Only TRUE Brits Can Name All of These British Desserts. Can You?

By Khadija Leon on April 30, 2018

About This Quiz

Great Britain is a large island which is located on the northwestern coast of continental Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the ninth largest island in the world and is home to England, Wales, and Scotland, which has a total population exceeding 60 million people.

Besides being known for their royal family, the Beatles, fish and chips, and their accents, did you know that some of the world's most popular and favorite desserts originated in Great Britain? Treats like bread pudding, Battenburg cake, trifle, treacle tart and crumble, all came from this place, and are now being made in places as far as Australia and Los Angeles. 

Many of them came about as a way to not waste ingredients or as an accident, and today, they have become a part of the country's history as some of them have been served at royal events. 

How well do you know your British desserts? Are you a true Brit or will this quiz make you want to brush up on your British cuisine? Because only a true Brit will be able to answer all of these questions correctly. Let's see how well you do on this British dessert quiz!

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