Only A Gynecologist Can Get 30/35 On This Female Reproductive Parts Quiz

By Bri O. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

From the dawn of time, the majestic being known as woman has baffled mankind. With the ability to form a human life and sustain it for nine months, the female reproductive system just may be the most magnificent, yet mysterious, aspect of womanhood.

Contrary to popular belief, the entire system is much more than the vagina. There are many different parts with amazing abilities. From the mons pubis, which is the part of the female anatomy where pubic hair grows, to the ovaries, this system is intricate! Of paramount importance are the previously mentioned vagina, which is only about three to four inches; the vagina leads to the cervix which is the opening that leads to the uterus and is able to house up to eight babies at a time! The "eggs" are produced in the ovaries and are led down to the uterus via the fallopian tubes.

Prior to the vast knowledge available today, there were some pretty weird beliefs about the female anatomy, such as the womb having the ability to migrate to other parts of the body. Imagine that! Despite not being able to travel at will, the female body is still absolutely fascinating and quite a wonder. But is it something you know about? Do you know the tiny parts that come together to form the female reproductive system? Let's find out.

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