Only True NASCAR Experts Can Match These Cars with Their Famous Drivers. Can You?

By Robin Tyler on July 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Without a doubt, America loves NASCAR!

There is nothing quite like watching and listening to these thundering brutes as they dash around oval tracks throughout the country, powering and slipstreaming their way to victory. 

And the sport has a long and cherished history. Since its formation in 1949, NASCAR vehicles certainly have come a long way from those stock standard racers of yesteryear that gave people like Red Byron, Herb Thomas and the like their first taste of oval racing and the euphoria of being crowned the winner in victory lane. 

Soon, standard vehicles began to be modified and a new generation of heroes emerged, all capable of not only keeping that unbridled power in check but using it to their advantage to cross the finish line and take the checkered flag first.

Along with these drivers who became legends were their vehicles, so becoming as famous as the men that sat in them. 

But the question is, would you able to match these cars with their drivers? This is no easy task and will certainly test your NASCAR knowledge to the fullest. Of course, some are easier than others, especially the most recent which are far easier to remember than those combinations from the beginning of the sport!

Good luck!

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