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With 7 billion people in the world, there are two facts it takes very little research to know they are true. One is that someone out there is going to be so compatible with you it'll be like you were somehow separated at birth. The other is that someone out there is going to be so incompatible with you that it's impressive you two ever thought you could have belonged together in the first place. All things being equal, you're probably going to meet both of these people and have a relationship with them at some point in time. 

Eventually, we all figure out who's compatible with us, but it's that "eventually" that gets you. That can be a long time. Too long, sometimes. And sure, any relationship requires work, and you need to put the effort in to make sure it runs smoothly because nothing starts perfectly and runs that way all on its own. But who said you were asking for perfection? We're just talking compatible here, which is a much more achievable goal. If you're not sure just how compatible you are right now, why not answer a few compatibility questions and see where you fall on the scale?

Do you and your partner have the ability to finish each other's sentences?

How many times in a day would the two of you argue about something?

Any chance the two of you have ever worn matching items of clothing on purpose?

How well do you get along with your partner's family?

Does your family like your partner?

Do you ever have to fight over the remote control to pick a show to watch?

Was it love at first sight?

When dinner time rolls around, are you both on board with what to have or does making a decision take a while?

If your partner was tasked with picking out your clothes for a week and you had no say in the matter, how would you feel about that?

Do you laugh at your partner's jokes?

There's a movie you've been waiting to see forever, and it finally comes out. Will your partner watch it with you even if it's not their thing?

Does your partner ever talk over you when the two of you are talking to a mutual friend?

How many vacations have you gone on together?

If you got sick with the flu would you partner step in and take care of you?

Have you ever caught your partner checking out someone else in public?

Have you ever had to ask them to freshen up thanks to some BO or breath issues?

Are you able to talk about things you know are going to upset your partner or do you try to avoid conversations like that?

Would you trust your partner to drive your car?

If your partner needed to buy something would you trust them with your credit card for a day?

Are you on the same page in terms of the family and kids you want to have?

Is your partner your emergency contact in case something happens to you ever?

Politically speaking, do the two of you see eye to eye?

Do you ever feel like you need to get away from your partner for a while?

Do you ever text each other even when you're in the same house?

If your partner had to leave town on business for a week, how would you feel?

So the two of you have absolutely no plans for a Friday night. What are you going to do?

When it comes to friends, do you have separate groups?

If your friends really disliked your partner, do you think you could choose between them?

Does your partner have any bad habits that just get under your skin?

Do you think your partner is the great love of your life?

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