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There are more than 4,000 words that start with the letters "Bi". We'll give you the definition;​ you give us the correct word. Take this quiz now to test your "Bi" skills!

Having extraordinary strength, powers, or capabilities; superhuman.

Bionic also refers to having anatomical structures or physiological processes that are replaced or enhanced by electronic or mechanical components.


A person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own with regards to religion, politics, or race.

This word comes from Old French. It was originally used as an insulting term for a Norman.


This is a person who studies or works professionally in the field of biostatistics.

Biostatistics are the application of statistics to the analysis of biological and medical data.


A person who can speak two languages with fluency is called ________.

A person can also be bilingual if they can read and write two languages as well.


Very strange or unusual, especially in a striking or shocking way.

Bizarre is French, but from the Italian language for bizzarro, meaning extravagant or capricious.


To be supported by members of two parties, especially two major political parties!

Republicans and Democrats often require bipartisanship in order to successfully pass bills.


_________ is a rich and creamy soup!

Bisque can be made from meat, fish, or vegetables. The French also mix ice cream with crushed macaroons or nuts as a form of bisque.


Eyeglass lens that has two sections, one for near vision and one for distant vision.

Bifocal can also refer to having two distinct goals or objects of attention, as in a bifocal approach to the problem.


This is slang for a very important person...

Other synonyms for a bigwig include: celebrity, heavyweight, big cheese, big hitter and mogul.


A bitter, alkaline, brownish-yellow or greenish-yellow fluid that is secreted by the liver.

After it is secreted by the liver, bile is then stored in the gallbladder, and discharged into the duodenum and aids in the emulsification, digestion, and absorption of fats.


Ten times one million is one _________.

One billion is the cardinal number equal to 10 to the ninth degree. It is written as 1,000,000,000.


A panel used to display advertisements is known as a __________.

The word billboard also has a nautical definition - it is a ledge on the bow of a ship on which the bill of an anchor rests when the anchor is secured to the cathead.


The removal and examination of a sample of tissue from a living body for diagnostic purposes.

The word biopsy comes from bio, plus the Greek word for sight: opsis.


The criminal offense of marrying one person while still legally married to another.

The word bigamy is Latin for two and the Greek word gamos for marriage.


These alcoholic liquors are flavored with bitter herbs and used in mixed drinks.

Bitters may also be used to increase appetite. They can be enjoyed as a tonic as well.


These are pigmented blemishes that include moles and freckles.

Other types of birthmarks include port-wine stains, spider nevi, and Mongolian spots!


When an event occurs every two years, it is known as ________.

The festival in our hometown occurs on a biennial basis!


This is a small cake of shortened bread that is leavened with baking powder or baking soda.

Biscuits are often eaten with butter or gravy. They are a favorite within Southern cuisine.


The large muscles at the front of the upper arms.

Biceps allow the body to flex the forearm. This muscle is scientifically referred to as the biceps brachii.


This is a piece of cloth or plastic worn especially by children to protect their clothing while eating.

Adults can also be seen wearing a bib when they are eating lobster or other messy foods.


A blow or a punch is also known as a ________.

Biff is English in origin - meaning interjection.


To tie or secure with rope or cord is to _______.

Something can also be bound by a signature or down payment. For example, I am going to bind the deal by submitting my down payment.


A sacred book, specifically for Christianity.

The bible is a collection of ancient writings including the books of both the Old Testament and the New Testament.


I'll take my coffee with just a little ______ of milk, thank you!

Bit is a noun meaning a small portion, degree or amount. It can also be used to reference time - I had to wait a bit before the doctor called me in.


This is a high-ranking Christian cleric.

In modern churches, bishops are often in charge of an entire diocese. Under the bishop are priests, deacons and other clergy.


Also known as a 'blanket stick,' this is a bag or sack often carried by a traveling worker.

Bindles were often carried by the American subculture of 'hobos.' Bindles are often carried over the shoulder.


A bout of excessive eating or drinking is also known as a _______.

People may also engage in 'binge-watching,' meaning they spend an entire day watching every episode of a television series.


This is a bovine mammal, also known as a buffalo...

Bison traditionally hav​e large forequarters, a shaggy mane, and a massive head with short, curved horns. Foodies may enjoy a bison burger from time to time!


Relating to or having two poles or charges...

A transistor that uses both positive and negative charge carriers is bipolar.


This is a small restaurant that serves food and wine.

Other words for bistro include tavern, nightclub or informal, European-style restaurant or cafe.


This is a two-piece bathing suit worn by women.

Bikinis are very close-fitting bathing suits that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.


In military terms, this is a written order directing that lodging be provided for soldiers.

Another definition for billet is a small chunk of wood, or a narrow steel bar.


This is the hobby of viewing and admiring various types of avian creatures.

Avian is the word meaning of, or relating to, or derived from birds. Avian behavior or avian species are common phrases.


A ________ is a sheet of paper with a business name and address printed at the top.

This is also a printed form for making out bills. Billheads are more vintage. Today we have letterhead and also digital receipts.


To _______ is to engage in a bad-tempered quarrel, often over something trivial.

Siblings are notorious for bickering with each other. Bickering is a major annoyance for parents.


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