Side-by-Side Comparison: Which of These Cars Has the Fastest 0 to 60 Time?

By Robin Tyler on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Quick off the line! 

Getting to that magical 60 mph mark or 100 kilometers per hour as quickly as possible, that's all that counts! Although just a period of time, this magical number is revered by car lovers all over the world.  

Today, even ordinary road cars have their performance when it comes to 0 to 60 times being pored over. 

And when it comes to hypercars, supercars, muscle cars and any other kind of performance car you can think of, the lower the time the better. You would think that engine size, as well as horsepower from those engines are the be all and end all toward a good 0 to 60 mph time, wouldn't you?

Well, it's far more than that. 

Of course, horsepower is important, but there are other factors including the weight of a car, for example. Some of the fastest cars in terms of 0 to 60 times are lightweight vehicles driven by smaller, high-revving engines. That said, heavier cars can still be fast, as long as they have the grunt!

So for this side-by-side comparison quiz, you are going to have to decide which car has the fastest 0 - 60 mph time. And it's certainly not easy! But you got this, right?

Good luck!

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