Side by Side Comparison: Which of These Cars Has More Horsepower?

By Robin Tyler on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

It's always about the horsepower, isn't it! Well, for many motor nuts, it is a massive deal when they brag about their cars and the motors that drive them. 

Essentially, it is the way that those in the industry measure the power of an engine. Believe it or not, the term itself was invented over 300 years ago by the Scottish scientist, James Watt. There was some coal to move, a host of horses, lots of math... you get the picture. Let's just thank Mr. Watt for making a unit of measurement we can use today to determine an engine's power!

So what has it got to do with this quiz? Well, in this side by side comparison, it is up to you to figure out which car out of two that we are about to show you has the most horsepower. While some are pretty easy, others are going to take all your auto knowledge to figure out. There are some really difficult ones in our 40 questions, but with your thinking cap on, you stand a really good chance of coming out with flying colors. But can you be one of a handful of people who totally aces this test?

Let's find out!

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