happy proudly disclose?

Happy loves the sport of hockey, but could never achieve what he had hoped. He is kicked off the ice.


On a final hole in a tournament, what does Chubbs repeatedly advise Happy regarding his putt?

Chubbs keeps repeating the phrase to the annoyance of Happy. It tests Gilmore's temper at the mini-golf.


Which song is NOT used in the movie?

"Wild Thing" would certainly describe Happy's approach to golf, but this one was not part of the eclectic mix of songs in this movie.


What do the members of the pro tour invite Happy to do?

He is told to dress up and meet them on the 9th hole at 9 p.m., which is when the automatic sprinklers turn on.


What does Happy tell Virginia about his former girlfriend?

Virginia tells him she doesn't date golfers. She warns him to watch out for "Shooter" McGavin.


On the pro tour, Happy is not provided with a caddy. Who does he recruit?

Happy brings in a homeless guy cleaning car windows. He's a good match for Happy; neither of them knows much about golf.


Which actor plays a character who tells Happy to "Harness energy, block bad" while on the course?

Nealon's character is encouraging Happy to find his zen place and to almost meditate on the course. Even Happy thinks he's weird.


What unfortunate accident did Happy cause to his former boss Mr. Larson?

Mr. Larson becomes a great fan of Happy's on the golf tour. He threatens "Shooter" McGavin by bending his 9 iron.


What does Happy's caddy clean in the ball washer?

Happy's pro tour caddy is a homeless man. He also takes baths in the golf course lakes.


Where does Happy take Virginia on a date?

"Endless Love" is played while they skate. It's a little cheesy, but she is impressed.


Which celebrity is Happy's partner in the Pepsi Pro Am?

Happy gets angry with Barker and they get into a physical fight. Bob beats him up.


What comedian plays the role of the heckler who "Shooter" McGavin hires to annoy Happy?

Joe Flaherty drives Happy to lose his temper and blow his hot streak on the course. Flaherty was a familiar face of Canada's comedy cast for "Second City".


When Happy is suspended from the tour, he does endorsements to earn money. What product does he promote?

Happy is limited on time to earn the money to pay back Grandma's taxes, so he turns to shameless promotion.


Happy wants to quit the tour. What does Virginia tell him to change his mind?

It is always about Grandma and for Grandma. Happy can't let her down.


What advice does Chubbs tell Happy while teaching him to putt at mini-golf?

Gilmore pictures his "happy place" to be with Virginia serving him beer in a sexy outfit and Grandma around too!


What gift does Happy give Chubbs?

Chubbs is so shocked at the gift he stumbles backward, falls out of a window and dies.


Which pro golfer makes cameo appearances in the movie?

Trevino is seen shaking his head at Happy's behavior. The former gold pro has said if he had read the script he would have opted out.


What song does Chubbs play on the piano from heaven?

Chubbs is in a tuxedo at a piano showing how content he is in the after-life. Carl Weathers does the actual singing.


What tricky shot must "Shooter" make that makes him nervous?

Larson had been threatening Shooter through the later stages of the competitions. Shooter wants to be able to take the shot without injuring Larson for fear of retaliation.


When Happy wins the final tournament, why does the crowd chase "Shooter"?

It is clear from the beginning that Shooter aims to win a gold jacket. He cannot deal with Happy beating him for it.


In the final scene, 3 figures are seen in the clouds. Chubbs and the alligator are 2; who is the 3rd?

Chubbs commends Happy for a job well done on the course from heaven. Lincoln is a random figure.


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